5 minutes with my child

Ry!  Come out front and play in the baby pool!

I gotta run.

No. I gotta walk. 

I gotta walk medium.

Step 1.

Step 2.

1, 2, 3… jump so big to Step 3.

Now run to the pool.

My left leg is slower than my right.

And I fall. 

It is… not serious.  Brush it off.

What is this?  Water?  WATER???

It is so fantastic. I love it. 

I clap for water.

Ry, you wanna water Mom’s plants with your water?

Yes.  Yes, I do.

I’ll use my hands.

I’ll carry water to the plants in my hands.

No. I’ll go back to the pool.

I’ll use my cup.

I’ll fill the cup with water.

I’ll walk to the flowers.

Two hands on the cup.  Careful. Careful.

Wait. Stop.

I need my shoes on.

I need to sit down to put my shoes on.

The ground is further away than I thought it was.

And I fall.

It is… not serious.  Brush it off.

I will water the flowers.

I will use my cup.

I will put on my shoes and I will use my cup.

Two hands on the cup.  Careful… careful.

Oh, no!  I think it’s starting to rain, Ry.  Let’s pack it up!

What is this?  WATER?  From the SKY?

I love rain. I clap for rain.

I will pack it up.

Fruit!  Where are you going?!

Don’t worry, Mom. 

See me waving at you not to worry?

I am getting my bag.  My brown paper bag.

I will open the bag.

I will pack up the rain in my brown paper bag. 

I will move over to a better spot.

Step 1 to the side.

Step 2 to the side… careful.  Careful.

I will catch the rain in my brown paper bag.

*please, please… let me always remember her like this*

[Rylie, you are 30.5 months old… 2 and a half.  You can say OPEN now… which sounds like AH-PIN, but it is so clear.  A two-syllable word!  You are such a communicator and so very deliberate.  Your face and your body speak the words your mouth will not.  It is impossible NOT to get your gist.  I love you, Girl.  Right now, you are having a hard time falling asleep… very unusual for you.  It’s hard to fall asleep in the Summertime, isn’t it?  There is so much you want to do and see and explore and show me.  But, you have to sleep.  In-between crying spells, you play a sad little tune on the harmonica.  Take a break, Kiddo.  I’ll be here when you wake up.  And, we’ll go catch sommore rain.  Love, Mom.] 

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