I is for…

‘i’ is for Interlaken… as in Switzerland, where Steph and I rode bikes and ate in a meadow.  I love that town.  To celebrate our graduation, we took a whirlwind tour of Europe for 5 weeks.  I got to visit my childhood home, see Ireland and Scotland for the first time, and walk Prague at twilight.  It was a dream trip.  Except, as she mentioned in last Monday’s comments, for some of our less-than legit accommodations.  [This photo completely freaks me out.  Weddings do strange things to brides’ bodies.] 

Steph and Katie

‘i’ is for iPod… I heart my iPod.  We recently bought a dock for it so we could use it as our stereo.  Ry is a big-time dancer after dinner.  No excuses.  Every. One. Dances.  It’s nice to have a small set up with speakers and a radio… and minimal wires.  Quick question: is it safe to Goodwill all my cds once they’re on the computer/iPod?  I have drawers and drawers of music. I think it’s time to simplify but am scared to let go. Hold my hand, People.

‘i’ is for the Indigo Girls… some of my favorite music of all time.  Also, one time, *blush* a boy played me one of their songs on his guitar.  It was ‘Closer to Fine.’  *sigh*  I doubt he remembers, but that’s ok.  It was a good moment in time.

‘i’ is for Isaac… as in Ry’s future husband.

‘i’ is for independent… which I am.  To a fault, at times.  My parents called me every day for a week when I was a senior and Danny was a freshman at A&M.  ‘Have you heard from him?’ ‘Does he have all his books?’ ‘Do you think he’s ok?’  I finally broke down on Day Four and sobbed, “I’M SURE HE’S FINE!  And by the way, I’m doing alright myself, thank you very much!”  After a surprised pause (and a chuckle) my father said, “Kate, we just don’t worry about you like that.  You are always fine.”  And that’s when I realized my brother was the favorite I tend to walk alone.  I’m always walking toward people, but I often walk there alone.  Not in a sad way… certainly not anymore.  I just need that space.  Space to twirl and pause and meander and sit.

‘i’ is for ‘If I Were a Rich Man’… as in Fiddler on the Roof.  This was the musical my senior year of high school. I played Fruma-Sarah, the dead grandmother.  Yes.  I was awesome.


Happy Monday, Folks! 

Thanks for all your bloomer love (and photos!) and the sweet comments about Ry’s letter.  She blew you all kisses, which in sign-language means thank you. 



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16 responses to “I is for…

  • Bec

    I am so looking forward to “O is for Oakbridge” because I can only imagine what you may come up with.

    I love this Katie alphabet!

    How’s my husband doing, hmm??

  • jennifer perry

    I is for I wish you were in NC this week!!!! I want to play with Ry!!!!

  • Jim

    I so enjoy your alphabet. We just came back from the local Mich Interlochen probably a little different from your “I”.

  • Cortney

    About a million years ago, when the chunky and impossibly big first generation iPod came out, my husband transferred his entire music collection from cd’s to his hard drive and thus to his iPod for safe keeping, thinking as you said, that it was time to simplify. At some point both crashed irreparably, within days of each other. He lost everything, including some awesome downloaded MP3s we were never able to find anywhere in cyberspace again. We mailed the iPod to Apple as instructed, and they let us know that for the cost of repairing it, we could buy a newer more advanced model, and they’d still never be able to recover the music that was on there when the big bang occured. So, the second time around, my husband bought a second hard drive, which he stored all his newly digitized and downloaded music on, as well as all the pictures from all his years on the road with the band and with me. A month later, the second hard drive fried, and we’re told they *might* be able to retrieve the pictures, though probably not the music, but for a hefty up-front fee. So, you know, you could say I’m a bit gun shy about getting rid of all my CD’s…just a thought…

  • Shanna Riggsbee


    i’m a big believer in hanging on to the CDs but not the cases. Get some pretty CD books and stick them on a shelf. don’t trust technology. seriously.

  • madjeepgirl

    it is time for your CDs to move on to the big stereo in the sky. goodwill, the library, garage sale, amazon, ebay… all good transport choices 🙂 you will be just fine, as long as you back up your itunes library somewhere safe. we lost a ridiculous amount of music thanks to an unhealthy trust in gateway. i would urge you to hang onto any CDs that would be difficult or impossible to replace. (there are two that my heart is broken over, and hope has nearly died.)

  • Pap

    Don’t trust technology , hang on to them ………….

  • Julie

    I am with Shanna. Keep the cds…not the cases.

    Love me some Indigo Girls! I will never forget discovering them in my early higschool days and the feeling that “this was my kind of music” coming over me.

  • Grace

    My husband always talks about Interlaken! He was a military brat and grew up in Europe… he went to Super Summer (or something like it) at Interlaken. He always says he wants to take me there one day. I always say, “How about today?”

  • Becky

    I love the Indigo Girls! I take turns with myself being Emily then Amy then a little of both while driving in my car hoping no one is watching me belt it out.

  • Pap

    How about our trip to Interlaken as a family? You and Dan tried to swim in the lake but even in July it was ohhhh so cold! I remember out gausthaus, and the choir singing to us at dinner, huge cow bell…Oops, I think I am mixing up a bit of St. Moritz with Interlaken….different towns, same trip….I know family trips aren’t as memorable as friend trips…ah well…
    ps – we love you equally the same but of course Danny needed more looking after….he was the one doing projects the night before they were due…..you always started the day they were assigned….keep the cds. get rid of the cases. love Mom

  • heather

    Oh! I went to Interlaken too! It is the most beautiful, quaint, magical little village. i remember watching the paragliders float down onto the grassy fields from high above in the sky, with the amazing white peaked mountains in the background.

  • Margie

    This is where our worlds overlap: I sort of, somehow know – or at least have met once – Stephanie, since I see her big sis once and sometimes twice a week. Also LOVE the Blue Chicks. Have loads o’ anecdotes about the way they defined a summer in the Grand Tetons the year their first CD was released, about getting my hands on a bootlegged tape with songs I’ve never heard released on any CD, about their first visit to A&M (it was magical), about my roommate and I having “It’s Only Life” (me) and “…After All” (her) atop our graduation caps in 1989. The Girls autographed a picture of us with our caps a year later.

    I never made it to Interlaken. Still wish that I had.

  • anna

    I second the “keep the CDs, lose the cases” idea. It’s unlikely that anyone would ever do anything to you about it, but technically, your rights to that music are on the CD, not on your computer (except for the stuff you buy from the iStore, which comes with its own licenses). So if you give away the CDs, you have no way to prove that you own that music. Which, like I said, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever ask, but if you don’t own the CDs, the music could be considered stolen.

    And I haven’t been to Europe in a while, and I don’t want to think about how long it’s been since we went in high school. I’m just saying. You know. If you’re thinking of planning a trip. I have my own backpack and sleepsack, is all I’m saying.

  • estefani

    Photos can do scarey things to bridesmaids too!!! I’m glad we could not afford to stay in Interlaken, otherwise we probably would not have rented the bikes. I lost all the music on my iPod when we plugged it into my laptop to re-establish it with itunes. Blast!! Save the cds, not the cases! Four words for ya…you, me, Janna, Galileo. Isaac could definitely go for an older woman. And last but not least…biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy bum….all day long i’d biddy biddy bum.

  • Rachel

    You were awesome in Fiddler on the Roof! And what a beautiful bride you were, well and still are for that matter!

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