and so it goes…

I am a single parent until Sunday night.  The Boy has gone to Tejas to bid a job (through a longhorn connection) and watch another auction.  For the record, let me say that I am a crappy single parent.  The tv is always on.  I don’t make the bed.  Yesterday, Ry ate carebear fruit snacks for breakfast.  Two packs.  I only hope, by the end of the weekend, we are both still standing.

I shall use today to log in some k-rafting that has been happening around here… so in the ages ahead when I am crippled with arthristis and overrun with children I will have at least the memory of making beautiful, purposeful things.

1.  2 old-fashioned aprons for J: my favorite fabric ev-ah. I am petting the screen lovingly right now.  I love making these aprons.  They are such happy, simple things.

aprons 004  aprons 006

2.  a crib pillow for L: It was supposed to say JOSEPH but said JOSHUA instead.  Let me explain.  L’s married to a JOSHUA.  AND, the Josh-ua episode was on Friends while I was sewing.  Unfortunately for me, the child [owner of said pillow] was christened JOSEPH.   I knew that.  I knew that when she ordered it.  Hence, the JOSHUA pillow went to live with Erin, who does know a new JOSHUA. Perhaps JOSHUA and JOSEPH can be rommates in college and their beds will match and they’ll marry sisters and be family.  Happy Ending.

JOSHUA pillow 001 Joseph pillow

3.  a thank you apron for B who watched Peanut in a pinch: I’m bringing back the Hostess Gift, People.  I mourn the loss of this courtesy.  This was my template for a half-apron, and I am well pleased.  A teensy bit shorter with only one pocket and a cute little applique on the other side and we have a winner.  

aprons 002  aprons 003

4.  I also made pj pants for me out of the bloomer sheet after I made Ry’s pantaloons.  Talk about comfort.  Wearing your sheets?  Yes.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeees.  Did I mention I’ve been wearing them for 2 days now?  No? 

5.  At this very moment, I am cutting out the letters for J’s and B’s celebration banners

These were all projects that have been staring at me accusingly and begging for attention.  It’s so nice to be back in somewhat of a groove and checking things off ‘the list.’  We’ll see if that can continue whilst I am alooooooooooone.  Can children go to bed at 6:30pm?  I mean, every night?

Monday: ‘J’ is for…

Hey!  Here’s a kitty video AND a Rylie video for you [Note: please turn your volume off.  My voice makes me cry.]

Happy Weekend, Folks!  We love you here at TexasNorth!

 P.S.  We leave next Friday for our Summer camping trip. We have a tentative plan including Niagra Falls, but any suggestions for anything in upstate New York would be lovely!


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

17 responses to “and so it goes…

  • sunday

    oh my goodness I love all your projects! i love hostess gifts too. they do need to make a comeback. I am a single parent too this week and BellaRose most certainly went to bed at 6:45 and slept til 6:30 this morning. pure bliss for me!!!

  • Julie

    I have been planning on posting my new apron pictures on my blog but you beat me to it. I have been a bit lazy this week as far as blogging goes.

    Let me just say again that I ADORE the aprons! They are perfect.

    I am pretty sure that will be what I get lots of folks for Christmas and birthdays this year.

  • Kayce

    Cooperstown is about 3 hrs from Niagra Falls. And there is a cool Sea World like park in Canada not too far from the border. This is also alot of beautiful wineries in upstate NY. You will find a lot to do around there!!

  • Susannah

    wearing sheets = genius. i believe that it makes it borderline acceptable 😉

    if you are crossing over into canada, the sea world place is called marineland. niagara on the lake is also a beautiful little town. and for a fantastic carousel that rylie might love, go to port dalhousie:

    the rides are only 5 cents canadian. so practically free for you!

  • Becky

    I love all the stuff you are making and we are pretty excited about our banner! Thank you so much!!

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    yes they can! Wyatt goes to bed at 6:00 everynight. ITs beautiful.

    Let me know when you are ready to start Wyatt’s banner. I will send you some “doe”. I am thinking blues and browns!!!! I cant believe he is almost 9 months old!

  • Cathy

    Be sure to go to the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls. It is beautiful with all of the different flowers. You can take a carriage ride which is educational too.

  • Jim

    Cool, can’t wait for a real original texasnorth banner…would love to help with NY camping but all my travels there have been to B&Bs and hotels. Several friends live in the city and but they are so not campers.

  • michele

    you are just barely going to miss Grady in Niagara… he’ll be there mon-wed. Have a great trip!

  • JTP

    I love your aprons- they are on my “to do” list for the summer! Hostess gifts…did they ever go away? I love them- it’s almost my favorite part of travelling- decing what to take with me to give away…. Can WDP move in with you so Ry can teach him to be a good sleeper?????

  • sunday

    oh i just saw the dress you made annie! awesome! how much??

  • Cathy

    Katie, there is a place called Five Fingers Lake in upstate NY. We’ve never been there but seen the signs on our way from Niagara to Syracuse. Its supposed to be beautiful and do know there is camping there. A friend of ours bought a home just to be near the lake.

  • janna

    this comment is specifially for the opening paragraph and for item #2: i love you, katie mulder. these words are a good introduction into “why katie is my friend, by the l.b.o.”

  • Laura

    My family went camping at Niagara when I was a kid and I have such happy memories of it. I have a word of advice, but I’ll direct it at Rylie: Sista, you may think you’re winning a battle with your parents by packing only your jelly shoes, but no. They WILL stop at the first Canadian K-Mart they can find and buy you the ugliest pair of velcro shoes in the store. And you will cry. And ultimately you will admit they are a better option than the jelly shoes.

    Love, Auntie “L”

    PS – 33-year-old Joshua says thanks for making him a pillow 🙂

  • kateohkatie

    Oh m goodness I am absolutely in *love* with the old-fashioned aprons! What pattern did you use? (Or, better yet – will you be putting any on your Etsy shop???)

    The Joshua/Joseph story cracked me up, as well – at least neither of them went to waste! 🙂

  • ecky

    what is up with t his?! hazel has been going to bed later and later! we are now at 9PM! and she only sleeps late on days when i absolutely have something to do and need her to get up so we can get out!

    love the aprons! i have a collection of vintage ones that i like to pet. i cant wear them. they might get dirty! : )

    how do you manage to craft with ry around? i am in awe of you as usual!

  • annie

    ooo fruit snacks are really a staple around here lately while Dan is in camp, i feel like s single parent when he’s in camp, so i guess fruit snacks are the way to an easier life. funny.
    hostess gifts are such a wonderful thing, glad you are furthering their wonder.
    hope you had a productive weekend….and that ry got lots and lots of fruit snacks and movies.

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