L is for…

glider‘l’ is for lounging…  on my newly-painted glider.  ‘member this kid from back when?  Well, I had it sandblasted (professionally for $30… well worth the expertise) and then painted it myself.  I settled on this brown/gunmetal color option and am. so. happy. 

‘l’ is for love…  as in, the Great Love.  I do not speak of it publicly here often, but I do believe in Jesus Christ.  I do believe He is the Son of God.  And I do believe He is coming again but has left the Holy Spirit to guide us until then.  It’s not very complicated for me. It’s not always an easy life, but it is a Hopeful life.  

chickens‘l’ is for laying… as in, chickens laying their eggs all over TexasNorth and kingdom come.  There are three main spots which account for 1/2 the 30 eggs I should be recovering.  1: 2 chickens lay in a hay bale near the longhorn feed, 2:  10 chickens lay in their coop, and 3:  3 chickens are now laying about 15 feet in the air on top of our new, extremely large round hay bales.  I hafta use a ladder to get them every day.  Where are the other 15 eggs, you ask?  I dunno.  Somewhere… out there. Beneath the pale moonlight.

‘l’ is for lawyers…  may I encourage all of you to put your wishes down in print?  It’s extremely necessary.  Did you know that in some states, orphaned children are given to the state first and require family members to ‘apply’ for them?  Emergency medical decisions, life insurance, and power-of-attorneys are not fun to talk about, but it’s best to do it now.  Now, before things are hard.  Now, when you are calm.  Now, when you are not surrounded by in-laws and grandmothers and aunts with opinions of their own.  Curt and I did this when Rylie was 1 year old… a little late, but it’s done.  I cried the entire week we decided on guardians, medical junk, and what-ifs.  There are other official options besides paying a lawyer to draft a will, but be aware that simple pen+paper+witness do not = legal.  Just do me a favor and think about it, ok?  It will make me sleep better tonight. 

blueberry bush‘l’ is for laughter… oh, man.  I know some funny people.  Seriously. You get me through.

‘l’ is for lying…  There is a reason my blueberry bush will not be blooming this year.  The kittens have decided to sleep in it when they are bored.  See that little, green twig poking up in the middle of the barrel?  Yeah.  That’s the bush.  *sigh*  Oh, well. Next year.

Oh.  And, ‘l’ is also for longhorns… which we raise here at TexasNorth 🙂

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

14 responses to “L is for…

  • Jim

    Nicely said as always. And so true about wishes and letting peeps know yours.

  • Cathy

    Oh the L for love is beautiful. The lawyer thing, yes it is a topic it is hard to deal with but must be done. I have things of my parents I need (I”m working on it) to write down to be given to my cousins. I have no bio kids and want these things in my family.

  • sunday

    oh goodness, we have not done the lawyer thing yet and BellaRose is 2! It is SO hard for me to think about and so hard for me to decide where she would go without hurting people! We even have 2 lawyers in the family. oh bother,
    love you “l” words. they are all lovely!

  • jtp

    oh everyone needs to do the will thing…soooo important!!!! wills and life insurance- they make me sleep better at night! I can kind of see you picking up eggs from a hay bale on a ladder- only I can’t “see” you because we haven’t met- but in my mind you’re wearing one of those cute full aprons you just mae- it’s yellow in my head, I like it- very cute 🙂

  • Mandi

    I love the newly painted glider! And the word to the wise on the lawyer business. Hard to do, but necessary. And thanks for all your other lovely “Ls” as well.

  • ecky

    the glider is byooooooteeeefullllll.

    we still need to do the lawyer thing.
    it is on the to do list and keeps getting moved from paper to paper.
    we were just discussing this over the weekend.
    must. get. it. done.

    i know. i know.

  • jtp

    oh and here’s a question- how did you find a person to sandblast the rocker? We have some stuff I’d like to do that to- where’d you find soemone? phonebook??? hmmmm

  • madjeepgirl

    you would lay an item down, like a blanket. you yourself lie down. did I ever tell you about the time my mom scolded me for incorrect use of a transitive verb? (or something equally unknowable) teachers as parents are sometimes not cool.

    dude. I love lawyers. they’re the reason I have a job 😉
    and they get to say “I object!”

  • Julie

    This reminds me that Seth and I should get in our annual huge will-whogetsthekids-godparents fight. We can’t seem to agree.

    L is for the love I have for my apron you made!

  • ecky

    i always remember that people LIE. things LAY.

  • Becky

    I love that glider! it is awesome! Good reminders about things, I did not know that about some states getting children that scares me! i’m glad you reminded us!

  • pom pom

    Oh, I love the kittens!

  • wende

    Katie, sister of my soul. Thank you for your warm birthday wishes to my sweetheart. I’m afraid I am officially an orphan and I’m thinking of taking applications for new relations. Want to apply? Cuz you’d so get the job!


  • Margie

    I’ve said this before, but I’m enjoying the alphabet posts. Your creative words and letters are great reads. Love the kittens! And sorry about the bush. At least the barrel is decorative…sort of.

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