So, as it turns out, ‘L’ is also for LONGHORNS… as in, the animals we breed and trust with our life savings. Can’t believe I missed that one.

There are some new photos of Ry on Flickr and on the right sidebar. She was walking around in my shoes yesterday and absolutely crackin’ herself up.  That child defines joy.  Help me a minute?  I’d like to frame 5 of them together but have no idea where to start.  If you had to pick only 5 of the 12 photos, which would you pick?  They are numbered according to the order they were taken, if that helps anyone.

After you do your (above) homework, you may read the following:

a vacation conversation between a boy and a girl

[scene: girl is driving, boy is co-piloting and handling the music selection for the new shift]

boy: I’ve got it.  Here. [hits play on this song]

girl: NO.

boy: What?  This is great music!

girl: This is not ‘2pm music.’ This is night shift-music: when you need something to sing along to, but you don’t wanna wake up the whole car.  This is ‘2am music.’  NEXT. Find me The Killers or something.

boy: Girl.  Listen to her.  It’s magical… her voice is magic.

girl: It’s beautiful, but no.  Seriously. NO.

boy: GIRL!

girl: No.  I’m sort of not kidding right now.  

boy:  GIRL!  But… *dreamy sigh*  this is what love would sound like if it was sung.

… and then I just really didn’t know what to say to that, so I left him alone with his sha la la las.  It was a very long driving shift for me.  Let it be known that I AM A TEAM PLAYER.

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