M is for…

Merri-Mac, 1997‘m’ is for Mary… my first name. 

‘m’ is for Mulder… my (new-ish) last name.  I like having a name people have no trouble pronouncing.  I also like it when my ropes groups call me ‘Agent Mulder.’ 

‘m’ is for Merri-Mac… where I spent my sophomore summer in college teaching climbing.  Where I met some of my oldest and best friends.  Where I learned I was ok on my own.  Where I was a Choctaw.  Where my envelopes sealed shut with no letters inside due to the humidity. Where Stacy taught me how to jump on a horse over cross bars.

‘m’ is for macaroni and cheese… my most requested recipe [found here].  Thanks, Renee.  You’ve changed so many lives by feeding me this in California.

back porch ‘m’ is for mortise and tenon… as in, how The Boy built the posts for the front and back porch.  No nails, no screws, all genius.  Come have a sit. It’s a gorgeous view.

‘m’ is for McKenzie… as in Renee (of mac and cheese fame above),John, Camber, Conner, Jonathan, and Kylie.  My ‘other’ family.  The family that took care of me whilst I lived in California.  The family that got me through sinus surgery.  The family that had me over for dinners and baseball games and boyfriend courting sessions.  I heart the McKenzies in a big way.  Forever.  Rumor has it Camber graduated from high school this past May, but that is a lie and a conspiracy.  I’m sure of it.

buck‘m’ is for mom… as in mine, who is a 2nd grade teacher in Nolanville, Texas.  She’s pretty famous in them parts for raising school money, going to NASA science conferences, and class sleep-overs at Sea World.  She’s a phenomenal teacher, and we should all be so lucky to have been taught by her.  She’s also a kick-buns seamstress and has slight pack-rat tendencies.  SO glad none of the above is hereditary. Phew.

‘m’ is for mount… as in, Curt’s first deer that we got over Thansgiving last year.  He now lives over our basement stairs.  A certain 2 year-old I know is in love with him and yells “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” to him every morning.  And every afternoon.  And every night.  Oh, and many times in between.  He has also fed us for the past 8 months, with many more months to go. [edited to add: Buck is as far as we’ve gone to name him thus far, but it is open for discussion.  Sometimes he’s Uncle Buck.  Laura votes for Herschel… and I do love me some names with the ‘sch’ letter combo.]

‘M’ is a good letter.


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

12 responses to “M is for…

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    M is for MMMMMM cant you still taste all that “stuff” on us in that picture..

    the mac an cheese is loved by so many many many people in Pagosa

  • Jessica "Haynie" Carr

    oh and I totally want a red house now

  • sunday

    i am pretty sure that picture will haunt me for the rest of my life! it shows up on other people’s blogs from time to time! i LOVE your m’s. I can’t believe that Merri-Mac was so very many years ago. what wonderful memories! love the back porch too! i have a crock pot recipe for mac and cheese that i am in love with but Worth does not like mac and cheese so i get deprived, and he calls himself southern! you are also so very kind to allow the deer head inside your house. Worth’s live in the garage over the washer and dryer.

  • Carley

    M was a good letter! Great post Katie!

  • Jim

    I knew you guys did the ropes thing, but I never really connected the dots.
    And another “it’s a small world” I taught an Army version of ropes; repelling from Helos, buildings, cliffs and ‘slide for life’ zips stuff as an LT in Hawaii.

  • heather

    the deer head! every farm house needs one, right? My hunter friend used to make the best venison burgers ever! it is amazing how mother nature can provide…also, i was a camp Ton-a-Wandah girl in Hendersonville, but after hearing about Merri Mac from annie for a while, i think i may have to send our girl up there instead someday!

  • Miss Laura

    “I like having a name people have no trouble pronouncing.” Heh. *sigh* I miss those days.

    Loved this one…super fun. Have you named that deer yet?

  • LoLo

    Ground venison makes the best sloppy joe’s! Oh, and don’t overlook using it in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, any casserole that calls for ground beef, taco meat, and hamburger/venison patties. If you need some more venison ideas, you know where to find me. We have been living off the stuff my entire life! I vote for “Uncle Buck”…only because that was such a ridiculous movie.

  • wende

    I love that Rylie talks to the stuffed dead vermin on your wall. Cracking me up, here. 😀

  • Becky

    M is for GO CHOCTAW! it’s not but it should be.
    I always knew that we had a deep tribal connection!

  • Renee

    Okay, get a grip, Camber seriously graduated and is also turning 18 years old! That makes me really old now. I am thinking of you lots this week as Jonathan and Kylie are going to “climbing” camp at an indoor rock climbing gym. Climbing always reminds me of Katie and the ropes course and the wall. Thank you for including us in your blog! In our alphabet, M is for Mulder–we share so many funny, special memories together….4th of July at the beach in San Diego–watching Napoleon Dynamite in our new home in Kennesaw, GA (all of us on one ugly, old couch with dining room chairs), foil ball wars at Oakbridge, John trying to catch floating dust after his surgery, and the list goes on…. Yikes, we miss you all so much! We really need to meet this silly, little girl of yours too! Love you!

  • Margie

    M is my favorite letter. It stands for Margie, Mommy, Mama, Ma, and Miller. Also Mac and Cheese. Took a look at the recipe and it looks like one I can do! Can’t wait. YUM.

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