N is for…

nuna 004‘n’ is for Nuh-Nuh… or Nuna, which is what my father’s mother always was to us. Isn’t that the most beautiful picture ever? She was a nurse… which is also an ‘n.’ What do you call your grandparents?

‘n’ is for nose… and mine is crooked to the left. 

‘n’ is for Neuschwansteinthe castle I spent many a summer vacation touring when I lived overseas. There’s this reeeeeeeally high bridge that used to simultaneously terrify and thrill me to tears.

‘n’ is for narcotics… which I have limited experience with.  One experience, to be exact:  Stadol, during labor with Ry.  It was such a horrific 12 hours that I can assure you I have no desire to experiment with other narcotics of any kind.

‘n’ is for news…which I watch little of.  I get  most of my news from the internet and NPR.  This allows me more world news and less backwoods family stabbing news.   It also allows me more information and less anchor frustration. 

‘n’ is for Nothin’ Better to Do this song by Leann Rimes.  It makes me want to stop my car and dance on the highway.

Happy Monday, Y’all 🙂

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6 responses to “N is for…

  • Cathy

    Beautiful picture.

    Narcotics, I’m with ya. Even my pcp once said, you don’t handle narcotics well do you…nope!!

  • amanda

    Yes, we don’t like backwoods-family-stabbing news in this house either. And Anchor Frustration can be a very serious condition…glad you’ve made the wise decision to turn off that dreaded 5 o’clock news! 😉

  • Becky

    Thats the same reason I freak out when local news comes on. What a beautiful Nuna. I love older pictures like that I’ve been collecting some of my grandparents for awhile

  • madjeepgirl

    i grew up with just “grandma” and “grandpa,” only further identified by their last names. hmph. this world of “nana” and “pop-pop” and whatever else out there is so strange to me! which is funny for how much i love naming things…

    news? huh? no clue what that is.

  • annie

    Nana…..pretty close to your’s, I thought it was her real name foreva.

    you have traveled so many places, it’s awesome.
    wish i could say i had not a lot of experience with narcotics.

  • elly

    Noni and Papa….. Amma and Tickadee (these are the names my kiddos call their grandparents)

    Nana and Poppa, MomMom and Grandaddy (these are my grandparents sweet names.) i love names…. especialy nicknames :0) xo

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