U is for…

[The laundry post from Thursday, People.  Oh my friggin’ GARSH.  You people are amazing- and I?  I AM NOT SO ABNORMAL AS I THOUGHT.  (In this area.)  We shall discuss this at length on Thursday.]

‘u’ is for underdog… which I am always rooting for.

‘u’ is for under God…  I miss the days when the principal used to lead the whole elementary school in the pledge of allegiance before school started.

‘u’ is for underwear… which, thanks to Steph, I call ‘foundations.’    Try it.  It’s fun.  I’m having trouble with my foundations today.  That woman is wearing the wrong foundations for that sweater.  I need to buy new foundations.  It’s code, it’s polite, and it’s funny.  Can’t beat it them.

‘u’ is for understand… as in, I understand my child when she talks to me.  Many of you have asked to hear sweet Rylie talk.  Lately, she has been ‘reading’ like mad.  I used to only hear this much at one time when she was playing alone.  But lately, she has begun reading in public and on command.  This weekend, she ‘read’ all the camp signs for us.  Every one of them said the same thing, but seriously.  It just about killed me.  You can hear that she has a lot of sounds in there… but they still don’t link up into words.  Her special Preschool starts on Wednesday… we are hoping the daily practice with other kiddos and therapists will continue to push her apraxia to the background.  We’ve come a looong way in a year, believe it or not.  Until she is understood by ALL, she can read to me day and night.  I cannot get enough.

‘u’ is for underachiever… which I am.  My name is Katie, and I am a closet under achiever.  Pass the Doritos.  I began writing this post on the Sunday drive home from camping- a mess of hormonal tears and badly in need of a shower.  The letter got quite long and therapeutic in my head… and then wandered into some bizarre territory involving imaginary childhood friends and running through sprinklers.  I think I’d like to work on it a bit more.  Let’s save that ‘U’ for Thursday, shall we?  It will be good, I promise 🙂 Apple Pie, anyone?

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