and here we go

Dear Rylie,

Today I took you to your very first day of preschool at Orchard Hills.

I’m sorry I teared up and hugged you 4 times.

Actually, I’m not.  I have it on good authority that I am not the only mother who has trouble processing this life-change.

I made you a little back pack to hold a change of clothes and a couple extra diapers.  You’re so big!  You could hardly eat a thing this morning… you knew something was happening.  All you wanted to do was go ‘bye bye.’

1st day of preschoolRy, we never intended to send you to school at 2 and a half years old.  We thought we’d keep you here, home-school, pick flowers, and take long naps.  But, you have always shown us that there are many ways to do things.  You are a great teacher.  You need help talking, and you loooooove to be with other kids.  I know you will love the 3 hours a day of freedom from mom.  Actually, I think we’ll both be better friends for it… as crazy as that sounds.    

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I’m gonna drive you to school right down the road.  Wednesdays, we’ll take a break and be at home.  Mrs. Amy will teach you stories and letters and colors.  You’ll have speech and physical and occupational therapy to keep your muscles thinking.  And, in October you get to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Break my heart.  Your new teachers already love you very much… I met all 10 of them yesterday at a meeting where we discussed your progress over the past year in at-home therapy and the goals for this coming year.  I was humbled by the fact that they were so serious about you and so ready to help you move up to the next level.  I trust them.  I really do. I think they will love you well.  They better.  I’m little, but I’m scrappy.  Just like you.

It’s very quiet here without you this morning.  No ‘Mahhhhhm!’ every few seconds, no slider door opening and shutting, no stroller crashing down the hallway.  I am going to learn to use this time wisely… after today.  After a little wandering and reading and hot chocolate and worrying.  I get one day. 

I’ll see you in a little bit.




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22 responses to “and here we go

  • becky swann

    Oh Rylie! We love you! Have fun at school! You look Fabulous I know she will have a blast. You are a good momma!!!

  • Jo

    with 10 teachers and you and kurt, how can she possibly not be okay? she will be better than okay and be fabulous.

    i am crying with you today too, kate. what a huge milestone and life change.

  • Jo

    i mean curt. not sure where the k came from!

  • Mandi

    Big day! For both of you! Hope it was wonderful. The tears are normal–good, even. And you will be better friends for the time apart. You are giving your girl wings and helping her do what she was meant to do, which is fly. Can’t wait to see how this adventure unfolds for both of you.

  • sunday

    isn’t it the strangest thing, letting out little people go into a new environment and not be able to control every moment of the day. They are having their own experiences outside of us now. I have been with BellaRose constant for the last 2 years. It does seem so young, but a good break for both of us. I know the same is true for you and Rylie. You are doing a good thing and I can’t wait to hear how she progresses. What an awesome little girl she is with some awesome parents!

  • elly

    sad, but happy. tears for you here… somehow we make it through. some. how. xoxo

  • elspethcordelia

    I love her bag — the button is perfect! I hope you both made it through the morning.

  • Grace

    I hope she had a super-wonderful first day!

  • wende

    I’ve been thinking about you today!

  • amy

    awww-she looks absoutely adorable for her first day of school!

    And i bet she had a great time………good job Mama.

  • Amy

    awww…she looks absolutely adorable for her big first day! Hoping she had a great time…..

    Good job Mama.

  • Carley

    Oh my lanta! That is the cutest little picture of her in her ‘school clothes’ and new bag! Love it! Great letter too. Hope her first day went well for both of you.

  • jim

    Our Rose walked home from school for the first time the other day, that’s even hard even on the Grands. I know you are conflicted, but loving.

  • Lisa

    Kate – you and Curt are raising her up in so many beautiful ways. Think of this as another one of those ways. Hang in there.


  • stacey

    I thought I might see a post today! I am excited to hear how Rylie’s big adventure went today. Hang in there Momma, it’ll be okay. I promise.

  • Grammie

    I still remember your first day and Danny’s too. Even though I was in the building, I couldn’t be with you. It isn’t supposed to be easy…but it is a good thing.

  • Stephanie

    *sigh* That’s all I can really come up with in response to this as my throat feels all choked.

  • claire

    You are such a good mama to Rylie. Her little satchel is darling.

    claire from Merri-Mac (a looong time ago)

  • Kristen Moore

    break my heart!
    she is all dressed and smiling for her first day and she doesn’t even know a soul there! ahhhhhhh. it kills me when i see kids all excited about something and they have no clue how different it will be when you leave the scene.
    i remember thinking these thoughts when jane went to school. (at age 3.5, not sweet 2.5 like your honey).
    i hope her day went well.
    deep sigh. . .

  • MamaM

    Oh, Rylie Joy’s got me crying in the library again. I’ve been thinking about her this week, knowing that her innocent self doesn’t know the big changes that are about to happen to her. G & G love her so much and know that you and Curt are doing all that you can do for Ry, but steps like this are always “huge”.

    Of course, her mama had her dressed “sweet, sweet” for her first day away.

  • Sandy

    Loved your note of send off for your sweet, baby girl. I am a mom to 7 as well as a devoted home schooler……however, I am also a pediatric OT working part time with wonderful children like Rylie. It is so very hard to send them off to preschool but may I say thank you for all the OTs (and other therapists out there) that get the great opportunity to work with fun, adorable and engaging children like your daughter. I am sure she is making great strides in her skills and will be showing them off to you soon. And remember, you can always “do it” differently another year if you and your husband feel led!

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