But, which one?

finalAlrighty.  This weather is screamin’ Fall at me, and I’m getting ready to order the innagural batch of TexasNorth hoodies.  My question is, whether you order one or not, which logo do I put on the front?  The head shot or the full-body shot?  It’s very possible we’ll make some of both, but I’d like to get a feel for what the people can’t live without.  I love this cream and rust color-combo, but I’m not sure it’s very practical for clothing… particularly here on the farm.  I dunno.  I really love it.  My first thought is to go witha  dark chocolate brown sweatshirt and a cream print.  Opinions are welcome.

bean bags 001::epiphany::  This past weekend, I attended (as a crafter) my 2nd craft show.  You know, where the school opens up its hallways and millions of ladies flood the scene with cases of crocheted towels and American Girl Doll clothing and handmade soaps.  I went to split a table with another gal who was new to the craft-world… 1/2 the price + a little company + a lot less pressure = good times.  I love these things.  I love garage sales, too.  I could be a professional ‘table sitter.’  In fact, I may put up an ad on Craig’s List for that. I can sit all day long, chat a little, wander a little, people-watch A LOT, order Subway for lunch.  Love it. 

Here’s the thing, though: I never sell a thing. Not at the ‘craft’ shows.  And, I’m over it.  My stuff is too expensive, too folk-ish, too hand-sewn for the masses.  My stuff is word-of-mouth, custom stuff.  It doesn’t fit into the craft world.  It doesn’t always fit into the etsy world, either.  I don’t take super-great photos.  I don’t have a regular sewing schedule.  I’m not a mass-producer.  And, I’m ok with it.  I didn’t used to be (Like that sentence Jami? Laura? Shanna?).  But after this past weekend, I completely, 100% am.  I’m a table-sitter.  A circle knitter.  A creator.  But, I’m not a crafter.  And, I will not adjust my prices or quality or ‘feel’ to sell at shows every weekend.  I make enough through friends and friends-of-friends to continue to try new things and buy new (or new-to-me) fabric, and that is perfect.  So, to all of you who have supported me in the past or will in the future:  thank you.  You are so very appreciated and encouraging and wonderful. With money or with words, you are inspiring to me and you have made me brave.

bean bags 006There is a new option in the etsy shop this week: I whipped up some homemade bean bags and a carry case for the show.  There are 10 bean bags in a set, all made with different fabrics.  The carry bag has no exposed seams, and the fabric was brought over by a friend from Africa.  It closes with a leather drawstring.  Bean bags are great for little hands… matchbox cars drive over them well, hopscotch becomes instantly colorful, and baby dolls need teeny little pillows.  I think they’re darling and a necessity in any child’s classic toy box.

Y’all have a fantastic weekend.  We love you here at TexasNorth.   Next week:  The Chicken Coop Reveal!  I’ll give you a moment to scoot to the edge of your seats 🙂

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

25 responses to “But, which one?

  • Cathy

    I like the cream colored hoodie w/ the rust logo but as you say the reverse is more practical as far as getting dirty, etc.

  • Margie

    You’re encouraging me to take a look at Etsy as a place to sell cards. I’ll write if I need some help…

    And by the way, I voted for the head shot.

  • Jim

    Head shot. And make a xxl one for this guy. I will impress folks here in the northwoods where the fog is thick over the lake

  • chad

    Head shot. I think that would look great either large on the front or back, or small on the left chest of a polo, T, etc. Looks great.

  • Mandi

    I’m glad you aren’t willing to change your prices or your products to sell to the masses! I love everything I’ve ever seen that you’ve made, and I’m glad you’re sticking to your guns!

    I voted for the head shot, and I think the cream with the rust is perfect. Let Spray-N-Wash handle the dirt!

  • Andi

    Cant wait to sport a fly new hoodie around these parts and I lurve everything you make, it inspires me to try new things myself. We could sit and people watch while selling nothing all day long and your stuff would still be outta this world!!

  • annie

    i voted for the full body because i like the off kilter look instead of the lined up look. it’s more interesting to me.
    craft show, hmmmm, i’ve been fighting doing them myself for years because of one bad one i did a few years back, didn’t even cover my booth fee. It’s a tough thing, because i know that some people say stick it out and it will pay off the more you build your customer base.
    love the new bag.

  • Jtp

    I have a good friend that does the beanbags for kids birthday parties and she gives them a set of cards with “game” ideas for the bean bags- I love it! I want Chad to build us a bean bag throw game for next summer. I am with you on not making enough money “crafting” I think I do well if I just break even after the cost of fabric…. but I do it ’cause I like it. I teach highschool for $$ 🙂 PS- How’s school going for Ry?

  • Chris

    For a hoodie, I heart the full-body one, but I believe I’m fighting a losing fight on that. I also agree that chocolate s weatshirts are better than cream-colored ones… I don’t know many people who look good with khaki covering their top half, though as a color combination in general I’m a fan. For the hoodies, I like your reverse idea. 🙂

  • trace

    chocolate hoodie with the full bodied girl…

    but I’ll wear whatever you order because it sounds like it is going to be COLD in Michigan.

    And to think I”m leaving here at the beginning of summer-time.

  • kate lyzenga

    So, how does one get signed up for a hoodie? I really really really really want a cream and rust one. Really.

  • becky swann

    Annie and dream about going on a giant craft show tour when we are old ladies, you can join us if you want! It’s fun to dream of old lady activity, I love the idea for a chocolate brown hoodie with cream writing
    also I am with you on your creative opinion! It is good to be fine with what you are doing then you enjoy it, I myself will never paint exactly what you want me to because it simply will not be “good”!

  • Miss Laura

    Nice grammar skillz, yo. Much appreciated.

    I like the chocolate brown, but I’m not at all opposed to a cream hoodie, either. One of our swim team sweatshirts in high school was brown print on an off-white sweatshirt…but if you’re thinking about dirt, brown is almost certainly the way to go.

    I say those craft fairs are hit or miss in general, which I think is just as true for the crafters as the buyers. Glad you gave it a try, at least…but I think you’re making a nice little custom-order niche for yourself and you love doing it, so rock on with your bad self. The name pillows in particular are so great. I think you should consider taking the name pillow concept to kid-sized tote bags. I’ve bought all the nieces and nephews bags with their names on them from Lillian Vernon and they’ve been a huge hit, but anything you come up with would be way better!

  • sunday

    i am in love with the chocolate brown, and a chocolate brown hoodie would make this girl so happy! i love it! i am totally down with the head shot. i like the clean lines of it and if it will be going on the front in the center it makes it more pleasing to my eye. I am not a fan of big graphics on the front of me especially when I become much more rounder this winter! i love your crafts. i have many many of your crafts around these parts. the banner is the crowd pleaser for sure!

  • LoLo

    I have never been a huge fan of the craft show (attendee, NOT crafter). But, now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that it is because there are not enough people like you there. You know, selling “Crafts” that are actually high-quality, unique, and functional goods that I just can’t live without. Keep up the good work!

    I may pass on the hoodie, but if you ever consider a Tee for us warm weather folks, I AM IN! I don’t care what it looks like.

  • elly

    Okay… how about the maroon hoodie with cream writing? I like brown too… but that’s soooo trendy. and nothing about you is trendy. (that’s a compliment….) You gotta find the right red though, that could be tricky. hmmmmmm. I def. like the head shot. fantastic. xo

  • priscyesser

    Cream sweatshirt/rust logo. That’s what I’m going to order.
    Maybe just order a few brown ones (if it’s cost effective) for actual farm people!
    Before I can vote…
    Where is the logo going on the front? Middle? Small and off to the side on the chest?
    sorry to have so many questions! Like you don’t have anything else to do in your day. 🙂

  • texasnorth

    On a sweatshirt/longsleeve t-shirt, the logo’s gonna go dead-center.

    Thanks for all your input, Folks! You’re fantastic. I’m headed to the shop this weekend to price things out and hopefull we can put in an order next week.

  • Stephanie

    You have amazing taste & the people who do buy your stuff will do so because they love it or love you & that’s really what counts isn’t it? I have been stalking your Etsy store…

  • Stephanie

    Yes chocolate brown with cream print and one large hoodie for us please!!

  • Thya Littell

    How do I put my order in for the hoodie?

  • stacey

    I am thinking a brown and or rust shirt with cream print. I like the color rust, it reminds me of fall! I’d like to order one tooo…

  • Tammy

    I vote chocolate brown hoodie & full body logo. While the head logo is cool, it looks a little too “t.u.ish” to this girl from Aggieland.

  • ecky

    choco with the full body is erica’s vote – but chris likes the head shot. he said “i’m more of a symmetrical kinda guy” whereas i really love the tail!!!

    so we split our vote!


  • Danny

    Sarah and I will will take two as long as that dark chocolate brown doesn’t wash into a nasty, tea-sipping burnt orange. We like the body shot, but have trust your deciding power.

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