X is for…

This letter is going to assume a little creative license 🙂

‘x’ is for xerox… but more specifically, dittos.  Does anyone remember dittos?  The blue/purple copies we used to get in second grade before laser printers?  As a teacher’s kid, I spent innumerable hours in the hallways after school.  I was probably the youngest person hooked on Guiding Light.  I also ran almost every copy for every teacher in Erlangen Elementary from 1985-1989.  Teachers would pay me to run their homework assignments for the week.  After that, I would reorganize their file cabinets and art closets.  After Guiding Light, of course. To this day, I think that attention and responsibility kept me out of the gangs.

for mulder2‘x’ is for xhilaration… or, the Target staple for clothing.  This is leading me to Target, which I graced Saturday afternoon on my indirect way to Sonic.  Rylie found this newborn outfit and fell in love.  She hugged it, she kissed it, she laid down on the floor with it.  She desperately wanted it.  Not for her, but for the baby.  It’s not what I would have picked, but few fantastic things in my life are what I originally thought I was wishing for.   Wouldn’t you agree?

‘x’ is for x-ray… and I have many in my charts.  Yours truly has a 23° curve in-between her shoulders.  Probably more, now that it’s been 15 years and I still have awful posture habits.  It was impossible to brace without body-casting me, so I live with minor headaches, right shoulder pain, and (most troubling for a teenager) a right collarbone that sticks out a bit.  I know this next statement ranks up there with the Art Prize debate, HealthCare Reform, and Private Education, but I’m going to say it anyway: I like chiropractors.  I like good chiropractors.  There are some quacks out there, for sure, but I have been fortunate to know some amazing doctors, and I am a fan.

Happy Monday, Folks!

Thursday:  Sweatshirt, Chicken Coops, and Cows.  Specifically, cows that break out of their pens on a Sunday morning when husbands are out-of-town and you are dressed in church clothes and your child’s hair is not done.  That’s for Thursday.


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13 responses to “X is for…

  • Shannon

    Let me tell you about Xerox/Dittos. I was in 10th grade, first period Biology. The teacher was a first year teacher.

    Xerox machines used powder, which turned to ink when mixed with water.

    We were watching a filmstrip, and you could hear people’s lips smacking, Someone finally spoke up and said “Something tastes funny”. The lights came on and we looked around the room.

    Eyes, noses and mouths were blue.

    Someone stuck that ink in the fan of the projector. When it blew it out, it reacted with water.

    Poison control was called and our parents were called to come and get us. Imagine what I looked like when I got in the bathtub, full of water.

  • Sunday

    So you got to watch guiding light in school? They had a tv there for afterschool kids? Wow that is some kind of school. I too was hooked on guiding light b/c of my Mimi but she would get disgusted and turn off the tv when they kssed and did other such things. I should have BR pick out something for the baby. That is a great idea!!

  • Jessica Carr

    That looks very similar to the out fit Wyatt wore home from the hospital. It was very sweet with its matching hat and blanket. Sweet sister already looking out for her little sibiling!!

  • Amy

    Did you know Guiding Light was just cancelled? My grandma was (and still is) a CBS soaps junkie. When she came to town I got to watch them with her (we were never allowed to watch “junk” TV). I remember eating nabs and watching Guiding Light…..good times.

    And that outfit looks very soft for a sweet new baby.

    And I love chiropractors too. There are horrid MDs, and horrid chiropractors, and horrid hairdressers. That doesn’t ruin the profession, however….right?

  • Julie

    We are all about chiropractic care here! a good one, for sure, I agree.

  • Amy L

    I L.O.V.E. and miss the smell of dittos!!!

  • Becky

    I love my chiropractor as well! He was a big help when I was pregnant too!
    I am glad you got that sleeper that Rylie picked out! That will make her so excited about the baby, it’s like she’s getting a new doll!

  • priscyesser

    I remember dittos…both kinds! The copies that we all sniffed and the “jeans” popular in the late 70’s 🙂

  • texasnorth

    Let me be clear: school did not sanction my soap addiction. It’s just that I had nothing to do after school… and so I would watch it on my mom’s classroom tv 🙂

  • LoLo

    I might be forced to ban Target (by my husband). I went there today to get a $7 water bottle…$95 later I was leaving that place! I even lectured myself as I was walking in “Go straight to the back, to the camping section, get your bottle, AND LEAVE!” What is it about that place? I think they have a hypnotist hiding at the front door and as you walk in he puts you into some sort of buying trance.

  • annie

    i knew becky would say she loved her chiro. it has done wonders for her too.
    what a sweet little baby outfit, i can see rylie cuddling with it, she’ll be the best big sis.

  • lisahudson

    The fact you came up the three “X” words has me standing in ovation. You are amazing!! 🙂

  • Christy

    Oh yes–I have great memories of you placing those sticky things on m back twice a week at Dr. Montgomery’s Chiropractic:) I THINK he helped my curve but am pretty sure it is worse now after three kiddos. Thanks for always being so stinking nice on our twice a week visits:)

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