the time has come

[edited at 4pm: We’re going with the light(er)-weight version.  That makes it, at most, $25 each. Gildan pre-shrinks everything, so your size should ring true after washing.]

Hey, so guess what?! I stopped by the lovely folks at Icon Signs yesterday after I got Rylie a flu shot.  It was a hard day for me. *sigh* That child has a ‘pain & betrayal’ look that can send a mother to counseling. 

Where was I?  Right.  Icon.  Laura and Josh sent me there and I LOVE THEM.  My computer leaves much to be desired in the color category, but use your imagination.  This is what the negative effect looks like as opposed to the dark cow/light background you’ve seen before. Like a chalk-print, right?  Cool. Picture dark brown Gildan hoodies (sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL) with antique white print.  There were no awesome cream/rust options.  Boo.  I do have some plans for Spring are certain to shake your gate.  Lose ye not hope for the rust-colored cow. She’ll have her day!

brown TexasNorth

The poll last week was so fabulous… I think we have enough interest to print BOTH options.  I KNOW!  [insert clapping and jumping here] And, they’ll be ready in TWO WEEKS!  In time for the hayride!  Exclamation points!  For us Aggies, we can get the body shot.  For the symmetrically fussy, we can get the head shot.   I do so love the body shot.  No one in the industry has a full longhorn in their logo.  Alan is so great.  I’m a fan of the head shot, too, and I’m not afraid to wear it.  I think it differs enough from the tu logo that I’m not crossing any of my die-hard lines.  FYI, the logo is drawn from Eclipse… my favorite mamma in our herd.

It appears that the heavy-duty sweatshirts will cost me $30.  I’ll have specifics once I have numbers from you, but that price can only go down.  If you’re local, obviously, there’s no shipping.  If you’re in Texas or PA, there’s the good possibility of no shipping.  If you’re ‘OTHER’, there’s shipping.  I’ll figure out exactly what it would cost for me to mail a sweatshirt- I’m guessing $6.  This is a no-shrink, heavy-duty (9.5 oz), cotton sweatshirt. 

***Now, there IS a lighter version (7.5 oz) that also comes in youth sizes… I’m assuming this would be cheaper.  I’m waiting for a price as we speak.*** 

If it ends up that there aren’t enough of the body-shot folks to make a run, then it will be all head-shots.  Supporters of the inaugural TexasNorth hoodie (as in, ‘I can paypal or mail you a check next Thursday’), I need from you:  logo preference, size, and quantity to katiemulder[at]gmail[dot]com.  Like this:

I want 1 (XL) body shot.  Or, a headshot is fine. 


I want 1 (M) body shot.  If the body shot print fails, then I’m OUT. Forget you.

I’d love to order next THURSDAY!

We’re gonna be so cute!

I’ve talked enough for today, but I can promise you Monday’s ramblings will include the Great Cow Escape from Sunday and the Chicken Coop Lock-in low-down.  Hopefully, this weekend will not add any more excitement to the list.  I don’t think I can handle it.

Talk to you soon!  Have a great weekend.  We love you here at TexasNorth.



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8 responses to “the time has come

  • Shannon

    You have email!

  • Jim

    “You have mail”. I have seen that before…..someplace.

  • Jtp

    You are so fun…and I hate that look too. I’ll have to see it again on the 23rd…but better to see the “look” and then it’s over than to have a sickly little baby for 2 weeks with the flu….. at least that’s what I’m telling myself to make it not so hard….

  • elly

    do you have any scholarships available for folks on reduced salary? just wonderin’….. xo

  • sunday

    i love the lighter version head shot, but if you need a vote for full shot just to pull you through then you can take mine. Let me know about the lighter version and I can paypal you or whatever!

  • Chris

    Or scholarships available for folks in college paying application fees to grad schools? 😉 I’m just kidding. I totally want one though. I’m going to email you straightaway!

  • Miss Laura

    I am so glad you had a good experience at Icon, though not at all surprised…we have our biases with them being family and all 🙂 Did you talk to Jenny or James?

    Lemme check with Josh to see if he wants a sweatshirt, but you can be expecting an order of at least one shirt from the M-i-k-r-u-t household 😉

  • stephanie

    Like what ideas for spring??? I’m pondering a hoodie, but since I know we only have about a year left in these northern chilly temps, I’m thinking i might benefit more from a “cooler” option. (rusty cow on white ribbed tank, jeans, flip flops, a glass of iced tea, a front porch… are ya feelin’ it?)

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