But, what about…

• Let’s clear a few things off the ‘what about’ list, shall we? •

Copy of bale feeder 001What about Bonnie, the prize longhorn that didn’t get pregnant this summer?  Well, after returning to the dating pasture for an extra month, she came home last night with a positive pregnancy test.  Releasing her from milking her calf really helped.  All four mammas are now back home and with-calf.  They are starting to get furry-er for Winter.

What about Winter?  Many of you have asked what will happen to our girls when the snow flies.  I love you.  God made longhorns able to survive in some really wicked conditions- low feed, brutal weather, family members with horns.  They take Winter up here in stride, with no barn necessary.  All they need are some tall trees for a break from the wind and food.  We lose our grass up here in Michigan around November, which puts a damper on the whole ‘grazing’ thing.  So, they feed on alfalfa grass that’s been baled into huge rolls.  The rolls are set in the field in a round-bale feeder, like the red one below.  Bregular feederecause of a longhorn’s horns, we had two feeders made special for our cows.  Our version allows the bale to be contained (so they don’t pull it all out and lay in it) while still allowing them to stick their heads and horns inside to eat.  There’s your farming lesson for the day, Folks.  Walk tall and proud.

The feeders also make fantastic playpens.  Rylie and Kendall were smitten for a good half hour,  pretending and running and climbing and laughing.  Perhaps we should have bought an extra. [aside: Is it me, or is Scooter the Kitten always in the ‘acidentally’ in the shot?]

MREWhat’s our next game?  Here are my thoughts.  I am trying to be a better woman.  I have no trouble admitting that I need your help.  Winter is approaching for most of us, and meal planning will be changing.  I’d love to do a re-mix of the Keeper’s Recipe Swap.  Lots of readers have come and gone since November 2007, so I think we’d get a great new mix.  It would go like this:

  • Players would comment or email that they’d like to play.
  • Players would come up with 5 main entrees they serve regularly. Recipes should be varied, ie: you can’t contribute 5 chicken dishes.  Ideally, I’d like to be able to open this booklet on a Sunday night and say, “Ok.  I’m cooking Becky’s menu this week.  What do I need to buy?”  All planned, all there, low level of brain stress.
  • Players would email me those meals and recipes. If you want to include sides and desserts for each entree, that’s your call but PS you’re awesome. 
  • I would compile the emails and make another e-booklet of the recipes.
  • I would pair up each player with a partner.  Partners would swap a magnet and an oven mitt, just for fun.  Any kind of magnet and oven mitt you want… they’re prolly on the same aisle in the grocery store, and they’ll both easily fit in a small envelope.  Easy, right?
  • Once players have received their gifts, I would email the e-booklet with menus galore.  If your partner doesn’t receive the magnet/oven mitt combo, you don’t get your recipes.  Mwa-ha-haaaaa!  [That’s evil I-figured-out-a-way-to-make-you-play-nice laughter.]
  • For example: If three of us play, our e-booklet would contain three weeks of menus, or 15 recipes.  At noon:  we’re already up to 10 folks playing!  At least weeks of menus coming!

Yes?  Minimal effort, major help in the meal-planning department, and we all become better people.  Yes.  How ’bout, lemme know by November 1st by simply emailing me your recipes.  That’s your EMAIL RECIPES TO ME deadline: November 1st.  I’ll get your swap partner to you November 2nd.  Your MAIL YOUR SWAP GIFT deadline will be December 1st.  Recipes can be tried and true from magazines, websites, etc… just be sure to credit the source.  Gracias!

Help with a name for this round, please and thank you?

About texasnorth

TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

22 responses to “But, what about…

  • Jim

    Of course I’m in. The question is; Curt will I be the only guy ….and how about “Food for Thought”

    And isn’t that girl getting big or what?

  • janna

    i’m assuming i can be in even if i did it last time. i promise to pick new recipes for the returners. i got nothing on names…

  • texasnorth

    Of course! Everyone in, even if you played last time! Wooo Hooo!

  • holly

    since i’m already going to be putting together a cookbook for my family for christmas, this will get me started in that direction…
    sign me up!

  • Jtp

    Oh yeah!!!! I NEED new recipes!!! We are in a rut in TN. My fall resolution was to try a new recipe per week and this will save me the hassel of magazine searching- tried and true yum recipes from people who really cook, not just style food for magazines 🙂 Count me in….

  • Jtp

    oh, but somehow my email is wrong on the sign in thing…but it automatically comes up. hmmm, no computer whiz kid here, but use:

  • michele

    I’m in. Its my first blog game ever. Ever. I’m nervous.

  • Susannah

    I’m in too! I’m in dire need of some variety around here. Especially as I’m heading back to work in January and will be in desperate need of some inspiration. Oh, and I’m also in need of some new oven mitts 😀

  • kelly buist

    sounds great! I’m in. I most definitely need some new recipes.

  • stacey

    I’m in too. As long as you don’t mind big (as in quantity) recipes, I kinda cook for a crowd over here…LOL… I guess that means lots of leftovers for the rest of you! Plus it’ll be fun to get some of my favs writte down , I tend to cook from memory.

  • claire

    i’d like to play too!! this is fun.

  • beckyswann

    first off… Cows…pregnancy tests? I don’t even want to know:)
    I love the idea of this game, but I am no cook, and thankfully I am married to the pickiest man alive who loves to grill stuff for us! I wish I was more into this but I might have to wait for the next story telling game to participate!

  • Kelly Bates

    I want to play. I need some new recipes.

  • Sunday

    Girl you know I am all about it!! Can’t wait. Thanks for the farm lessons too. I am not sure I will ever have longhorns but maybe this will benefit me when I have horses.

  • Margie

    I’m jazzed about this. I want new recipes that are family friendly and delicious. I mentioned this to a friend in the hopes she might swing over to your blog for this nifty idea. So my answer is Yes. Just tell me when to get started.

    Name for the round? What about “Food Frenzy”? Although it might stress people out; the big idea, after all, is Ease.

  • annie

    i love that you call in the “:dating pasture” highlarious.
    glad she got knocked up, the old girl feels good about it I’m sure.
    i want to play this game too!!!

  • LoLo

    Okay, I’m in. This is birthday month galore for us around here, so I am stressed about getting my recipes to you in time. Are we allowed to put in some requests?? ie, Margie, I need some of your soup recipes…Janna, i want the shrimp cocktail and margarita recipe you made for steph one time. Katie, unless it is proprietary, I would love to know how you do apple pie, apple sauce, apple cobbler…pretty much anything with apples. Steph, we need Keith’s family gumbo recipe and anything involving cous cous.

    Cows…you would need a pretty big pregnancy stick to withstand the force of the pee…wouldn’t want to be in that line of fire.

  • elly

    i wanna play… but you are most certainly welcome to NOT include my (lame) recipes in the booklet…. I don’t know how the folks in my house even grow. i need some help. xo

  • elly

    oh the name…. how about SimplyDone :0)

  • Janelle

    Yes, I’ll do it. I’ve never done a blog game or swap before but I am in sore need of refreshing my weekly menu (just ask my kids). I’m so excited–even about the magnet!

  • stephanie

    i can’t believe my sister commented about the force of cow pee. i’m so proud. really.

    i’m in too. cous cous and more! and lolo, i think we should submit Corn Starch Pudding!!! the perfect winter dessert.

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