um...I don’t think we’ve quite got the grasp of potty-training.  I dunno.  You tell me.  Truthfully, it’s been the last thing on our minds this Fall, but we are gearing up for some Intentional Attempting soon.  Please begin praying immediately.

We had a fantastic weekend which included building a hayloft and then having 25 Young Lifers come and camp out at the farm.  But now my car won’t start, I have a dentist appointment Wednesday, and the weather looks groooooss for the Hayride Friday night.  Also, the fridge is empty and Curt is leaving for a business trip that will bring him back the morning of the Hayride.  I smell disaster.  I’m having a little trouble coping at the moment.  I am considering leaving for the Bahamas (by taxi) and not telling anyone.

So let’s focus on three fantastic things before the tears runneth, eh?

1.  The recipe swap is ON!  Way to respond, Peeps.  If you’d like to participate, read this post, and then email me your best week of 5 menus by November 1stkatiemulder AT gmail DOT com

Neighborly.jpg2. This pattern has restored my desire to k-nit again.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the quick gratification of a small item of clothing, but either way this pattern is a winner.  It works great over Ry’s jean dresses but should be a tad longer when worn just with pants.  Those are just notes to myself for next time:  I’m working on another one to give away here on the blog.  Woo-hoo!  I tried to get an action shot for you this morning, but my child is wicked-fast these days.

book3.  This book: The Lion Day-By-Day Bible.  Books and reading tend to fall under my umbrella in this house, but the Boy pulled a switcheroo on me last week and I couldn’t be more pleased.  We’ve been looking for a children’s story Bible for some time now, though admittedly half-heartedly and with little inspiration.  The art is often cheesy, the stories are too long, the application a bit too blah… I’m a literal snob, I confess.  I was nervous to try this out… but it has been amazing.  Every day at the end of dinner we pull it down off the top of the refrigerator (the only place in the house Ry has not figured out how to ransack) and read the story that corresponds to the calendar day.  The stories are accurate and concise.  An entire reading takes less than 3 minutes.  The language is full of action (perfect for our non-verbal child) and reads very much like a younger Message version.  The illustrations are non-cartoon-ish.  I truly am so impressed.  It will certainly be applicable long after she is a toddler and well into middle school years.  So, it’s great.  If you’re in the market, check it out.  And if you’re over for dinner, be prepared for Ry to sign BOOOOOOOK about 70 times when she’s down to her last two bites.

And now to check on Air Bahamian flights…


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18 responses to “um…

  • Jim

    They are lots of flights, you only need a passport for Ry.

    I have made my request for good weather, so we are on your side.

  • elspethcordelia

    That sweater is a-freakin’-dorable. If only I could knit more than a straight scarf. Good work, I bet it looks super-cute on Ry.

  • Sunday

    1. i will need that sweater for baby girl #1 and baby girl #2!!!!! LOVE IT, the button, oh my goodness, you had me at the button!!!! I am a sucker for a fabulous neckline.
    2. please can i come with you to the bahamas sans babies and about a week at the spa!
    3.I have been in the market for a bible for BR. I will have to check it out. thank you for doing the research my friend!
    4. I am totally lost on the potty training and have no idea what to do or even how to go about it. please help me when you know that too!
    love yuns here in the south.

  • Jtp

    1) potty training will come- do not fret….. of course I am not there yet, but I hope someone will tell me not to worry when it’s our turn/ time….
    2) you knit that fast???? amazing. I can only do baby hats and scarves…. what an adorable top…. lucky Rylie!
    3) Seriously…Bahamas- I would get a sub in a heart beat if you were serious… and I had the sick days- I’m still making up for my maternity leave last year 🙂
    4) me= pumped about menus game!!!!

  • Jim

    Oh, do you have a templete that we should use for the menus, to make publishing easier?

  • texasnorth

    I DON’T have a template for the recipes… I’m pretty savvy with the editing, so cut and paste at-will. If you could keep the tabs and magins to a minimum, that would help… but really, it’s no biggie.

  • heather

    that knitted sweater is so darn cute!! I love the little flower broach. I am so envious of your knitting skills. I was gong to learn and bought some yarn and then i got frustrated very quickly and quit! Why learn to knit when ya live in FL anyways?? anyhoos, keep up the good work and things will all be ok! 🙂

  • elly

    I have potty trained 4 of my own and 3 of my friends… call me. One day. It’s done. I’m serious. xo

  • Amy L

    Thanks for sharing the kids Bible book. We have 2 and while they both work at different times, they lack what I would like to have for my children to read and listen to.

  • Mary Carol Phillips

    Can you send the knitting pattern for the C-U-T-E little dress my way? Now that I know I’m having a girl, watch out!!! I’ve been dying for something perfect to knit for her…

    I’m working on the recipes too.

  • Margie

    I’m in for the recipes, but you’ll probably see mine coming in just under the wire.

    You really didn’t need a post with the top picture. I was laughing before I even began to read.

    Potty training. Not going so well here, either. Can’t get the girl to actually Tee-Tee in the potty. But seconds later, she’ll turn to me and say, “I tee-teed my diaper.” And this is after Hours of being dry. I remind myself she WILL be potty trained before college, but sometimes the thought alone isn’t comforting enough. I want action! A flush for a reason!

    Good to hear about the Bible reading. I’ll give that one a look. Am always a bit perplexed about what will work for my two, two years apart. The daily reading is super appealing. Muchas gracias.

  • Susan - Knitters Delight

    Lol. Great “potty training” pic. Lol. My Mother was always a master at potty training. One day, when I have kids, they are going to her house for that task.

  • Becky

    Ok I would like for you to “learn” how to potty train then “tell” me:) deal? It’s a “poopy” job but somebody’s got to do it!
    LOOOOOVVVEEE the sweater dress, so full of cuteness
    also great tips about the Bible, Ellen has a book of “prayers” and basically it thanks God for see-saws and junk and that’s about as deep as it gets:)
    see you in the Bahamas! because I am sooooo there

  • AmyD

    I am in for the recipes!

    We are starting PT also. Yikes I have no idea what I’m doing. If elly doesn’t mind you could pass on her one day and done secret…….that comment was extremely exciting to me.

  • annie

    o kaite, that pattern is awesome, it’s the perfect little fall dress.
    I love it and am glad that it had brought back your love of knitting , sometimes that’s all we need…a good little pattern.
    I want to see this loft? will you post pictures of that, I love hay lofts.
    It’s so sweet about the bible stories, will has become a big fan of his bible story book, which makes me so happy and it’s probably not accurate but gets the job done.
    Bahamas…..can i meet you there?
    hope you are feeling well.
    wish i were there to fill your fridge up for you.

  • Julie

    best bible story book EVER (but maybe when she is a year or 2 older):
    The stories are beautifully written and have given me a deeper understanding of all those strange old testament stories and hoe they all point to Jesus coming to save us.

  • LoLo

    I was about to post a comment to recommend our FAVORITE children’s Bible, but Julie beat me to the punch. I absolutely love how each story points back to Jesus, and my kids really love it too! It’s quality.

  • ecky

    1) i must have the pattern for that sweater!
    2) i love eating out of the potty too! (kidding)
    3) don’t go to the bahamas. come to new hampshire. it’s practically the same thing!


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