I’m still here.

• There were no flights to the Bahamas.  It was a very sad day.  BUT, my car is running.  BUT, the hayride and bonfire portion of the 3rd Annual TexasNorth Hayride is about 2 shakes away from being cancelled due to expected frightful weather.  BUT, I have enough mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, and lemonade to survive the Rapture

I say that a lot.  ‘Wow!  You’ve got enough socks here to survive the Rapture!”  “We’ve got enough tomatoes here to feed the Rapture!”  It’s prolly inappropriate.  I’m sorry.  [Incidentally, I theologically disagree with the premise of the Left Behind series.  Sorry, Mister LaHaye.]

• Henny Penny finally made it to the side of the coop.  I sure do think she looks cute up there sittin’ on her nest 🙂 Her comb and tail need a little work yet and some polka dots will grace her belly soon enough.  But for now, she is up and we love her.

fall 001 

• The recipe swap:  I’m calling it the Best. Week. Ever. recipe swap because folks are contributing their home’s 5 best menus to the book.  Wait ’til y’all see these!  They’re sooo good!  So far, 19 people are in.  Technically, you have until November 1st (Sunday) to get your menus to me… but I’m gonna cut you some slack and make it November 4th (Wednesday).  You can still play!  Your official ticket is to email me 5 menus: katiemulder AT gmail DOT com

• Hey!  I picked up the TexasNorth hoodies last night and they. are. fabulous.  Oh my word.  I’ll be wrapping them up this weekend and head to the post office Monday morning.  Only paid-for sweatshirts will be mailed/delivered: HELLO, BROTHER OF MINE. Hint. Hint.

• For you folks reading this in Google Reader or Bloglines, there’s a new Fall header up on the blog.  Yes, those are my feet.

• There was another fabulous Children’s Bible mentioned in the comments of Monday’s post.  Both Julie and Lauren (strangers to each other) recommend this one: The Jesus Storybook Bible

Happy weekend, Folks!  We love you here at TexasNorth!

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

20 responses to “I’m still here.

  • Jim

    Like Henny Penny, how may eggs has she laided?

  • Miss Laura

    Henny Penny is sure cute. So are your feet.

    Would love to hear your theological perspective on the Rapture sometime. I don’t really have one aside from thinking, “Man, these are gripping books!” when I read the Left Behind series. I think that means I need to go to more Bible classes.

  • ellen

    My current appetite and I could come eat all that mac-n-cheese for you and the Rapture ‘community’! You might be able to help me with it 🙂 I love the new fall header – partially out of jealousy that your feet are still fitting in your Danskos – enjoy it while it lasts and pat that little belly for me!

  • Rebecca P

    I have to agree, I love the Jesus Bible Story Book. However, I got it for Lydia and it is defiantly for an older child. We are saving it until she is about 4 or 5. I enjoy reading it though!

  • MamaM

    That is the cutest chicken coop in this whole wide world!

  • Christine Lee

    Super, SUPER cute banner. I even opened the URL from my blog reader to see it. 😉 Also, I am so excited to get my sweatshirt!! Double the goodness: it also means I get a package delivered to the dorm… and who doesn’t like that. Can’t wait!

  • Carley

    Lovin’ Henny Penny and her coop!!

  • Becky

    What you disagree with Kirk Cameron? haha…me too:)

  • Julie

    Love the bit about the Rapture. yeah, me too.

    I didn’t even read the other comments for the last post as there were so many…how funny that someone suggested the same book.

    Love the title picture.

  • Julie

    And I am definitely going to start using that saying. nice one.

  • ecky

    i wanna see more of the coop! it looks better decorated than my home!
    i really want to join the swap – but i have been swamped. maybe i can get something together this weekend!! i’ll do my best. thanks for the extension!

  • Cortney

    Dude. I’m lovin’ Henny Penny. LOVING. I got to work on your salad bowl Tuesday night, expect it in the mail (okay, so I’m kidding, I’m still remembering how to throw on the wheel in general, but if I get daring, lookout, salad bowl city!) I totally want to participate in The Great Recipe Swap 2009 (aka Best. Week. Ever ’09, etc), but that will require me getting my act together, and I cannot promise that at any point this week, post wedding cake haze and all. But, since you’ve so graciously extended the deadline, I may just swing it yet.

    And, yes, I disagree with Kirk Cameron on a multitude of theological levels as well.

  • annie

    henny penny is wonderful.
    i want a hoodie, can i still get one, I forgot?

  • Kelly Bates

    Thank goodness you gave us until the 4th…we don’t get home until the 1st. I know you are having rainy weather, but it could be worse…we had 20 inches of snow this week….can’t say I was sad to have missed it.

    I did buy my magnet for the swap, so I am still planning to send my recipes.

    Hope you were able to have the hayride.

  • Margie

    Cool, cool shoes. And thanks for the slack; need it here. We’re headed out of town (in the RV!) (But only for the weekend!) and all I’ve done is make a mental list to submit. Your loads o’ comfort food should cover whatever the weather brings, especially the mac and cheese. We’re hopin’ for a peek o’ sunshine down here.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    love Henny Penny. LOVE HER!
    i was hoping for a modeling picture of the hoodie maybe with a belly shot included. sounds good.
    i hope your hayride is on. is it?
    thank you for extending the deadline. just like cortney i am wedding haze as well, but my includes staring at the computer for hours on end. i hope to get my act together.

  • holly

    oh! lucky for my procrastinating self, i didn’t see this extension until just after completing my recipe list. now to pick out the magnet and mitt! it was so much fun to gather together my tried-and-trues….

  • priscilla esser

    Believe it or not girl, I had chickens while growing up in Scottsdale. The result of a 7th grade science experiment and subsequent “lottery”. I came out the winner of 3 much to my parents’ and neighbors’ delight. One, a Rhode Island Red was in fact named Henny Penny. Small world or super common chicken name? You decide.

  • Kristen Moore

    I want in on the recipe swap.
    I will do the homework and get back to you. . . . .
    K Moore

  • Lisa

    Love Henny Penny. That’s just adorable. Also love the shoes. They look like s spiffy new pair of Danskos??? My all time favorite shoe! Cute, cute, cute.

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