Hey, Rylie Girl…

Saturday is your birthday.  You will be THREE.  three.  Hokey Toot, child!  Here are some things you should know about yourself:

You have been walking for exactly 1 year.  You’re doing great, although your balance is a little questionable.  This may be hereditary, as your mother can barely stand at the stove and cook without tripping.

You started preschool this year to help with your speech and motor skills.  You love it.  While the speech is still very slow in coming, your glue skills have really improved.  You are also very serious about coloring and list-making.  Woe to he who interrupts your creative drawing time.  WOE, I say.

You are a farmer.  Child, it’s all we can do to keep you out of the pastures, the chicken coop, the feed bins.  You are completely unafraid of 1000 pound horned-cows and crazy pecking birds.  You can work a 16-foot gate with the best of them and are a real helper in the garden.  We love that you love your life out here on the farm.

You have Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast every. single. morning.  You love ham sandwiches but not turkey or roast beef.  Jelly, peanut butter, and butter sandwiches are also readily acceptable in any combination.  Your favorite dinners are kielbasa & rice, hot dogs, super spicy enchiladas, and broccoli.  Sometimes, your entire dinner is broccoli. 

You have been sleeping in a big girl bed for one year now.  You have about 17 pillows that MUST be in there with you along with 5 baby dolls.  You are a great sleeper.  I think you sweat out about 14 pounds every night, which helps you keep your girlish figure.  Your last weigh-in tipped the scales at 28 pounds.  You will be in a booster seat until you are 15.

You are a wicked dancer.  Music literally moves you, and no one in the room is granted a free pass.  Everyone must be up and dancing.  Clapping is optional.  I imagine Saturday will be filled with you singing “Happy Day” (Happy Birthday), which sounds more like “Ahhhhpee Daaaaaaay” and dancing liturgically across the wood floors.  I can’t wait.

Your best friend is Kendall VanderPloeg, the little girl who lives next door.  While she’s almost a year younger than you, the two of you have formed a special bond over graham crackers and kittens.  We are so excited to see this relationship grow as you two get older.  Recently, you two have started hands when walking outside, which makes your mother cry like a baby.  Whatever.

You are going to be a big sister in March.  Mom (Maaaaahm) is pregnant with Superkid and you are thrilled.  You practice diapering and feeding your babies every day.  You talk to Mom’s baby through her belly button… usually at inappropriate moments involving grocery store aisles, but that’s neither here nor there.  You will be an amazing sister.

For your birthday this year, Mom and Dad bought you a rocking horse.  It’s a Clydesdale.  You loooooove horses be they real, pretend, stuffed, plastic, or on paper.  Someday we will have real horses here on the farm, but until then we hope Clyde will do. I can’t wait to see your face when you meet him.

We love you, Peanut!  You are the funniest, most beautiful child we have ever met.  We are so very blessed to love you.


Mom (and Dad.  Dah-Dah.  DAH.)

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