Mondays in Texas

Mondays in Texas look a little different from Mondays in Michigan.  There is no school.  There is no Abe.  There are no chickens or cows to yell at.  There are, instead, lots of billy goats and old Fisher Price toys and candy.  Lots of candy.  It is such a blessing to have extra hands right now.  My body is falling apart at record speed with SuperKid, and I am taking advantage of Grandparent Appeal to keep Ry busy.  Ry and I will also take some time to visit old friends and new babies… a favorite past time of ours.

[photo: the last 45 minutes of our long-haul from Michigan to Texas]

Curt made it home yesterday, alone.  Poor kid has to work today.  As our family grows and Ry enters Big School, this may be the last time I can be away from home for more than a couple days without some serious arranging.  We thought we’d take advantage and stay South for a bit.  Dad and Mom come up for Christmas every year, so we will return to Michigan on the 14th. 

We got the Winter Chicken Coop Pen 90% finished just before we left, so the birdies were contained but free while we were gone.  However, I forgot to find someone to collect the eggs.  When the Boy got home, he found 93 eggs waiting for him… the bounty of 6 days.  NINETY-THREE EGGS.  Lord.  I found this article from the 50s to help me be un-wasteful.  Not wasteful.  Frugal.  Savvy.  He also found this egg (photo).  It’s hard to tell, but the white (right) egg is small-ish.  The left egg is nice and round and heavy, from my big girl.  The center egg is palm-sized… like a turkey or something.  I have never seen anything like it.  It’s absolutely crazy.  Our chickens are awesome.  I hope that poor little lady is taking a rest.

:: housekeeping ::

Best. Week. Ever. Recipe Swap folks, now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over I’d loooove for you to head out to Target or and grab a magnet & oven mitt for your swap partner.  Your original deadline is/was December 1st… which is Tuesday.  Cheese!  Once your partner receives their gift, you’ll receive a pdf file of the cookbook.  Here’s a spreadsheet of the info again in case you need it: cookbook.  If anything needs correcting, let me know.

Love you guys!  Hope your holiday was fabulous… see you Thursday.

I must go.  My child is exercising on the treadmill.  Naked.

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