nyum nyum nyum

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[Comments/guesses will close on this post Saturday afternoon, as we will be hitting the road that night to return to Michigan.  The results will post Monday morning!]


This is Ry’s word for gum.  She’s a natural with gum… never swallows it, is able to eat large quantities of food without losing it, keeps it for hours.  She gets no points for this on her school therapy charts… along with her harmonica skills and ability to log-roll without going crooked.  But, she’s a good gum-chewer.

•back-story #1•  A year ago, I found a cache of Brown Sheep Company yarn in Goodwill (um, score).  An entire comforter-cover plastic bag full of brand new, quality, 100% wool yarn.  The colors were bright and crazy… and perfect for kids.  The colors match perfectly with a bag of gum balls, and so… the Gum Ball Vest was born. 

•back-story #2• A couple months ago, I fell in love with this pattern and made Rylie 2 of them.  Well, the second one I intended to give away, but I fell in love with it and it became Ry’s birthday sweater vest.  SO, to stay true to the author’s request, I have made one to give away. [Ry’s vest looks short in the photo, but the bottom hem was accidentally rolled up.  The actual sweater, and your sweater, is not that short.] 

sweater-vest specs:  The wide-neck sweater fits a 2-4 year old and is meant to go over a long-sleeved shirt.  It’s 100% wool and should not be machine washed.  It’s bright and crazy and lovely.  There will be a button at the left shoulder, but the buttons are in Ry’s room at the moment and I can’t get in there because she’s sleeping and I am not insane 🙂

SO, my dear friends, all you have to do to win this pink, blue, and purple SUPER FUN vest is guess the number of gum balls in the jar!  The spaghetti jar behind is for reference.  You get one guess each, please, though I’m fine with your spouses and grammas logging on and making a guess in your honor.  All guesses need to be in the comments of this post.  You may go over or under, I’ll take the closest guess.  If there’s a tie, I’ll draw names as a tie-breaker.  The winner will be announced in one week: Monday, December 14th.

Ready, Set, Go!  


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