Good Thursday to you!

I’m trying to sound chipper.

Yesterday, I went to the baby doctor.  I’ve gained 30+ pounds.  My black boots don’t fit anymore because I am gaining weight in MY CALVES.  AND, I had to take the glucose test (I chose orange flavor), AND I had to get my RhoGAM shot.  In the buns (they say ‘hip’ but it’s totally not your hip)  Uncalled for, I say. 

SuperKid is just fine.  The doc had to measure twice because SK was so incredibly active (I’m telling you: this kid is crazy.), but I am measuring right on 28 weeks.  If all continues to go well, delivery will be on March 11, 2010.  Insanity. 

The trip home was… brutal.  An hour of toodler-tantrum is interesting- fine, even– at home.  But transfer that to a car with 350 miles to go and there are many tears.  I think even my father cried at one point.  Ry did well, bless her heart.  It was just a rough trip.  We’re glad to be home.  We will not be driving beyond the city limits any time soon. 

But speaking of trips, have y’all ever been to Seattle?  My friend Annie Mulder lives there.  No relation, unfortunately.  She’s going to SPU and was the coxswain for the varsity rowing team this year.  Personally, I think she’s fabulous.  Look at her here in Kerry Park sporting her TexasNorth hoodie with pride!  I may have clapped a little when I saw this.  I think I’d like Seattle.  Should it be on my ‘absolutely visit’ list?  Love you, Annie.  You do all us Mulders proud, ya hear?


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14 responses to “Good Thursday to you!

  • Amy

    with both of my pregnancies, I gained weight in my thighs. By the time I actually birthed those kids I had freakin’ ham hocks. Weird.

    And I also had to have the Rhogam. Yuck.

    Happy Holidays!!!!!! Still wish we’d been able to make it work to hang out in TX, but another time perhaps….we are thinking (and just thinking, not sure about a long road trip) of going north this summer and playing around for a few weeks… maybe then!

  • Jtp

    oh, don’t worry about the lbs….super kid will be worth it!

  • Nancy

    Here’s hoping you pass the “orange” test…. It’s a bummer when you don’t… even on the diet my second super kid was 10 lbs 8 oz and 24 inches long…freaky…

  • Mandi

    Glad you’re back! Glad Super Kid is progressing normally and is doing well! Glad you have a neat friend in Seattle, sporting your rockin’ sweatshirt! All good news! Just wish I could have seen you while you were in Texas.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    i still am in awe that you would do a driving trip that is 20 hours with a toddler. you are super mom! i go to the baby doctor today. i hate that darn scale. i chose lemon lime and it really was not bad at all. actually a little refreshing b/c i was thirsty. i have been sporting my hoodie a lot too, i LOVE it!!! i love the weight of it, just awesome.

  • Jessica Carr

    Myron thought I was joking when I told him Wyatt yelled for almost 6 hours straight on our road trip from Deleware. That was until we did a 4 hour drive from ABQ. He was stuffing anything he could in hid ears by mile 60.

  • beckyswann

    Your calves! so fun, maybe it’s just muscle and you will be able to jump higher eventually:)

  • Heather E.

    Seattle is on our list of favorite cities. I think it goes neck and neck with NYC everytime we discuss it. And if you ask the [7 year old] boy Ian what his favorite place to visit ever? He’ll roll his eyes at you–as if you had to ask? SEATTLE! They have his favorite city bus system, and the best. zoo. ever. Eat your heart out San Diego. 😉

  • Lisa

    You MUST MUST MUST put Seattle on your MUST SEE list of cities. It’s a wonderful place, family friendly, stunningly beautiful. We’re going in February if you’d like to meet us there. 🙂

  • annie

    glad you made your trip safe and sound.
    and, about the weight, it’s all muscle building for this next baby.

    Annie’s are always the best.
    weird that she’s not related to you.

    you are awesome you know that.

  • Erin

    Hiya! Yes, please put Seattle on your must visit list. Not only would I love to see you, but I recently began rowing and therefore would love to meet your friend Annie. Let me know when you have your ticket booked. I’ll cook you one of the 9 zillion recipes from all your peeps.


  • Laura

    I can’t speak for Seattle, never been…but I can say with authority that Kentwood is the bee’s knees.

  • Mary Carol Phillips

    Why did you get to CHOOSE your flavor?! I got orange because they didn’t give me a choice and it was icky. I’m getting dangerously close to weighing the same as hubby and I really don’t want to get there, so I’m fattening him up over the holidays:)
    Now, SEATTLE, one of my FAVORITE cities, indeed. We lived in the San Juan Islands of Washington and frequented Seattle and you’ll love it.

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