a very important question

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So, this is Christmas.  There are a million things I could (maybe should) be writing about… but instead I have a ridiculous question I need your help with.

It is not: why does every Oops Return Trip to the grocery store cost $50?

It is not: why can no oneand I mean no onegive me an answer when I ask what a well-baby exam and vaccinations cost for the first year?  No one.  Not even after 2.5 hours on the phone with insurance and doctors.  No one knows. Unbelievable.  There are 23 vaccinations in the 1st year… but not a soul can tell you what the actual cost is.

It’s not even: why does my child’s school have to petition for books and desks when the county jail just installed cable and Wii for the inmates?

It is this: should my curtains hang from top down or middle down?  In the bathroom and kitchen, I mean.  I’ve caught a serious nesting-get-it-done bug and the mini curtains are next on my list.  I have the vintage sheets, I have the tension rods… but I am paralyzed with the question of positioning.

My brain and logic are not what they used to be.  Someone, anyone, please help me out.  Both windows slide up to reveal a screen.  I’d like to cover the midline, if that makes any sense… I hate looking at the window locks going across the middle of the window.  Small valances, besides being un-KatieKate, are not an option.  They’ll be half-curtains starting either at the locks and hitting the bottom of the window pane OR starting at the top of the window and stopping just after the locks.

[edited to add:  The kitchen sink one is up over the sink and the bathroom one is over the potty… both pretty high windows, if that helps anyone.]

I know.  I have major issues.  But, seriously, people… I’m counting on you to check this item off my list.  Just make it happen.  Tell me what to do.


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19 responses to “a very important question

  • Susannah

    i do love me some country charm, but i do not like the curtains that start at the middle and go down. my vote’s for starting at the top. and it lets more breeze through in the summer 😉

  • Jim

    Now not being an “expert” here (as noted by SO and DAU) I have seen both and I think if you like both privacy and the ability to see the sky go for mid level., unless you have a highrise next door. Ha! Ha!

  • madjeepgirl

    i would say finagle it so you can both raise AND lower the curtain from the top…then you’d NEVER have to see the silly locks… I don’t know how you’d make ’em, but we love being able to do that with our blinds…

    just because i like tossing monkey wrenches around…

    glad you’re home 🙂

  • Jo

    I also like curtains starting from the top and then would hang til the locks are covered. this post reminds me of the many windows in our house that could use come curtains! let’s have a sewing party – kay?


  • kateohkatie

    I’m gonna be different here and vote for start in the middle, go down. Curtains are so the whole world doesn’t see your business all the time, right? So why would you hang them so that the whole world can see anyway?

    Plus, IMNSHO, the lower the sun is in the sky the more annoying it is – mid-afternoon (high curtains) sun doesn’t offend me like late afternoon (low curtains) sun.

  • Amy B.

    I’m frankly more interested in the $50 grocery store “oops return trips”. That’s been killing my grocery budget since Thanksgiving!

  • Jessica Carr

    hmmmmm, that is a great question. I must say I favor starting at the top. But I agree with Jim in its nice to se the sky and have some privacy. We have blinds that pull down from the top or up from the bottom. I always tend to pull them down from the top.

  • Shannon

    Rylie is getting prettier with every picture, she is gorgeous!

    Now I want a navy blue Texas North sweatshirt.

  • jtp

    I love the half way look- so European cafe…..

  • chris

    why not both? we live in a world where you shouldn’t have to compromise. we luckily inherited a house with blinds that can be raised or lowered either way. all up , all down. half up from the top, half down from the bottom. sometimes it keeps me entertained for hours!

  • Nancy

    Do you face due east or due west? If so then you might have problems with the sun blinding you in the am or pm….
    I really like a half curtain that starts in the middle…love to see the sunshine… but like my privacy from the crazies that live behind us….

  • stacey

    Also, just a thought, (while I LOVE the bottom half curtains, which we have in our dining room, and they do let tons of afternoon light in, ) if the window is low it might not be a great idea with little kids… My little one always used the curtain to pull herself up to look out the window. What is the hight of the windows?

  • Cathy

    I like the curtains fromt he top. I love the pic of Ry, she looks like she is…”Don’t mess with me”

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    i wish i could help but i have never once thought about that question before. i am a plantation blinds kind of girl and don’t have curtains. good luck to you.

  • Miss Laura

    MIddle down. Jim is dead-on with his assessment…you’re looking for privacy, which you wouldn’t get from hanging them from the top.

    Besides, you’re putting them on tension rods, right? So in the summer, when you want the breeze through the screens, just move ’em to the top of the window if you want.

    Don’t even get me started about the grocery store…

  • ecky

    i also say middle…
    i like curtains that start at the top when they are really long and can hang all the way down to the floor all fancy-like. if not and the windows are high enough for the top to be open – do the cute cafe thing. light comes in and peeping toms or tomasinas are deterred.
    but really – whatever you do will be beeee-aaah-oooo-teee-fullll.

  • Cortney

    I like the middle down. I think it’s charming. We always called ’em “Cafe Curtains” that way, but until just this second I hadn’t thought about whether or not that is the correct, interior decorating related term. And, as someone else pointed out, if they’re on a tension rod, you can always slide ’em up.

  • stephanie

    middle down! i have the same situation here with the locks and that’s what i did. i love it!

  • Lisa

    Ok…I’m way behind on blog reading, but….Wii? For inmates? Cute pic of Ry, by the way. She’s starting to look just a little bit grown up, no? Crazy!!

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