You like?

excuse the dusty light... wowI think I shall never tax myself again by trying to decide anything alone.  In an instant on this blog, I can have 20 opinions complete with photo explanations.  Love. It.

Here’s what happened Monday:  I had zero money to spend, but suddenly after 3 years I could not live with unfinished windows one second longer.  Both curtains were made to be longer/taller than half-way down, making a little transom window at the top. 

For the kitchen, I used a vintage sheet with gold roses on it (I know… but it looks good, I promise).  I left the lace trim on the top and folded it over to make a little tube for the tension rod.  excuse the dirty window... wowCurt requested the kitchen curtains be split to allow for a view.  I trimmed the bottom with some ocean blue bias tape.  Someday, I will find some gorgeous green velvet ribbon and run another line of color. I also dream of finding three wire or ornamental birdies to hang from the top of the window… just for fun.  But, for now, they are finished.  My heart = happy.

The bathroom curtain happened much the same way, but with a vintage embroidered pillowcase.  I don’t know where I found this, but I’ve been keeping it forever.  It took a major Act of Courage to cut it open.  I widened it by sewing strips on the sides.  It’s a tad uneven and imperfect, as linens are apt to be, which only makes me love it more.  I can’t decide if I’ll add ribbon to this later or not… it’s so simply happy right now.  The cotton on this pillow case is baby soft, Folks.  If I don’t answer the phone, it’s prolly because I am hugging the bathroom curtain.

I also covered an old mousepad because our room needed a little green.  And, while experimenting with the stitches on my ancient sewing machine, I whipped up a teensy banner to hang above the dining room chalk board.  I love it.  I think I’ll make a few ready-made banners for the shop after the holidays.  I’m in a big burlap phase right now.

We’re really trying to watch our budget around here… like, who isn’t?  But, in earnest.  Trying to make intentional, responsible decisions.  This can put a serious snag in the ‘decorating’ category, but it doesn’t have to.  All in all, these projects cost me (minus 1.5 hour’s time) $4.23 because I used materials I already had on-hand.  I’m not usually so productive, but SuperKid has been pushing me to finish the details.  Make it cute.  Make it homey.  Make it different.  Make it cheap.  I am so glad I didn’t give in.  I made it work.  I made some big changes for only five dollars.  I CAN DO IT!!!  Please remind me of this when these curtains go on sale.


However you are spending the next few days, Merry Christmas to you.  May you find peace and comfort within your home… for free.

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8 responses to “You like?

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    i know that Worth wishes I could do things like this!!! you are just awesome! i am so impressed with you. the curtains look beautiful and if I were picking I would have gone with that length too.

  • Jo

    They look great Kate! And way to be faithful to your budget. I do like the middle down, it’s changed my opinion a bit of the look. And it does make sense with privacy issues, as I had not thought of before…this is great for me as maybe in 10 years or so I’ll hang some curtains – ha!

    love you much.

  • Jim

    Nicely done and Merry Christmas to you and yours from this side of the Mitten State.

  • ecky

    love it! i hoard embroidered pillowcases!
    and gold roses – be still myheart.

    i have so many vintage pillowcases just waiting for projects. you have inspired me. i feel so lazy – look at you – being Miss Productive!
    our problem is that we have really big windows on our house that just scream for really long curtains and i don’t have the material to make them.
    first things first – we need to paint and i am hoping it happens over this vacation!
    i’ll keep you posted!

    happy and merry!!!

  • elly

    you need to learn about swagbucks…. do some research.. it will change your life. for. real. Merry, merry to you and your sweetest family. we got word last night that our sabbatical has been approved for next summer.. so get ready, the conants need to experience some farm livin’. xoxoxo

  • Jtp

    L-O-V-E every one of your projects! The 3/4 length with the transom at the top- genius! Can’t wait to see it with the green velvety ribbon…do you have a Jo-Anns? Every now and then they’ll throw stuff like that on crazy sale and being a teacher I get 20% off on top so sometimes I get stuff for 70% off- what! it’s dreamy. Like Gutterman thread this week for me, 70% off. I’m almost salivating to go! Let me know your green color choice…dark, light, lime, etc and if I see it I can snag you some 🙂 I kind of miss the nesting phase. I got sooo much stuff done!

    • texasnorth

      OOOOh, I love JoAnn’s 🙂 Fortunately, ours is a good 1/2 hour drive, so I have to be aon a mission to go there.

      BUT, if you’re ever there and come across a happy green- spring green- like the mousepad cover green, ribbon is always welcome and affordable in my book 🙂

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