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Dear SuperKid,

You are, um, hilarious. After 3 hours of genetic counseling, level 2 ultrasound-ing, doctor consultation, and a regular OB visit we know the following:

you have a cute button nose like your sister

you sleep with your buns in the air like your sister

you have your feet tucked up under you and your arms down to your side… like an Olympic ski jumper

absolutely nothing more about your possible twisted foot; you refused to give us a good look

I expected nothing less from you, you crazy mover and shaker.  The technician was impressed with your constant movement and evasiveness.     The doctor said you were lovely in all other aspects… all fluids and rates and measurements tested perfectly, so bravo.  You’re in the 50% at 4 pounds, which is the highest anyone in this house has ever scored on one of those tests. 

This also means your mother is carrying 40 pounds of questionable weight, and I’d like to discuss that with you at another time.

For now, we celebrate the good news of apparent normalcy.  We are all getting soooo excited to meet you on March 11th, and I suppose we’ll just wait and see about the foot.  We’re used to that- the whole wait-and-see thing.  We’re ok with it.

We love you so much.

Your mother.

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I am currently sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for a special ultrasound for SuperKid.  My doctor 2 weeks ago (who I hadn’t seen in 2 months due to our schedules being wacky) said, “Hey- about this foot thing… we have fancy doctors here in Grand Rapids.  You wanna go see a specialist and get an update?” 

Um, yes, thank you.  The other docs have been kind, but dismissive.  And me, with my overactive brain, would loooove another look.  So, I’m at Doctor FancyPants.

I’ll be right back.

Please hold.

Please enjoy this photo of Peanut sledding yesterday.  She is a killer sledder.

And, while you’re waiting anxiously for my return, you can go spend some money here to help Haiti.


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16 responses to “yo

  • Cortney

    Well, okay, so no answers about the question you wanted answered, but a bunch of good news otherwise. Hey, know what, I’ll take it! Can’t wait to meet Superkid in a few weeks. It’s fascinating to me that a 4 pound baby equates to 40lbs of momma-weight. How is that fair? You know what, forget fascinating, it’s down right scary…

  • claire

    that’s great news, Katie! Hooray for Superkid!

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    that is a wonderful report. I like normal and 50%, it is average and perfect! You are doing good and can’t wait until March11, of course on that day I might be so completely sleep deprived I miss the big announcement!!

  • Jessica Carr

    you know like 10- 12 lbs is also the water and placenta and all that junk so really your no tdoing so bad…….

    I seriously cant wait to meet this kid either!! whooo hoooo….

  • Mandi

    Life is so full of that wait-and-see stuff, especially parenthood. But fortunately, there is One who already knows and who isn’t surprised by any of that. I pray that He would bless you and Super Kid both in the last few weeks of this pregnancy! Glad for so much normalcy and am looking forward to meeting this special child.

  • JIm

    So all four of you keep up the good work….By the way 6in of ice at dock site and Curt no ducks seen…

  • Jami

    So, I saw you two weeks ago…and SERIOUSLY you look FABULOUS!!! Cute, thin, carrying it all in the front, perfect, and most love-ily pregnant. You’re one of those women whom other women would like to shoot because you look so gosh darn good.

    I can’t wait to meet Superkid!!! I’ll be there!! 🙂

  • Zoe Speer

    Way to go Superkid 🙂
    Can’t wait to see pics of that sweet baby!
    March will be here before we know it!

  • Wende

    Super Kid sound a lot like Boy Wonder in the movement department. Expect appendages. Just sayin’. 😀

  • Margie

    Great, great news! Superkid, we are ALL waiting on you.

  • Jtp

    any chance you found out the sex of superkid when they were watching him/her tumble?????? 🙂

    • texasnorth

      Ya know, we went in pretty open to the possibility of finding out and it being pretty unavoidable. But SuperKid was sooooooo not having it… in 2 hours we only got a look at one eye and a whole lot of buns. Goofy kid. Still a mystery.

  • Amy L

    Time is flying – sorry that the answers are still left unanswered. Patience and waiting can be hard when the information age makes find the answers so attainable! Can’t wait for Superkid’s birth day.

  • annie

    waiting has been a big theme in my life as well. our lives are full of wait and sees, aren’t they.
    hope everything is alright.
    this baby is going to be amazing and so loved.
    hope the specialist helped.

  • madjeepgirl

    did I ever tell you I had something goofy with my feet when I was a littlun? I had to wear shoes that were attached to a board…

    and look how normal I am!!!!

    heheheheh 😉

  • beckyswann

    How did I miss this post? I’m glad I came back to it though! Way to go Superkid! March 11 SO EXCITED

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