it be time

Alrighty, Folks.

Gracias ever so much for the SuperKid love Monday.  I am continually overwhelmed by this group of friends and the shared excitement… it makes my life so much better when there are others out there excited about, oh, eggs and cows and sledding.  I’d be a hermit without you.

We have a few things to do before March 11th, and I need some advice.  I’ve done, um, nothing to prepare for kiddo #2 save organize Ry’s old clothes and loudly encourage Curt from upstairs as he finishes the basement and Ry’s room.  It’s one of my gifts: encouragement.

Recommendations / Bewares / I Loves / Absolutelys are now being considered on all things having to do with bringing a second child into the homeWe’ve also got a few soon-to-be first-time mammas reading, so feel free to name your Can’t Live Without Its.  This is your chance. 

You can't tell, but she's tiiiicked here... afraid of falling off.Particularly (for me):

1. infant car seat [We were given an almost-new one for Ry.  I’m pretty positive it’s illegal now.] A family-friend and pediatrician said to google “best carseat for ‘insert your car here’ ” since every car has slightly different seats, which can affect safety.  Genuis.

2. stroller for 2 kiddos [Since Ry was born when snow was on the ground, we didn’t buy a stroller that was infant-friendly.  I’m thinking we’ll be out and about sooner with SuperKid.  I like this one. Is it worth it?]  This is getting majorly positive reviews from readers who actually have one.  Mmmmm.  Time to stock the etsy shop… or sell a kidney. This just goes to show, once again, that I have awesome taste.

Give me your favorite things of all time.  Give me your 2nd child helpful-transition stories.  Remind me what I need for the hospital.  Tell me how long I’m going to need someone to make dinner.  Bring it.

from KatieKate

• sling • I used a fixed-size one… not the kind with the long buckle strap thing because, let’s face it: Katie + a long tail of extra fabric = asking for a disaster on an escalator I got my sling from here.  I have the red solid one…  dark red. Simple and un-bulky.  Still use it.  Totally want a green one now. 

• registering with a friend • There are 8,000 sippy cup and bib and bottle options.  I grabbed a friend of mine who had a 9 month old and we went to Babies R Us.  I like her.  I like her stuff.  She was a few months ahead of me and had already returned half of her gear.   She was a great source for what worked and what didn’t, what you actually need and totally don’t.  (90% you don’t need for the 1st 6 months anyway, so just wait.) Don’t go alone.  It’s too overwhelming.  Too. Hard. No.

from the TexasNorth community

slings / ERGO baby carrier / SOME KIND of hands-free baby carrier – lifesaver

a boppy – great for nursing, but also later in helping to sit upright or just lounge

a bumbo seat – true.  This was a favorite of mine, as well. We have the little tray that goes on top, too, for later use.

glass bottles or at least BPA-free plastics

I’m going to add TWO bouncy seats – if you have 2 levels in your house, this is a $25 luxury that let’s you carry the kiddo up and down without bringing the bouncy seat with you. 



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31 responses to “it be time

  • Amy

    i didn’t really prepare much for kid #2. I will say, SLING IS LIFESAVER. I used it ALL the time. We had Walker’s old infant seat, which i reused. It came with a travel system, you know, strap the seat in the stroller, so i never bought another stroller. At first, Walker rode and Aub was in the sling, so no big deal. Then Walker decided he was too old to get in a stroller, so we would never have used a double anyway. That being said, i love the stroller that you linked. Pretty awesome!

    Umm, couldn’t live without? Cosleeper. Never used with Walker, SO much better than all other options for us (as we don’t have the luxury of a king size bed). Also (for later) jumparoo. Anything that lets you put the child down safely for a break 🙂

  • michele

    Stroller – the BOB dualie is rockin’ good. I drool over them at REI. I’ve borrowed them from friends, and loved every pushing moment. And you can get the infant carrier bar, so you can use it forever. I can’t, however, justify the price as I don’t really do well running while pushing sixty pounds of kids. So, we have one of the sit and stand ones. It isn’t fancy or a jogger, but I’ll tell you what, Graham loves it. Evan loves it. It has gone through the airport, on cross country road trips, every mall in the area, and a week in Disney, and performed with fying colors, and pushes like a single stroller and fits in the car.

    Sling – I love my slingling! That too has been my saving grace with two. And there isn’t a day that I don’t get compliments and questions about it when I wear it. When I got mine, there was a coupon code for $5 bucks off (coupon code: pregnancy). Try it, it might still work!

  • Jessica Carr

    I didnt get much new for the second either. The Sling was a HUGE one for me as the second child seems to want to be held more then the first. Which I was super surprised over!!!!

    Shanna has that stroller and I think she loves it. But am not sure how infant friendly it is I think the smaller kid has to ride in the back. it is so very pretty though!!!! We got an InStep Double Safari (I think thats the name) It drives like a dream and fits through all doors. I used the carseat pillow thingy when they were little and they fit pretty good but I do tend to have big babies.

    Oh this is gonna be funn I gotta think a little on this one.

  • Miss Laura

    I have no product-specific input to offer you, obviously…it seems like the sit and stand stroller would be a really good option for a child Rylie’s age, but that’s my noneducated assumption…you go with what you think will work best for you! That stroller does look totally awesome, innovative, and lightweight.

    What I can offer you is some hot meals, a visit at the hospital on the 12th (yay furlough day!), and my babysitting services for Ry. If you need them. Feel free to decline any, all, or none of the above 🙂

    Love you, can’t wait to meet SuperKid for realzies 🙂

  • Miss Laura

    noneducated = uneducated. Which clearly illustrates my point.

  • Jessica Carr

    I just read amy’s comment and we used the swing or pack wyatt was tiny too. When Rylie got to “big” for the stroller we did get a sit and stand. Love it. Instead of an unbrella stroller this is the one we leave in the car for travel and shopping and such…

  • Amy B.

    Several moms in our play group have the Phil & Ted’s and they love it. They did, however, buy them used off of Craiglist or from Costco, when they had an online sale for $250 because they are pricey. I don’t think they are very airport friendly, though.

  • shanna Riggsbee

    We have the Phil and Ted’s Sport Buggy with doubler, and it’s a little piece of heaven. It’s light, and it’s awesome having the option between a single or a double. And the seat lies totally flat, so it’s great for a newborn. Of all the baby stuff we bought, this is BY FAR my favorite, and I haven’t for a second regretted dropping the cash on it. I had the Tike Tech double, which is really similar to a BOBS, but they just take up so much room and are heavy, and you still need another backup stroller for when you just need a single. Phil and Ted is also really great in the airport because you can attach the backseat to it (we’ll have to discuss those specifics later) when it’s folded up, and you can just roll it around like a suitcase. Security people always try to make me break it down, but I get all frazzled and act like I’m getting ready to cry, and they just wave the wand around it and send me through. It’s worth. I’m embarrassed to even talk about the amount of research on doubles I have done, so let’s just say that Phil and Ted’s win.

    Other things I had to have: ERGO baby carrier. I could not have functioned without it.

    Diapers come your way soon…

  • Janelle

    I agree that a sling is so essential. You just put the baby in there and the older child barely knows he/she is there. Some people can even manage nursing the baby with the sling, then when the baby falls alseep, just loosen the buckle and gently place the baby down for a nap (still in the sling). I have 4 kids, and I really don’t think I’d be here today if it hadn’t been to my sling.

  • Sunday

    Thank you for posting this! Since we are in the same boat here it is nice to read. My dad is getting us the double BOB. I have agonized over this for quite some time on whether we should do that and all the answers come back to me as yes. So we will see. I just know BellaRose will want to ride with baby sister and I plan on going on a lot of walks. I just bought for myself a Serena and Lily sling on major sale that I am so excited about. We could have really used a sling with BR as we had to carry her all the time. Keep this advice coming!!!

  • Lia

    I have really nothing to say about baby stuff.. I just wanted to say Hi and Hi and Hi.

  • Amy

    oh yeah…..a giant purse. i refused to carry a purse AND a diaper bag with two, so I just have a gigantic messenger bag that can fit everything in it.
    And I forgot that Shanna has that stroller… does rock 🙂

  • Jtp

    um, not having a second baby ever and knowing how much stuff we had for #1 I bet you have everything you need…except for a few monogrammed burpcloths and onesies …which you’ll get when superkid arrives and we know the name and the pink/ blue issue. I bet you want to buy a few new things though if for no other reason than you want them and you’re pregnant and they will make you feel better 🙂 I have a babyjogger and wish I had the BOB for no other reason than the swivel front wheel..and they cost about the same- first time mom mistake- oh well….look on craigslist- you know someone is selling one somewhere…..

  • stephanie

    i used the exact same sling. definitely not bulky at all. can’t give you second kid advice, i’m still figuring out the first. the one thing we still use all the time is the wipe warmer. it just makes diaper changing less miserable for the little lovie and more like a spa treatment. 🙂

  • elly

    Three things for transition for Ry…
    1. When Ry comes to the hospital for the first time… be sitting up in the chair, with your own jammies on…. not in the bed with all the tubes and ugly gown etc. It will be less scary for her little mind.
    2. Get a bag full of NEW stuff for Ry… stuff she loves and can do without your help. Get that bag out everytime you have to feed Superkid… so you are feeding and she is excited about “the bag-o-fun stuff”. When you are done feeding, put the bag away… until next feeding. After awhile, Ry won’t care that you are feeding the babe… but at the beginning, she is SURE to need your attention the second you sit down to feed.
    3. Let Ry get in the babies crib (her old one, yes?), put some blankies in there and stuffed animals… all the while you talking about the babies bed etc… Also, involve her in the babies clothes, folding them, putting them away etc… Give her some buy-in so she is part of the big picture.

    My babies are too old (sigh*) to give you any good stuff advice… they have improved everything soooo much. But one thing I’ve seen with new babies is a Mobee?? It’s like a sling, but doesn’t look ridiculous when the boy might wear it??? Check it out… it may be the upgrade to the sling. I think it’s supposed to be easier on your back??

    That’s all I got. Love you.. and that baby already. xo

  • beckyswann

    I do not have the number 2 yet so this is great stuff to hear for if ever a #2 decides to come our way. I am a second child so I am possitive your life is about to improve vastly!
    Things I loved with Ellen
    velcro swaddlesme swaddles (so easy yet cuddly), my cosleeper, lots of soft burpclothes, buttpaste, bornfree bottles…thats all I got for now. I want to get a sling for next time! yours sounds awesome!

  • ecky

    i dont know much about the second baby world – but i could tell you way too much about bpa and phthalates and all the yuck that is in plastics – so whatever you get – i’d suggest you make sure it is bpa free! that goes for bottles, pacifiers, etc. we like born free bottles.

    for most other things – craigslist is the best! there is so much stuff out there that you pretty much don’t have to buy anything new ever!
    we love slings of all shapes and sizes. i had a peanut shell and a mei tai.
    we made our own co-sleeper that worked like a charm.

    oh – and i know that car seats expire after 6 years – if that helps.

  • Bev

    I used the sling so much with both kids. First child for convenience, second child for survival.
    Also, you get the best biceps from having two kids.
    remember, there is just no way you can give the same amount of attention to the second child that you did to the first. That is ok, because the 2nd gets additional from the first.
    much more, but those are my initial thoughts!
    It was fun to see you at the game tonight!

  • Thya Littell

    Okay, the stroller you picked out is DEFINITELY worth it! You can get so many different kinds with so many different options but they are the best ones out there! I’ve taken care of LOTS of kids and have used a TON of strollers. These are by far the best! Also, I’m a fan of the Bob strollers but they tend to be a bit bulkier and a little more work to fold down than the phil&teds ones. That’s my two cents!

  • April Nelson

    My ONLY must have with kids is Parent’s Choice Real Cloth Wipes (Wal-Mart brand)
    Ohhh.. and a pacifer clip (you cold totally make some cute ones yourself). Pacifers tend to “run off” (in Ava’s hands) when they aren’t clipped on.
    I really like having a bumbo seat.. mainly for the 2-5 month age when they can’t sit up yet want to be sitting up.
    We’ve used the same car seat for all 3 kids.
    We have 3 strollers, a jogger, single, and a double. I reach for the double most’s a sit and stand, I LOVE IT.
    To me the biggest transition was when I had Ali #3..mainly b/c I had to go into protection mode. Ty and Ava were 3.5 year apart while Ava and Ali are 22mn. When Ali was tiny Ava would try to pick her up, throw “toys” into the crib, PUSH the pacy into her mouth…I didn’t trust Ava to leave her in the same room with Ali, to me that was the tough part in having more….constantly protecting the baby!

  • Lisa

    Oh, man!! I stopped at one kid so I have absolutely NO good advice. I can only think you’ll want a stroller/backpack/bike trailer that carries A LOT of stuff. Like, twice as much stuff, right?

    Also, I think if I were going to have another kid, I’d absolutely, positively, 100% also need….a nanny. Either that or guaranteed spa days, or twice as many visits to the salon to get my hair washed and keep me sane.

    My advice is sucky. I know. Just know I’ll be rooting for you from a distance. 🙂

  • mom

    I’ll cook the first 7 or 8 days…then you’re on your own. You can do it. I know you can. We didn’t have anyone cooking for us when We brought Danny home…put some chili in the freezer.

  • Heather E.

    BOB Revolution Duallie. I’ve used almost every double stroller on the market, or at least played with them. I have to say… since my #2 came with a #3… the double stuff was the focus of my existence. Two years into it, I LOVE my Bob more than any other. It has been all over this country already. Include the NYC subway. Countless grocery stores, restaurants, airport and public restrooms, It stands on it’s side in the back of our minivan. And yes it’s actually easy to run with. The swiveling front wheel doesn’t wobble or shudder at all. Locks in tight. Also has an infant car seat attachment bar that Superkid’s seat can be plopped on and the adjacent side serves as a snack tray for Ry. I was skeptical at first, but after much use of both strollers I find the Bob turns on a dime and fits through doorways easier than the MacLaren we started with. So easy to push/steer with one hand. Because who ever has both hands available to use at the same time? Ian loves to push it around and spin the twins. I’ll stop now, but I could go on and on. BOB could hire me. Oh, lastly–we did find a great sale opportunity at when we were shopping–it was around Mother’s Day I think. We wanted to buy local though and USABaby in Grand Rapids matched REI’s price. It pays to ask! 🙂 Miss you Katie! Love, H

    • Heather E.

      fyi: compared to the others I’ve used list includes the Graco DuoGlider (bus for attaching the infant carriers to), MacLaren Twin Techno, BabyJogger 20″ wheel Performance Duallie (A dream for running with but now hangs in my garage, looks like new and is for sale…) and the BOB Ironman Duallie (also 20″ wheels) We didn’t go for the Phil & Teds b/c I couldn’t come to grips with who to put up or down. Two babies at once had me wanting them next to each other, and if I had been putting Ian in the stroller (yes he fits and did sit in the Bob some when we were in Manhattan last time!) he would have wanted to be next to the baby. Also, my feet kept kicking the under buggy on the P&T.

  • LoLo

    1) NEVER assume that what worked with #1 will work with #2!
    2) Both of mine HATED to be bound…no swaddle, no sling, minimal snuggling. Bummer.
    3) It doesn’t matter what color your PJs are. Nobody sees your child sleeping. Amelia wore all of Grant’s PJs. Less stuff to buy.
    4) I am a major minimalist, so I tend to think you only really need about 5% of the stuff that people think you MUST HAVE.
    5) Unless you do ALOT of pedestrian travel, a double stroller tends to be bulky and annoying. A friend loaned me hers, and I never used it except for going to the zoo.
    6) Bumbo, yes. 2 Bouncy seats, genius. Large purse, required. Sam’s wipes, good enough. Pampers swadlers, worth it. Make your own baby food, it’s easy.

  • Margie

    Katie, I’ve been thinking about this, but I’m stumped. Honestly (and I’m not trying to scare you), I think I blocked most of the first two years out (lack of sleep can do that to you). We had the Sit and Stand stroller, which I used quite a bit for getting to a nearby park. So that would be my best recommendation.

    I’ll comment again if I get a sudden flash of insight.

    Incidentally, about two months ago, I mentioned to someone that it was probably time to sell the double stroller, then – about two minutes later – realized that I already had. Six months earlier…

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