I need to tell you that SuperKid knocked the remote off my belly while I was watching Grey’s Anatomy this week.  Also, your baby gear recommendations from Thursday ROCK.  Lots of food for thought. Keep it coming.

Now.  Resolutions.  Generally, I don’t make resolutions because I am averse to someone, even myself, telling me what to do… or hinting… or giving me ideas.  It brings out my Opposite Reaction Syndrome. I also figured I could skip resolutions this year since I was growing a human.  I figured I would be doing good to put on my socks and shoes without asking for help.  I am dangerously close to having to chuck that concept.  The county may ask me to pay extra property taxes soon. I’m taking up too much room.

But, as I was not sleeping the other night, it occurred to me that there are a couple things I need to get movin’ on.  There are a couple of things that are starting to bug even me.  There are a couple things that must happen for me to be a decent person.

1.  Years ago, I started this sweater. I remember because I was NOT pregnant and on an anniversary weekend with The Boy.  I made him watch the Iowa -vs- Penn State game and then I got to a tricky part of the sweater’s bodice and made him do the math for me.  [That’s how my brain works.  ‘No, no… I remember because you were wearing blue socks and there was a clock behind you.’  There is no explanation.]  But, it was a long time ago.  I’ve made progress.  As in, the body is finished and about half of one sleeve.  I hereby declare that I shall finish this sweater before SuperKid is born.

2.  I hereby declare that I shall make my wedding book.  This has taken, um, 5 years.  Do I have the photos? Yes.  Is there a good reason why it’s taken this long to photographically document this stunning day in history? No. In fact, I think there’s a rule that NOT having your wedding photo book complete by year 5 annuls your vows.  Crap.  I can do it.  I will do it.  

3.  I hereby declare I shall make a book for Rylie.  I did print out her 1st year into hard copies and then put those into 2 books… but I’d like to take a weekend, go to or something comparable, and make digital books (a year 1 year 2 and year 3) before SuperKid moves in.  I’m not a scrapbooker.  I don’t need fancy paper or anything.  Everything is already digitally cataloged by age, so that’s not holding me back.  I just need a website and a weekend.  And the ability to waste hours on the internet.  Hmmmm.  Seems like those skills exist within me somewhere deep deep down inside if I search and pray. [photo: Ry at 2 months]

I’m telling you so you can ask me about it March 1st and remind me my Decent Human Status is on the brink of expiring.  I’m telling you to hold me accountable. I’m telling you I desire change.

Help me be a better person.

Did you make any resolutions this year?

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22 responses to “resolutions

  • jtp

    hey I win! I’m first to comment today!!!! 1) what a gorgeous sweater!!! please finish! It’s too awesome to stay in a bag in the closet! 2) My only resolution was to take those workout dvds out of the plastic wrapper that I bought last year for my 09 resolution…mission accomplished yesterday. I have not used them, but they are out of the wrapper 🙂

  • Jim

    I missed the new year resolution thing somehow this year. Too crazy a start I guess. How about more time North of mid-mich and less office-time.

  • Cathy

    Oh I’ve been organizing my photos for the last 3-4 years now. Started it this year but it hasn’t progressed as well as I would like it to be, but wait…that’s my fault! Gotta get it done, maybe I should set a time frame..I’ll keep ya posted as to how well I do my resolution.

  • Jo

    you can do it girl! i remember being so movitvated like you before rory was born – it must be a nesting symptom or something. you will get it done.

    lemme know how your picture books turn out. I have been toying with doing the same think with our pics vs. individually printing them and putting them in albums. but i can’t decide…i’ve checked out shutterfly and liked their books.

    have a great monday. miss you.

  • Susannah

    I’m so relieved that I’m not the only one without a wedding photo book. There is still hope! I like your resolutions; they seem attainable. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with all of the babe’s stuff from her first year that does not include photos. Can I just put it in a special year one box for her or should it be more properly displayed? I’m no scrapbooker either…

    I made no resolutions this year. I went back to work on Jan. 4, so I’ve made that my excuse for decreased productivity in 2010…

    • texasnorth

      Oooooooh. Thank you for confessing!!! Yay! But the first year stuff… yes. I say a nice little box… or some kind of cool metal container you find at a antinque/junk shop. I love old metal filing boxes. So, you put it in there and then you can store it safely, but bring it out to visit with every once in awhile 🙂

  • Miss Laura

    That is one of my very favorite photos of Rylie! Can’t wait to see the finished product with the books…love those things. Finish that sweater, Girl, or I’ll cut you off from the Sonic.

  • Amy B.

    I barely made it under the 5-year mark on the wedding album – somewhere around 4 years. I hauled my photos overseas with us and finally found a pretty simple album that I liked in Thailand, of all places!

    However, not only does Gideon not have any books (except for a sparsely illustrated “baby book” the – literally – thousands of photos we have from our 4 years overseas languish in several places on our computer hard drives. That should probably be my goal, but…

    I’m going much simpler than that for now. I’m just trying to drink more water this year – following the “half your body weight in ounces rule”, which adds up to about 2 quarts a day. I pour a pitcher in the morning and drink out of it all day. I do pretty well – most days.

    Also, I wanted to add on shopping for baby gear: research strollers before buying. Don’t just buy the “travel system” because it looks like a good idea. Really think about what you want in a stroller, then find one that fits your needs and then don’t feel guilty about paying more for it. The Baby Bargains book is great for a wide range of reviews on all baby items.

  • Colene

    Here’s my answer for last weeks post…

    Stuff to bring to the hospital: 1) I brought my own roll of super soft comfy Charmin – essential! 2) an eye mask so you can sleep during the day (since the nurses constantly wake you at night – because they’re bored?!?)

    Meals: Try to space them out if you can. I had many wonderful neighbors bring casseroles and such all at once. We needed at least 2 or 3 days to get thru the leftovers. OR freeze them for later, if possible.

    Snacks: While I was in the hospital and my MIL was caring for my son, she made a big bowl of pasta salad and another of fruit salad. Both were great for little snacks and I served them to friends who came by to see the baby.

    Good luck!! =)

  • beckyswann

    I think that my memory works the same way as yours I remember things that no one else does, due to a random fact. If you are talking blog books Sunday told me about, we both printed our blogs out there…very easy!

  • Lisa

    You totally put me to shame. And I’m not even pregnant!!!


  • Mandi

    I made a few unofficial resolutions. (Unofficial because then it doesn’t matter so much if I don’t accomplish them)! 1.I want to journal more. The only coherent thoughts I seem to be able to produce are in writing when my children are sleeping. I want to practice coherent thoughts so that they may become more a part of my life. 2. Get Max’s 1st year scrapbook put together. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that I could do this before he turns three. 3. Get serious about potty training Max. 4. Get serious about teaching Weston to read. (On these last two, they are both more motivated than I am, so I guess the real resolution there is for me to be more motivated).

    P.S. I LOVE blurb books! I bet yours will turn out amazing!

  • Cortney

    I used blurb to do books for all our family the Christmas after we got married (since we were mean kids who ran off with just our parents and didn’t have a ceremony to invite them all to)–I made three main sections, with photos from the wedding, from our honeymoon in Hawaii, and from our “reception” on the farm. There was a minor mishap in the cover printing, but they totally fixed it for me, otherwise I was very pleased with the quality of the printing and the ease at putting the books together. I’d use them again, but I haven’t investigated too many of the other options, there might be something that suits you better out there…

    As far as resolutions, mine is simply to take time every day to make myself, my home, or my relationships better. I have a master list of big and little things, and every day I try and pick one I know I can do that day, be it as small as folding laundry, as huge as ripping out the carpet in the spare room, or as abstract as “Being mindful”. Just something to keep me from being too hard on myself, mostly, as my tendency is to be lazy from perfectionism and then beat myself up about it! This way, I’ve always done *some*thing good with my day, something I can be proud of when I go to sleep that night.

  • ecky

    i hope five year unfinished wedding albums don’t negate the vows – or i’m in trouble! mine are still in a box! i am lame!

    and dont even get me started on pictures of hazel. you saw how good i’ve been with her blog – gag!
    at least we’ve kept up with the kermit pictures!

    oh – and i love that pic of rylie in the hat. i’d better get on some crafting for superkid so I can make it into more blog pics!!

  • Margie

    No baby books for my girls (although I have lots of pictures), although I encourage you to Do It Now. If you have Time when the mood strikes, then great things happen! Please post photos when your surely inventive and creative books and sweater are completed. I could use some inspiration to go down that road myself.

    Resolutions: House – clean. Able to walk through without kicking a toy or seeing a dust bunny in a corner. If I can do this I’ll feel like I accomplished something.

  • Carley

    That is the cutest picture of Rylie!!
    And that is awesome about SuperKid’s belly movement knocking the remove off your belly! I think you’re gonna have your hands full come March! = )

  • Bec

    Katie. Ellen and I JUST referred to this picture of Rylie not two weeks ago in conversation. I kid you not. Crazy. Elle??

  • ellen

    ooooooh dear gina.

  • ellen

    hmm. and now i just saw rebecca’s comment. i know my memory is bad, but i have no recollection of referring to that photo because i didn’t know i had seen it before – because i think if i had i would have already been coveting the hat! hmm…

  • stephanie

    no resolutions for me either. i don’t need another reason to feel like a slacker person. i haven’t done my wedding book either. it stares me in the face all the time. i’m only up to 6 months in Isaac’s book and he is 14 months old now. geeze. we are still productive, competent wives and mothers though. i know it!

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