for pretend

Over the past 2 weeks… shoot, the past month, really… our family of TexasNorth readers has hit some pretty rough road.  Bumpy, gravelly, uneven, curvy road.  There are serious financial issues, pregnancy complications, multiple miscarriages, harsh weather, awful medical diagnoses, marriage deserts, and just plain junk floating around out there in our community.

I figure, in light of everything and as the sun peeks out today for ever-so-brief a moment, we should escape.  So.  Forget your bills.  Forget your laundry in the washer and your disproportionate body.  Forget your nosy neighbor and your kid who has started pinching people. Forget your floors and your job and that one project that is staring at you.

Let’s pretend.

I’m giving you (and me) any amount of money. We’re going to go shopping for a couple of things you’ve always wanted but are too smart to buy.  Then, we’re going to go on a vacation where the food is free and everyone gets along (because we’re not taking anyone you know).

My treat.

Here are my picks:

I want this gown for delivery because it’s frivolous and pretty.

I want this laundry basket, but don’t hold it against me if I turn it into a crib.

I want these boots in a bad way.

And, I want to go to Belize and have a strawberry daiquiri on the beach while wearing this swimsuit.

I know things are gross right now.  Hard and weird and sticky and confusing.  I know there are tears and hair-pulling and restless nights.  I know you just don’t feel like your usual self… and I am so sorry.  I understand. I really do.  Hang in there.  There will come a day when forward movement is a little more obvious and a little less painful.

In the meantime, let me help you dream a little 🙂

What would you like?


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