I lost a day somehow.  I’m so confused.  Ry was off Monday (teacher day) and then yesterday (2 feet of snow)… and at this very moment I am in a gym full of preschoolers helping them frost their Valentine’s Day cookies.  Oh my word. We’ll keep today short.

Thanks for dreaming with me Monday.  I’ll take one of everything you’re having, as well. 

 Margie is looking for new music.  Do you read Margie?  You should.  She’s brilliant.  Anyway, feel free to yell out some of your recent finds.  I called Matt Morris, of course, because I’m going to marry him.  I’m also adding Brandi Carlile… who has come up in conversation roughly 5,000 times in the past week.  I’m always the last to know.  Today, after Julie’s post, it finally dawned on me people are not raving about Belinda Carlisle on a comeback tour. I’m awesome.

[Break for Rylie-cuteness… although, she has recently hit the pushing-of-other-children stage, which decreases her cuteness on certain days.]

I had a *discussion* with the insurance lady yesterday about medical coding, apraxia, delay vs. disorder and what constitutes ‘talking’ in a three year-old.  I am considering hiring my own medical advocate to handle these things.  I do not speak insurance, codes, or prognosis.  I speak parent. I speak intelligent parent, but parent nonetheless.

I’m finished with year 1 and year 2 of Ry’s yearbooks (on  This scores 50% in the photo-resolution category.      I think I deserve a Twix bar.

And, Annie is pregnant after a miscarriage last year.  Annie, we celebrate with you the blessing of such happy news!!!  We all do.  It’s a bright shining light in a gray Winter.  Please let us take a vote and name your child 🙂



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