Monday, Monday

Ladies and the one or two gentlemen:

I need some advice: Ry is three.  She can’t talk and often screams to show excitement… this is really normal with kids in her situation.  She also cannot voice frustration.  Ry is a low-frustration kid, which is unusual and a total blessing, but when she does get frustrated you better take cover.  This is fine.  I can deal with these adjustments to normal kid-ness.  BUT, she’s hit the stage where she will push or grab or want something simply because another child has it.  Sass.  I know this is a common stage, I just struggle with how to handle it in public.  Is there seriously a graceful way to handle an explosion?  Maybe I’m just looking to hear similar stories of children lying in Aisle 4 of Target, children grabbing something after you’ve told them NO, children sucker punching other kids… so I can feel normal 🙂 

I need some prayer: Ry has a consultation appointment with Spectrum Hospital’s speech program on Wednesday… just for a 2nd (80th?) opinion on her apraxia.  Since she started special pre-school in October, we’ve not noticed a major degree of change in her verbal speech.  We can tell that socially and physically school is lovely for her.  BUT, before SuperKid gets here we thought we’d try another avenue for some supplemental information. We’re hoping for “yes, looking good, school is good, extra therapy will help, she’ll talk in time” not “wow… she’s really different… we’ll just have to wait and see.”

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I kicked some booty in the sewing department and finished the Random Gift of Kindness Owls as well as a baby pillow (Chels, I finally cut into that fabulous fabric.  I nearly cried).  My time for projects is winding down, so I am trying to wrap up my orders before I have zero control over my time.

Sunday’s Hollings came early!!!  Don’t be talkin’ to SuperKid… I need the rest of this month, Kiddo.  But, congratulations and much love to the Grant family.

My baby has a fever!   This is so unlike her, but Ry is sporting a 101.7° fever and an attitude to go with it.  It’s really something.  Really. Something. I shall now go and be the mom that brushes the hair off of rosy cheeks and makes the sick bed on the couch with lots of pillows.

Mwah.  Love to you all.


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12 responses to “Monday, Monday

  • Jo

    oh kate. how i love to read your words over my breakfast! as you said – ry is totally normal with the pushing and grabbing over toys – you witnessed that here on wednesday from rory, who is quite possessive of her rocks :D! if we were in public together, and ry started that behavior – you know how to handle it – acknowledge it, firmly tell her no, apologize to the other mom, and all is good. every other mom goes through the same thing – ya know? i don’t know that there is a whole lot of choices in my opinion.

    I emphasize ackowledge and apologize to the “public mom” as that is what is appropriate mom behavior (in my humble opinion). I’ll never forget the time I took lainy to the woodland mall playland when she was about 1.5 years old. It was busy and crazy and usual, and she was super small compared to the other kids. As she was playing on the waffle for the first time, asserting her independence, enjoying watching the big kids, she was suddenly attacked! I calmly watched from my seat as this older girl came over and started scratching lainy’s arms. yes violently and purposely! I quickly went to rescue her as I heard other mom’s gasping at this child’s behavior, picked up my crying 1.5 year old, and waited for the abusive kids mom to come talk to her child and to me. HOWEVER – she did not do this at all. She avoided looking at me, scooped up her evil child, and walked out. Not once looking at me or apologizing or correcting the child’s behavior in front of lainy. I was speechless and almost in tears looking at the several scratch marks on lainy’s arm. There are some crazy bad parents in the world, and you, my friend, are not one of them!

    I’ll be praying for Ry’s appointment.

    love to you all. jo.

  • Colene

    I sure hope you’re still not upset about our last outing. Either way – I think we need to get our girls together more often… Kendall’s a bit bossy and NEEDS to be put in her place! Those two are perfect for each other. 🙂

    • texasnorth

      Well, that episode certaily was an eye-opener for me, but I trust that my sincere apology was worth it’s weight.

      We’ve just seen lots of (normal) changes in Ry since starting school and having to stand up for herself… and fighting more for space with her cousins (all 6 of them… 5 of them girls).

      It’s just a new thing/stage for me. Part of me laughs and part of me runs for cover 🙂

  • beckyswann

    Oh my girl has a fever too, we are hanging tight with Curious George because of it!
    I think kids just push and I’m pretty sure I would be pushing people still if no one ever told me it was wrong. 🙂
    I guess it a child’s mind it seems like a pretty good system, hey if I push and hit this kid will give me their toy:)
    You are a fantastic mom and I have perfect faith you will be creative and find loving ways to handle it. Then tell me because my little spitfire is getting there I can see it in her eyes:)

  • Jessica Carr

    Aww sweet girl, and sweet mama. Its hard I know and I have no answer for you just keep doing what your doing. We are battling this with Grace right now. It is a true challenge but I think once superkid gets here its gonna help out with her view of “sharing”….

  • JIm

    You are not alone with this one, even grandparents have the same questions even though we “have done'” it before :-). I agree with all above and yes say something to others (Jo).
    You will always have someonel look at you “out of the corner” of their eye. But they probably never had kids or even wanted them. We see that in the extended family, they are clueless.

    And most of us “gentleman” are slightly clueless as well. I am sure however their are more than one or two of us following your family with smiles at least twice aweek….

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    thank you for the shout out. 2 weeks early was a bit of a surprise for us, but we are thrilled now and are enjoying our hospital stay! it is nice to have to relax and take drugs! so sorry about rylie’s fever and i have nothing on the whole pushing thing. I just never know what to do if BellaRose does that. I like Becky’s answer. she is totally right, we would still be doing that too. love your sewing projects!!! you are awesome!

  • Stephanie

    I have threes at work and even the ones who can speak at a “normal” level are pushing/hitting/bitch-slapping one another because that’s what they do. But it does seem that the fewer the words they have the shorter their fuse and they can only use their bodies to talk.

    Have you done any hand over hand “nice touches”? Or showing a motion for her to use that means “I don’t like that” or “stop”? Normally I think this is cheesy and toddlers take it to mean it’s okay to use touching instead of words but in her case it might work. A little.

    Phew good thing Cohen is like the perfect baby Jesus and will never hit or hurt anyone in her life – even me. Ahem.

  • Wende

    Sweetie, my child was PERMANENTLY banned from the Ikea play room for LIFE.

    Oh yeah, such a joy. It’s actually a really funny story but I won’t detail it here–except to say, when I read your first paragraph, I thought, “Bet Ry is getting sick!” It’s not uncommon for kidlets to really act out right before coming down with something.

    As for the every-day ness of it, and handling it in public. I always felt like the moms who did it best did it with humor. Scooping up child and sweetly saying, “Oh, pardon my kiddo, she’s just learning to vent her frustration. And well, she’s opted for the “take no prisoners” approach. We’re hoping for a peace accord soon.”

    Of COURSE those mothers practiced their lines in advance. But it worked.

    Have you read “Raising your spirited child?”

  • Zoe Speer

    AH yes acting out in public… of the joys of parenting 🙂

    Sometimes if its some where the LOVE we will have to leave because of this behavior. It is NO fun for me or them but it seems to be noticed. I agree with give an apology. Every mom I know has gone through this to some degree so they should understand 🙂

  • Margie

    Just want you to know I’m reading. No advice, really. I’m finding three just so much better than one or two that I’m ecstatic. But you know my story – the lactose intolerance and lack of sleep makes this testing-the-boundaries age seem like a cake walk. No joke. But I think I’m extreme.

    The appointment was today – hope that gave you a little something to work with? Saying a late prayer as I type.

  • Chelsey

    You made the pretty fabric even prettier!

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