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1.  I think (and that’s a broad statement these days) I have contacted/mailed out all silly little Thank You gifts for anyone who donated $$$ to relief in Haiti.  If you have not received your little package, it’s almost surely my fault and please do not hesitate to tell me.  My brain- it’s not so good these days.

2.  All pre-ordered TexasNorth hoodies have been mailed, paid for, and received.  I ordered a few extra in case of sizing trouble and have ONE HEADS (bottom logo) in an adult medium left over.  If you feel like it needs to live with you, ($30 includes shipping), gimme a holler and I’ll mail it out: katiemulder AT gmail DOT com

3.  I also have some blank toddler hoodies that I bought- navy blue, Rabbit Skins brand– and have been screen printing myself.  These are $18 with shipping or $15 without.  If your kiddo needs a Spring sweatshirt with pockets, I’ve got  SIZE 2 =1 ; SIZE 4 = 2; SIZE 5/6 = 2.  All kiddo sweatshirts get the TAILS logo.  Here’s a picture of Ry wearing hers.  

blah blah blah

So, our neighbors are our age and have a girl, Kendall, a year younger than Ry.  They also just had a little boy on New Year’s Eve… everyone say Hi to Dylan.  We have been so blessed by all of our neighbors out here on Montcam Avenue, but especially Dave and Karen.  We play when it’s nice, they bring pizza over when it’s not nice, Dave can help Curt move heavy things when I am beached on the couch.  Ry is smitten with Dylan. It’s so incredibly sweet and gives me great hope for the what’s coming in 2 weeks. We are, however, very concerned that SuperKid will be a boy and he and Dylan will burn down our barn.  Actually, we’re kind of expecting it.    God Bless neighbors.

Last week, I got an email from Lia who was headed cross-country and needed a place to crash.  Lia is an old friend (um, almost 10 years now?) from Young Life and rocks the Denver area finding petroleum for America.  She was in town for about 36 hours in which we dragged her to preschool, fed her at Camp Roger with a bunch of hilarious strangers, and taught her to drive the FarmAll M. My child, who is wary of strangers until they prove themselves, allowed Lia to bury her in snow.  BURY HER IN SNOW. 

Some people are just cool, and they need no Toddler Adjustment Time.  Way to be, Lia. God Bless old friends.

Do you remember your favorite Do No Wrong Person as a kid?

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3 responses to “competition

  • Colene

    Oooo – I would like some hoodies! I’d like a medium heads and a toddler size 4. Yay!

  • Miss Laura

    I think you can officially call Dylan Firebug. I’ll be over with a fire extinguisher as a Welcome Baby gift.

    As for that do no wrong person? No idea. Honestly, I think I trusted every single adult or teenager I ever met. I credit Divine Protection for me not ending up in a gas station robbery or human traffiking or something. Lord.

  • Margie

    My favorite Do No Wrong person was my babysitter. Susan. I still wonder how her life turned out b/c she was the Coolest. Ever.

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