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So, y’all have heard of Dolly Parton, right? Mmmmm Hmmmm.  Well, you may not know that she has a literacy campaign to help put books in the hands of children.   

My mom quilted a blanket (#30 in the photos and shown to the right) in the Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme for the local Ionia County chapter of Imagination Library on March 31st. You could win an heirloom quilt!  36 tickets will be drawn and the winners get to pick the quilt of their choice (in the order their ticket was drawn).

If you’d like to buy tickets to enter, I’ll pick up the tickets in your name and you can paypal me or what-ev-ah.  They are $5 a piece or $30 for 10.  Here’s a link to the photos of all the quilts that will be available to the winners: Brown Bear Quilt Raffle

We have so little opportunity to make a real, tangible difference in our immediate community.  I just thought I’d share an option with you.

In other news, I am enormous.  I don’t know how I would ever make it another 3 weeks normally… thank goodness I’m going a week early.  Honestly if SuperKid came tomorrow, I would not be surprised.  We have names picked out.  I said, WE HAVE NAMES PICKED OUT.  After 14 months of being pregnant (ok, 9.5), we stumbled across 2 names that hadn’t been considered before and were smitten.  No telling 🙂 I mean, it could change… but I doubt it.

I will, however, open up the comments for name guesses- FIRST name for each guesser.  If anyone guesses the correct first letter of the actual name given on March 11th, you shall win a TexasNorth organic market bag.  Mmm Hmmm.  Ties will be broken by drawing a name out of the hat.  If anyone guesses the actual name, well, then I’ll just have to sign you up for the Psychic Network. 

Just for good fun, let’s see where you stand on SuperKid’s gender:


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41 responses to “a lil’ bit country…

  • Jo

    whoa. those quilts are AMAZING!!! i so wish i were crafty! Kate, Please buy me 2 tickets. I”ll sent you a check via snail mail.

    Here are my guesses:

    for girl: Bryn (cause curt said he liked that name when he wasw at our house and i mentioned it)

    for boy: Nash – because I LOVE this name, and would have named our boy this, and want someone to use it! maybe you love it too.

    the countdown is on! 10 more days girl!!!! wooohoooo.


    • mom

      So glad you like them…I really appreciate Kate telling you all about them. So many hours of love went into the one above that I donated in Rylie’s name…it would be wonderful if one of her blog family were to have it. ss

  • Colene

    Oh – Jo is right… Bryn and Nash are fantastic names!

  • kateohkatie

    Girl – Annie, or some variation thereof. Sounds cute with Riley 🙂

    Boy – Something with a G – Graham? Gavin?

  • chris

    if you guys choose Augustus Thunderdome for a boy i will pay for his college tuition. and Avatar Titanianca if it’s a .
    *small print: this deal is a reimbursement program. you initially will have to pay for the tuition and then i will reimburse you once we all get to heaven where our true treasures await.*

  • Suzanne

    I’m so bad at guessing names, I will just guess first letters.

    A for a girl and T for a boy, hoes that for creative (:

  • Mandi

    I can’t even come up with names for my own kids, but I’ll give this a try, in the hopes of winning your bag. How about Kira for a girl and Trent for a boy.

  • elspethcordelia

    I think it’s a girl.

    My guesses are Levi and Sadie.

    The first girl name that popped into my head was Annabell, but someone already guessed Annie and ‘A’, so I went with another guess.

  • Sunday

    I can’t even begin to guess!! We had a hard enough time naming Hollings! I am sure it is a wonderful name. I do know the last name does that count?

  • shanna Riggsbee

    he’s a boy.

    boy: Silas

    girl: Sylvan

    ave would have been a sylvan, but adam wouldn’t agree.

  • Grace

    Hmmm… my guesses:

    Girl: Eden

    Boy: Caleb

  • Jessica Carr

    I fought hard for Austin (if Wyatt was a girl) You mentioned it once and I have thought it beautiful since.

    Boy, I like Levi…..that is a great one! But I think you should just go ahead with Wyatt. We have a thing going here!!

  • claire

    I have zero idea, but I can’t wait to find out!

  • Lou

    I am guessing that it is going to be a girl.

    Girl: Lucy

    Boy: Eli

    These seem like super kid names to me.


  • Carley

    I think it’s a boy.
    Boy name – Isaac James
    Girl name – Tessa Jane
    Good luck!!! = )

  • Julie

    I have no idea but here are two names I like:

    boy: Finn (never thought of Nash but oh I like that one)
    girl: Lydia

  • Miss Laura

    Wyatt or Tallulah.

    Those are the most Texan names I can think of.

  • beckyswann

    I am just guessing W
    for Whatever:)
    but also it just seems good.
    can’t wait to hear!!!

  • Stacey

    I know you said at one point you liked Scout for a girl. so maybe…. Harper scout. So I guess I”ll stick with the trend and go with Atticus for a boy! ❤

  • Zoe Speer

    I guess boy too.

    Boy name: Ian

    Girl Name: Caroline

  • mom

    I always liked Dylan…but somehow the letter S comes to mind…not saying Susan….But an S

    • texasnorth

      Dylan was our top choice for a long time, but then our neighbor went into labor first. They took the whole name (without knowing it): Dylan Thomas. It was crazy coincidence. So, perhaps we’ll have a Dylan… but a few kids down the road.

  • mom

    Brianne = (Bree-ann) is a good Irish name that I heard on Match Game a million years ago…If we would of had more kids…this name would of been in there.

  • Thya Littell

    Here’s the thing, I need to see your enormous belly in order to make a real educated guess on the actual gender and name 🙂

  • elly

    it’s a girly girl in there… and her name is Maren (pronounced Mah-ren) it’s my favorite little girl name… Chad’s too. We had three girls and never used it. PLEASE… help a girl out. Maren. so. sweet. I love it. You should too. HA! xo
    It’s not a boy… but if it should be…. I say Reid. and make sure you spell it that way. it’s a good, strong name… one syllable just like his daddy. and maybe you’ll call him Boo. HA! xo

  • Margie

    I can’t even guess. Seriously. It took so much out of us to name two girls that I can’t get my mind around what might be your picks. I did guess boy, by the way, but I guessed girl for Davene and now she has four little macho men around the house. Superkid’s been on my mind a lot, lately. I can’t wait to be introduced to the amazing little person! Am waiting with bated breath…

  • annie

    love that quilt, quilters are so talented, your mom is awesome.
    i don’t think i can pick a name, but i do think it’s really awesome that you have such great neighbors, i dream of having young fun neighbors with kids, ours are sweet but all old.
    glad ry has such a great friend to grow up with. i really do think you are having a boy, it just seems right.
    and if they burn down the barn, they will learn to rebuild it with their dads.

  • Julie Lenger

    well – clearly we were waiting for your cute baby names to come out but we have it nailed.

    boy – Troy Otte
    girl – Joel Otte


    happy baby!

  • madjeepgirl

    ahhahahhaa julie is funny.

    I LOVE names.
    I named a toaster once.

    I think it’ll be some type of boy.

    my name contributions:

    boy: d’artagnon (same name as toaster, I confess. but also impressive and extra fun with the punctuation! also the perfect excuse to use an accent…)

    tomboy: George (Nancy Drew’s best friend! I always thought that would be fun, and you can go with Georgia being the official name or not. Plus it’s perfect for a tomboy or girly girl! PERFECT!)

  • ecky

    scout ihas always been one of my favorite names!
    i also like jasper for a boy. or any ‘j’ name.

    but it’s a girl.
    a girl.

    little ‘h’
    henrietta – nope
    horace – nope
    hyacinth – nope
    harlow – nope
    harley – maybe
    hope – cute

  • stephanie

    if you use Austin…you must spell it like Austen. i’m just sayin’. i am so glad we got to talk. i love you!!! i voted boy. just hopin’ for a future friend for Isaac. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I guess Gideon! Oh, wait…am I too late? 🙂

  • Chelsey

    I’m so excited to meet Gus Gus! (Secretly I wanted a girl, Avatar Titanianca…because I know that was your choice.)

  • chris

    i know Chelsey! right?!?!

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