Monday, y’all, we’re gonna have a discussion. A discussion about all the things they don’t tell you about havin’ a baby.  Man.  This is #2 for me and I’m STILL in the dark about half of it.  The past week has been extremely educational for me. 

Today, simplicity.  Things that make your life better.

• the white buffet thing I couldn’t get out of my head after shopping for a dresser… I had to return 2 days later to buy it. It doesn’t do anything special.  It’s made with old, uneven wood and isn’t perfectly level.  But, it holds all my fabric beautifully and looks great against the wood wall in the basement.

• the 3 full-size lockers I found more than a year ago… they’re on the wrong wall and are extremely dusty right now.  But, they’ll hold coats and a vacuum and anything else we want to hide next to the basement door.

• the dresser we eventually found in a different shop… it serves double duty as a changing table.  There’s also an old glass of milk, 2 dirty diapers, and a permission slip for Rylie on there.  Whatever.

Obviously, I like re-using things.  Furniture is expensive.  I figure, why not find a piece that’s already got a story and add another chapter?

• and, finally… your gratuitously cute photo of SuperKid


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13 responses to “score

  • Laura

    *sigh* love it all. You’ve got a knack for vintage decor, my friend.

  • Stacey

    so funny, I was thinking baout those lockers and how I could use a few of them in my mud room. I love recycled, everything… and sister… you do it well! Please keep the pics coming. I hope you are feeling well, and we are keeping you, and your family in our prayers.

    • texasnorth

      The lady thought I was crazy… she said, “They’re quite rusty on the bottom. I think the school flooded. Are you sure you still want them?” Um, yes. Yes I do. Thank you.

      Keep the prayers coming. I am swamped in a land of cluster feeding and a confused 3 year-old!

  • Jtp

    gosh he’s cute…. and I secretly am coveting your fabric storage piece of furniture…. ohhhhh I looove it!!!!

  • ellen

    Kate – he is so so so cute! Please send him my way for snuggling!

  • Jessica

    ohhhh how I love him. and the buffett!!!! I want to come to your house…..

  • Kelly Bates

    Nothing more precious than a sleeping baby. He is just beautiful and looks a little chubby….I love chubby babies.

  • Jim

    Very cute tyke. And recycle works, lots of that stuff is better made and the history if it could talk…Your barn was discussed in the office yesterday, were Curts ears burning?

  • Wende

    He’s so beautiful!!

    And I’m laughing that all your fabric fits on those two shelves. Heh. Oh, Katie.

    We’re big fans of repurposing furniture around here. In fact, we have a bedroom set that was IZ’s when he was a kid that has been used in nearly every room in some fashion over the past 20 years . Seriously, in the dining room, living room, my office, IZ’s office, our bedroom, the boy’s bedroom. It’s ridiculously sturdy furniture. 😀

    • texasnorth

      Ok, let me speak to this before Curt gets on here and rips me apart. There are still 3 large bins of sheets, clothing, and scraps in the back of the basement. The cabinet holds larger pices of fabric. AND, I threw away 3 garbage bags of scrap AND donated 3 garbage bags of sheets, curtains, clothes, fabric to get myself down to what you see above (plus the 3 bins). It was a ridiculous purge 🙂

      That new white dresser will have many lives in this house- I can already tell.

  • Kayce Varney

    OMG SuperKid is sooooo handsome! i love him and just want to hold him!!! ❤

  • LoLo

    this is steph again…lil lovie…ahhhh. i had to cluster feed Isaac in the beginning too. SO tiring!!! hand in there friend. he loves you so much already.

  • Margie

    The lockers! I had so wanted to see them. I remember thinking before I had Sarah, “How does the eating/sleeping/napping/eating routine work again? I can’t remember how I did it the first time…” It has a way of working out, but not in that structured, uniform way one reads about in books. Looking forward to your next post.

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