rainforest songbirds

When I become rich and famous, it will be because of my sound machine.  The sound machine I make will have the following options:

  • Dryer Load of Jeans
  • full-blast Bath Tub Faucet
  • dishwasher Pots and Pans cycle
  • old Hoover vacuum sucking up dry pasta
  • Car Windows Down on the Highway
  • automatic carwash from inside the car
  • Abe barking at UPS man 
  • Abe barking at kid coming home from school (very different quality than the UPS man)

Gus could care less about Brazilian songbirds or babbling brooks.  He’s hardcore.  Bring the noise.  Despite the froo-froo sounds on the machine, we have found that the kid sleeps well wrapped in a swaddle with a serious train-noise sound going. “Well” means 1+ hours… up to our record of 5 hours one glorious night. 

We tried every swaddle technique known to man, and the most successful by far was the Miracle Blanket.  I couldn’t drag myself to the store one. more. time. for another $30+ purchase, so I watched their video and copied the blanket.  I wanted to be sure it would work.  Thankfully, he loves the arm-binding of this style, and it seems to help him sleep a bit longer. 

So, some victory in a long month of darkness.  It’s good for the soul.  There are still a lot of tears in this house for those under the age of 30, but we seem to be handling life with a bit more grace.  Amen.

Today: cast #3 and a large group dinner- not at our house.  Please, Lord, let us last more than an hour.


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15 responses to “rainforest songbirds

  • Jessica

    He is so seriously cute. Seriously.

    Rylie Jayne would have done anything to let me put Wyatt in her stroller like that. Your such a good mama!

  • Cathy

    Oh my how he has grown already! What a cutie! Bennie has a distinctive bark for the mail man, its not pretty. He is the only person that gets that bark too.

  • texasnorth

    everything I said about the sleep improvement = A LIE. A SHAM.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    sadly what works one night for sleep will never work again. why is that? my friend had a cd of dishwasher that she played at full blast for kid. it is called “baby dishwasher” or something like that. i am pretty sure she will never want to go near a dishwasher when she is older if she does she will go to sleep, but it seemed to work at the time and totally creeped us all out, Becky can attest to this.

  • Mandi

    Well, I’m glad you’ve had some moments of peace, even if they can’t be duplicated. Hang in there!

  • Andi

    I agree about the soothing sounds of the sham sound machine. The only thing that babbling brook does is make me have to go to the…ahem… ladies room. Luke LOVED the hair dryer. I would put him in the little bouncy seat and lay the hair dryer beside him and he was out in a matter of minutes. Just food for thought. Praying for less tears and sleep for you.

  • Jtp

    I clicked miracle blanket…that is a serious swaddle!!!!! I love your idea for a sound machine…mine is for organic baby hair products…Gus would look fabulous in a faux hawk…of course there’s no time to make any hair products but you should whip out some blankets for etsy…. good luck getting a few more hours of sleep 🙂 It’s hard- hang in there!!!!!!!

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    oh my goodness we have that exact miracle blanket. BellaRose lived in it for 5 months and then we had to do some serious weaning. Do you already have one? I can send you mine, Hollings sleeps on her belly, that was our miracle for sleeping with her. Let me know if you want it and it is yours!

  • Suzanne

    Oh man he is one super cute kid, I love his look

  • beckyswann

    Ok I was totally going to mention the baby dishwasher cd! ha Sunday beat me too it.Weird but It worked for my niece though!
    Can we just mention the cuteness in the pictures on this post, because it is soooo there

  • Chris

    I am in the midst of final exams/papers this week, but I just wanted to take a quick second to tell you that I wore my Texas North hoodie today (which is a fairly common occurrence) and got THREE compliments on it! And I explain the story behind it everytime and how much I love the cute little farm life that makes up Texas North Land & Cattle. Thinking of you!


  • Amy B.

    If the tears are already confined to those below 30, you’re way ahead of where I was with just one in the house.

    I have no advice, but am in awe that you can still put out such thoughtful, well-written posts occasionally. I don’t know where you find the time, the energy, the interest. But I’m glad you do.

    And thanks for speaking so truthfully. I think it’s so important for moms to do so and to see it being done.

  • Margie

    We do what it takes, don’t we? Sarah slept best with a burp cloth covering her entire face. Once I learned it meant better sleep, I placed it over her face myself. I should probably be reported to CPS.

    Hang in there, Katie. I’m sorry this is so incredibly hard right now.

  • annie

    i would buy your sleep machine, why hasn’t anyone done those yet is my question, it all seems so obvious.
    gus is so cute katie, he just really seems like such a precious boy i want to squeeze him.
    the sleep blanket sounds great.

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