People.  I need your assistance.  These jeans: girl only, boy only, or totally both? [edited to add: they are size 3 month jeans with a fleece hem, if that helps your decision process]

We have some Gideon Foot News for you: his last 4 casts have been cancelled!  This Wednesday, he’ll have heel cord (Achilles tendon) surgery to allow him to flex his right foot UP.  That same day, he’ll receive his 3-week cast. After the 3-week cast, he’ll be fitted for his shoes/brace and be cast-free!  This is huge news, as we were expecting a good 4-8 weekly casts before the surgery.  Gus’ foot came around in 3 casts.  He’s an over-achiever.  🙂  So, surgery this Wednesday at 2pm with local anesthesia.  All prayers accepted.

Finally, I need to introduce you to the new little ones on the farm!  We’re just waiting for one more mamma (Bonnie, sometime in May) to have her baby and our season is finished.  Our calf-crop is a bit lopsided this year: 4 boys and one girl (Barbie had a girl).  As breeders, you hope for more girls than boys, but obviously we have no control over that outcome.  The boys are gorgeous, though… and a couple of them will not be raised for beef, so not bad.  Not bad at all.  Let the names fly, Folks! Um, and please notice Belinda pawing the ground as I took photos. 




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26 responses to “hodgepodge

  • Amy B.

    I think the jeans are gender-neutral for infants, but are probably a little girly for 3-year-olds. Does that make sense?

    Good news on the foot and congrats on all the babies.

  • beckyswann

    I agree with Amy B. about the jeans newborn boys can get away with more. That is terrific news about the foot and we with definitely be praying on Wednesday!

  • Kate

    Ooooh baby calfies! I keep thinking either “space-y” or “food-y” for the black and white one. Galaxy? Milky way (space or food, hehehe)? Cookies ‘n creme (or just Cookie?)

  • ecky

    i’m having trouble telling what exactly is happening at the hem of the jeans. is that just a colored band or is it patterned? if it’s just colored or plaid or whatnot then it is totally gender neutral but flowers would be more feminine…
    but i agree that newborns can get away with anything!

    yipeee on the last cast news!!!
    you go gus!!!

  • mvstephenson

    Cutest little baby calves ever!!!

  • Miss Laura

    I love Cookies for the black and white one, or Oreo, or even Oreo McFlurry, but that’s a pretty stupid name for a cow, I admit. You know me, I’m a little weird. I’ll have to think on the others.

    Jeans are A-OK for SuperKid. And holy cow, he is an overachiever! We are celebrating with you! I have all the faith in the world that surgery will be a snap.

    What a happy Monday!

  • Susannah

    Hooray wrt the cast news. I’m sure he’ll pull through his surgery and recovery with the same strength 🙂 And man, those calves are adorable. How bout Nutmeg for the bottom one? Although it’s not a very manly name if that one’s a boy…

  • ecky

    that black and white one makes me think of the song “black socks -they never get dirty – the longer you wear them the blacker they get…” he looks like he is wearing cool black knee highs. you could call him boots or socks – though oreo mcflurry does have a nice ring to it : )

  • claire

    What great news about Gideon’s foot! What a trooper!

  • Grace

    I love, love, love the white and black calf. It reminds me of the Chik-Fil-A cows. So cute!

    Good news about Gus! I’ll be praying on Wednesday for his surgery!

  • Cathy

    Oh great news on the foot! I’ll be sending your prayers from our house to yours! Love the babies, I like the all brown one but they are all cute.

  • Bec

    At some point in all of this birthing of cattle, please name ane Ramona for camp. Or perhaps Ballena for the valley???

    And YAAAAAAAY Gus’ foot!!!

  • esteph

    you gotta name one of the boys Ferdinand, after The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf…you know that book? i LOVE that story. especially if they are not being bred for beef…then they really can sit and look at flowers all day long. 🙂

    Go Gid with the foot! atta boy! i’ll be thinking of y’all all day Wednesday. todo saldra bien, ya veras. besos!

  • Sarah Sebeck

    The black and white spotted one reminds me of the Oreo blizzard I had the other day. I pick Blizzard for his name.

  • Wende

    Oh, that’s such fabulous news about Gus. Will up the prayers on Wednesday!!

  • Kayce

    The second from the last I would name Mocha. WAY TO GO SUPERKID!!! (what a perfect name for him)!!! I will be keeping y’all in my thoughts and prayers for the surgery and a speedy recovery! Also, the jeans, soooo gender neutral!!

  • Mandi

    Such good news on the foot! I’ll be praying for all of you on Wednesday. Your calves are precious! I like the black and white one best.

  • Jim

    I lived in jean shorts in the summer growing up. Course without hems. Great news about Gus, we’ll be thinking of you Weds. Your herd in nothing like those in Spain (a Bull charged one of bikers), I like yours better.

  • annie

    the jeans look gender neutral to me.
    i will definitely be praying for gus and for you all. that is such a praise that his little foot has come around in such a short time.
    your new little calves are adorable. my vote is harry for the brown one, i love the name harry.

  • Margie

    Great, great, GREAT news about Gideon’s foot. And should the calves one day bring you down to our neck of the woods, please call. If you bring your kids, I’ll babysit. Free.

  • Annie Mulder

    Kate, I am so excited to see these little cows this summer! Here are my name suggestions:
    1. Sassafras (Sassy for short?)
    2. Orion (my favorite constellation)
    3. Uh Oh (uh oh oreo)
    4. How Now (brown cow)
    5. Dandelion Wishes

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