So, I installed a new security system on my ‘puter and it shut the whole thing down.  As we speak, the hard drive is being hacked by a 16 year-old pro trying to fix things.  I’m sweating.  I mean,  I’m a hermit… but I need the ability to stalk to rest of the world through the internet. I feel a bit lost right now.  Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

I’m not sure what the prognosis is or how long I’ll be without my love.  Just FYI.  I’m not gone.  Just crying in a bucket of viruses.

I don’t have anything fabulous to tell you about our last-minute vacation… we just needed to get away.  All four of us.  Out of the house.  New roads.  No cooking.  Someone else to make the bed.  I don’t even have any pictures save that sad iPhone one of Ry on the way home from the airport.  I am happy to report no one even came *close* to going to jail.  I did not embarrass myself, and Rylie only enraged one airline passenger… but that lady was 110% crabby anyway.  I’m pretty sure Pollyanna would have ticked her off.

Returning home, we were greeted by a Gross.  Sour. Yucky. odor 

Guilty Parties

  • a small bucket of compost on counter [note to self: organic trash still smells like trash… please take out after every meal]
  • moldy carrot under coffee table – Ry was ‘feeding’ her barn animals earlier in the week [note to self: lock fridge]
  • full dirty diaper pail [note to self: diaper genie is not all-powerful]
  • dirty dishwasher [note to self: putting soap in washer does not automatically make it run
  • rancid orange juice concentrate [note to self: it does not take 7 days for frozen oj to thaw]

So, we’re airing out a bit.  You may want to postpone your visit a day or two. You could make me feel better by telling me you’ve done the same thing.

Alright… so, signing off for now.  Hopefully will be back Monday. *sniff* I’m a little afraid.

Oh! PS!  It’s Gus’ last cast!  I figure, let’s go for it.  Locals, you have until May 18 to leave your mark.  Far-away friends, anything you’d like me to put on there for you? Let’s fill it up so I can take photos and put this memory away in style.  Whaddya say? No, for real.  What do you want to say on there? 🙂

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12 responses to “boooooooooooooo

  • beckyswann

    Glad you got to get away! Sometimes we can handle those bad smells better when we have been out! It sounds like I am being metaphorical, maybe I am….;)
    Ellen wants to be the clown that came to town to sign Gus’s cast upsidedown!

  • kateohkatie

    Trip sounds awesome – like just what you all needed 🙂

    I’ve definitely done the same thing, trip-wise. We’ve sooooort of got it down to a science now, since we go to my parents’ house in Kansas City so often, but things still slip between the cracks. Like the time my husband left the balcony door (big door, not the screen) wiiiiiiiiiide open for an entire weekend. Or the time I locked one of our cats in the coat closet on another weekend. It was so sad – now we have claw marks on the outside of that door, where our other cat had tried diligently for two days to rescue his buddy. Kitty was fine, thankfully, but they both (understandably) held a grudge against us for a very long time. You haven’t lived ’till you’ve been shunned by a pair of overweight cats.

  • mc phillips

    haha! I love your notes-to-self. here are some I’ve experienced just in the last day or two…
    1. new chicks in the garage decided to jump out of their box and “roost” on my mountain bike. can’t wait to scrub the poop off.

    2. black lab rolls in some poop, comes inside, lays on carpet. I spray carpet with some foaming stuff. now it smells like WET poop.

    okay, sorry the only two I could think of right away have to do with poop!

  • Mandi

    We have come home to a smelly house many times, with many of the same culprits you mentioned. I now religiously empty all the trash cans (and diaper genie) before every trip and make sure all the dishes are washed. Except when I don’t. Then we all suffer.

    Please write on Gus’ cast for us: You are truly a “Super Kid” and we love you! May the Lord bless you and keep you, now and always. ~The Watts

  • JTP

    Ohhh, I love your floors…. like super jealous I love them so much!!!!! and Gus couldn’t be any cuter just peering out of the pouch…. sorry about the Rancid smell- Nashville stinks too- the whole town. It seems when it floods and raw sewage is everywhere the small lingers even when the water leaves…. again- l-o-v-e the floors!!!

  • Miss Laura

    Right now, there is a lunch-sized cooler sitting on our counter. We affectionately refer to this cooler as the Mini Mate Ultra, and I am refusing to open it. A certain individual of the male persuasion left it and its contents at his internship for a couple of weeks. And it has been on our counter for a couple of weeks more. I will not open it, I say. I. Will. Not.

  • Miss Laura

    Oh, and Josh refuses to empty the trash any more frequently than once per week. He just keeps packing it in there. It smells bad at our house.

  • mr chirs

    hmmmmm, JOSH must be the only one in the house hold that took the federally mandated garbage removal course? look lady, if you don’t want your equal rights, i’ll give them to somebody who’ll use them. 😉

    but in other words, to all other Texas North Graziers (or are we more like cattle? or sheep?) anyway! i believe there should be a bake sale/talent show/music festival to raise funds for to get iKate into the land of Macs.

  • Jim

    So I shut the fridge door at the cottage when last here then turned it off. I Now understands the shouldya couldya problem. Sorry I did not sign Gus’s cast. But good to see u guys.
    And u are going to have another problem when that mag cute girl is discovered by boys
    Curt u need to start practicing the look.

  • Sarah Eastway

    Hello! Wanted to tell you that two days ago I took out a left-over container that was placed in the fridge a month ago. I opened it and literally had to run to the sink because I was gagging and was afraid I was going to throw up from the smell. Not good.
    Please tell Gus (or sign on his cast) “much love from the Eastways – can’t wait to meet you in July!”

  • Margie

    Love the self-portrait, but laughed at Gus’s disappearing act in same photo. I’m stumped for what to write on his cast…how about, “Elizabeth and Sarah think you’re cool, and want you to come to Texas.”

    That should do it.

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