spring t-shirt

My pinky injury is really getting in the way of my saxophone gigs.

[preface] So, I keep thinking there’s like maybe 20 of you out there, most of you related to me.  And then I get a couple random messages here and there about um, hey- are you going to do TexasNorth t-shirts soon?  BRING ON THE SHIRTS. And I’m all like, DUDE.  There ARE people out there!  And they love the farm!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks for sharing life with us.  It’s really does make it SO much fun.

So, yes.  Enough with this crazy weather… bring on the short-sleeves!    It’ll be a heather grey ringer-tee with navy trim and navy ink.  Unless you all boycott and scream for white with navy trim. Or grey with black.  Or white with black. I didn’t think of that.  Help.

Shirts are Anvil brand (if you need to run to your sports store and try it on beforehand), 6.1 oz. pre-shrunk cotton.  Toddler and Youth sizes are available!  I’ll be making the toddler ones myself, since I doubt we’ll have enough to warrant paying a pro to print them in the shop.  IF I get my guts up, I may print them ALL myself.  Sometimes I’m crazy like that.  Then again, sometimes I lock myself in the chicken coop.  You never can tell.

Here’s a rough draft of the printing- be warned.  I’m not finished yet.  For your homework, you are to think of a one -liner to go on the bottom of the logo (where the blah blah blah is).  Entries will be taken until Monday and then we’ll vote until Thursday and then I’m a orderin’ Friday.  Facebook fans and email friends have already gotten started.  Some favorites so far:

Where we milk life for all it’s worth.

Actually, I WAS raised in a barn.

Where every day is an apple pie kind of day.

Throw yours into the mix and we’ll vote on Monday 🙂 If you know you want a shirt regardless of the motto at the bottom, you may email me (katiemulder@gmail.com) your order any time! But, be sure by next Friday. 

It depends on our numbers, but I think adult shirts will be $14 (size Small to 2x), youth shirts will be $12 (size small to large), and toddlers will be $10.  Shipping for out of towners will be $5 total again.

Payments can be made through www.paypal.com even if you don’t have a paypal account.  My account (katiemulder@gmail.com) accepts all forms of payment.  Because I’m all about diversity.

Y’all are crazy, but we’re gonna be so pretty.


About texasnorth

TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

18 responses to “spring t-shirt

  • Stacey

    currently wearing my TN hoodie and loving that we are getting Tees… woooooo

  • Miss Laura

    I vote apple pie…I think it’s more accurate than the other two and would just look so cute in the “blah blah blah” area. It just fits.

  • l.t.

    Who says all the happy cows have to come from California!

  • Callie Baldwin

    Can we have multiple entries? If so, my first is:

    Long Horns, Long Days, Long Life.

  • Colene

    I am totally wearing my hoodie right now too. I vote for apple pie. Really. I’d like to eat some right now.

  • Cathy

    For sure I want a t-shirt.

  • Cortney

    Dude. Yes, absolutely, I will be needing one of these. LOVE that logo 🙂

    I’m quirky, I like the “raised in a barn” one. But then again, I will only eat apple pie like, twice a year, so maybe that’s why that one doesn’t speak to me. I also like the “long etc” suggestion of Callie’s.

    • Heather E.

      pass me a piece of apple pie, please! I think I’ll have to sweet talk my hubby into ordering t shirts for our kids. Ian wold love it and the twins… how cute would that be?

  • bechirih

    what if it was something to connect with the top “giddyup-support your local farmer.” like i dunno….
    what do those hippies say? uhoh i think i AM one of those hippies. so like something i would say.


    know your farmer trust your food
    connect with your local food system, strengthen your local economy, eat well.
    do you know where that burger came from?
    because fast food does not make you faster.

    clearly i am not too inspired right now, but hopefully this attempt at brainstorming will trigger something better from someone else!

    • LoLo

      Maybe since I just watched Food Inc., but I like “do you know where your burger came from?”

      I sooo wish I could come up with something clever!! but I’m an engineer and unless it involves numbers, i can’t do it. my brain is hurting just trying to think about it. Thank goodness I have a sister who is the exact opposite…Steph, where are you right now?

  • Grace

    How about:


    that’s it. just moo. It’s on the back of one of my son’s favorite cowboy books and we crack up every time we finish the story, turn to the back cover, and see, all small and simple::


    Just a thought! 🙂

  • Callie Baldwin

    Just Like Texas, Everything Here Is Big

    Larger Than Life

    Don’t Squat On Your Spurs

    Fat and Sassy

  • marie

    LOVE THE CHICKEN!!!! that’s awesome!!!! and there’s a gun!! super fun!!!

    you KNOW I want a shirt. any color. though you’re taunting me with that red…

    ummmmm…. I think you should make bandannas with the TN logo on it. not to stress you out, I just think that would be THE AWESOMEST. SERIOUSLY.

    so yeah, I like the barn phrase (sue me) but ESPECIALLY the long days/long life one. that’s pretty freakin’ sweet, and would go GREAT with the logo. (I have issues with consistency and matching)


  • LoLo

    I am in for shirts! No preference on color.
    1- adult M
    1- youth S
    1- whatever is close to 4T

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