rock the vote

Gus Man goes to nursery on Sundays for an hour.  I leave them with a bottle in case the Earth begins to shatter and the volunteers want to bury him alive.

His first time in, I made a very big point of telling the sweet Gramma in charge that he was a spitter if not burped repeatedly.  “I would just hate it,” I explained, “if he ruined your beautiful sweater.”  He probably won’t sleep, he’s just been changed, he may cry but just bounce him hard and he’ll survive.  And don’t forget to burp him.  Lots.  Seriously.

She smiled and sent me on my way.

When I returned an hour later, she rushed the desk like a linebacker and yelled, “He has a cast!  A cast!  All the way up to his hip!”

Oh, yeah.  And he has a cast.  I may have forgotten to mention that.

Gideon’s cast comes off Wednesday morning.  I bought him socks to celebrate.

• • • • •

TexasNorth t-shirts :: it be time to vote for the Spring 2010 motto!  May I just say that y’all are hilarious.  Voting will close Wednesday night and the finished print will be revealed on Thursday’s post.  I know.  It’s very exciting.

You do indeed need to pre-order by this Friday.  We’re not buying extra shirts, so order by Friday.  Did I mention, Friday? Fri. Day.

If you commit to ordering, you should receive an email from me with a link to a spreadsheet.  Let me know if you don’t 🙂 

[You may pay me in person OR by clicking here: and then selecting SEND MONEY. Enter my email address ( and then follow their instructions.  You do not need a paypal account to do this.  Adults = $14, Youth = $12, Toddler/Infant = $10.  Shipping for out-of-towners is $5 total.]


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7 responses to “rock the vote

  • Colene

    Ummmm – those are some of the cutest toes I think I have ever seen. In a cast or otherwise.

  • Callie Baldwin

    Wow! I can’t believe my entry made the final vote! The others are all super funny and will be great on the shirt but I’m honored to be nominated (now I sound like I’m up for some kind of Academy Award). You have such a fun blog! I just use mine to moan and complain. 🙂

  • annie

    church nursery is always full of surprises.
    his toes are super cute, i love that he will have new socks for the big unveiling.
    those are great options you’ve got for the shirt.

  • annie

    and also, i want to pre order
    1 youth t-shirt please

  • ecky

    i want to pre-order but just need to check in with chris to see how many…
    do we get 3 or 4? hint hint…
    : P

  • Margie

    So I’ve missed a couple of posts, again. It’s Sunday morning, and the coffee’s brewing and it seemed like the best time to catch up. Sorry I missed the cut-off, too! However, with hubby still not working (only catching contract jobs here and there), I can’t buy myself a new tee when I have the girls Kids Kamp tees to buy next week (at a whopping $10 each and they won’t be worn again since they’ve become intense dress wearers). But I love the design, Katie. Give me a couple of months and let’s see where we are.

  • missthya

    Shoot! I missed the ordering!! Ah man.

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