little battles

There are a number of mini-wars that take place on a regular basis at TexasNorth.

The Boy leaves many a cupboard door open.  The Girl shuts them.

The Girl moves the soap next to the faucet. The Boy moves it back inside the cabinet.

The Boy leaves the gates open.  The Girl chases the herd back into the pasture.

The Girl drives two kids around all week.  The Boy empties the contents of her car. Because it bugs him.  It bugs him a lot.

Let’s talk about this last one.  Now, I appreciate the help- I really do.  Sometimes things linger in my car for days upon days just begging for a proper home, but I just do not have the energy to relocate it.  The Boy always has the engery.

I maintain, with stout insistance, that my car is decent.  It is not, as it has been said, a petri dish.  There are crumbs, yes.  Our trips to town are long and many a granola bar is consumed throughout the week.  There are crumbs.  There are school papers… crumpled and sticky from too much glue.  There are  water bottles and diaper bags and strollers and baby blankets. There are stroller attachments in case we need them on the fly.  There are wipes that fell out of the diaper bag.  There is my basket, which catches as much as it can before it falls on the floorboard for another week.  There is Rylie’s small basket… so she can be like Mom.  There are extra pants because have you ever travelled with a three year-old who is potty training?   There’s an extra pair of shoes (see previous sentence) and yesterday’s coat.  There are futile baby toys that are strung across the backseat to entertain an infant that refuses to be entertained. 

I get it.  There’s stuff

He does it, I think, to give me a fresh start and to ease his mind.  To say, ‘See what is possible?!  Don’t you feel lighter now?’  But when he takes that stuff out, I lose it. I don’t know where yesterday’s mail is anymore… it WAS on top of the diaper bag.  I don’t know where my phone is.  It WAS in the front console.  My car is clean, but I am even more disorganized than before.  Just sayin’. 

Y’all sure are cute, though. 

What’s in your car?


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26 responses to “little battles

  • Jim B

    Hey I understand totally. My car is my mobile office and a mess, stay away. In the house, cleaning causes major losses of stuff that I was sure I placed in that “never lose” place. Just saying join the crowd, they love us and want to make life easier. Sometimes it does.
    North for the holiday.

  • Mr chris

    Well, i like to hold off on taking back pop cans until i have enough to make the trip worth my time. Unfortunately it looks more like my plan for retirement as my 401can fund usually blocks the hatch back window.

  • Julie

    I promise mine is much worse than yours. We drive a lot and I let the kids eat in it. And my kids are nasty.

    My Dad is the boy’s Sunday school teacher and he got a kick out of one girl telling him that her mom just throws their “take-home worksheets” away as soon as they get home. Then one of my boys chimed in and said that his mom just throws theirs in the floor of the car.

  • Kristen Moore

    wait, doesn’t curt have his OWN car?
    just saying. . . . . .
    if you were sharing, i could see his point of view.
    but girl, i am with you.

    • texasnorth

      He does. He does have his own car. But mine is more powerful. AND, like Sunday said, he takes things out he doesn’t think should be there. Which, 75% of the time I appreciate and 25% of the time I consider setting his barn on fire.

  • Miss Laura

    My snowboots have been on the floor in the backseat since December. I’m sure I can find a better home for them.

    Also many, many recepts, napkins, and various papers are stuffed into the map pockets and the console. Entertainment book. Shirt that’s needed to go to Goodwill for a few months now.

    But don’t get me started on Josh’s car. That place is a gradute school research project.

  • annie

    o katie, everything is in my car, including so many many crumbs. dan is just as piled up in his car. can we borrow curt? i know that it’s overwhelming, but i think i would love if someone came along and did that for me.
    i think it’s the one place where i don’ t mind a mess and i wish i did.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    it makes me a crazy wreck when Worth does that to me. I get SO mad! He just takes things out of my car that he thinks should not be there. Luckily it is not very often and he really is trying to be nice. I have my dad’s car now and I am trying really hard to keep it clean, we will see, it is tough with two babies. And girl I hear ya on the 3 year old potty training thing!

  • shanna

    i fill up 2-3 laundry baskets with the excess car crapola every month or so. then, a month or so later, i empty the SAME laundry baskets with the SAME junk so that i can clean out the car again. and the process repeats. sadly the inside of the house isn’t a whole lot better. i figure i’ll get it together when they’re both in grade school and i have some extra time.

  • michelle

    girl. my car is horribe. I am not even sure I want to know what is in there 🙂

  • Kelly

    Is that all that was in there????? Terry’s car is perfectly clean. I maintain that if he drove as many hours in a week as I do, his would look the same way. Just wait til Gus has his smelly cleats in there, that’s when I draw the line.

  • Renee

    Trash–a lot of trash, leftover bits of fast food, plates & bowls from the kitchen, and more trash. No one ever offers or attempts to clean any of it up except me. My kids are slobs and they are older! John doesn’t go near the car for any reason. Last week, it smelled like a small critter died in the back, it really did, you can’t disguise that smell. I literally ripped our car apart until actual car parts were laid out all over the driveway. Finally, my knight in shining armor took notice and vacuumed and cleaned the whole thing until it smelled better. He even put all the car parts back together for me:)

  • Jessica

    Boy, do I get this. I think what is in my car is excatly what is in yours and it drives Myron N.U.T.S. although he wont clean it out for me he just tells me how gross it seems. He will however clean his truck out after we use it. and always lets me know the goodies he found. Somehow he thinks if I just give them one goldfish at a time this wont happen…..really one at a time? sheesh…..

  • anna

    Stephen loves to look into my (four-door, seats-five) car and make jokes about how it’s a two-seater. As in, “we can’t take Anna’s car, it’s a two-seater today.”
    You never know when you’re going to need a blanket, or bag chairs, or a jacket, or an alternate pair of shoes, etc.
    I figure I will keep a pristine car when I have a garage for it to live in. Until then, I simply do not have the energy or inclination to do the work it would take to keep it looking like I just drove it off the lot.

  • Amy Dantzler

    ok I really thought my husband was the only person in the UNIVERSE with the one goldfish at a time rule.

  • LoLo

    Okay, I can’t even respond to this. Just thinking about it almost makes my hyperventilate and have an anxiety attack. This is SUCH AN ISSUE over here, that like I said, I can’t even comment without getting nasty and saying things that just aren’t nice. Nice to know I am not alone in this matter.
    Let’s just say that stuffing everything in a garbage bag and shoving it in the trunk does not make the purging excusable.

  • anna

    I don’t understand how one at a time would even work. Aren’t all children supposed to sit in the back seat until they’re like 30? And aren’t you supposed to be driving? How are you supposed to be a goldfish dispenser and keep your eyes on the road?

    I know very little and even I know that that sounds like a recipe for disaster, or at the very least, misery.

    • texasnorth

      It is UNBELIEVABLE what you can do while you’re driving. I can refill a sippy sup AND reach the book that fell beneath the passenger seat all at the same time. ANything for peace.

  • rmcneely

    I have two carseats and no children. I have baby wipes in the door and silly bands in the cup holder and goldfish and juice boxes in the console. And I’d like to repeat that I have no children…

  • margie

    Before I had children, I swore my car would NOT look so, well, dirty. Crumby. Cluttered. Like the cars of family and friends.

    Mine looks far, far worse than any of those on which I rendered judgement.

    I GET this post. And I, too, get the battles that seem to form, like thunderstorms, above a car in which children ride (live).

    Enough said by me. You said it best.

  • Kevin E

    Curt used to do this to our living room on Auburn St too – pick up and dump it on the stair case!

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