one two three

one :: We are soooooooo not finished with the ‘car-cleaning-spousal-support’ topic.  I’m just letting Lauren cool down a bit 😉

two :: We went to Cleveland this weekend for a family wedding. I am slightly deaf from the 5 hour car ride and Gus.  Holy Stubborn Kid. 

three :: We went Cleveland this weekend for a family wedding and saw my brother and his wife for the first time in nearly 4 years.  Ry was 9 months old the last time we were all together.  Aren’t we a handsome bunch? Please excuse my hair.  I am sans shower.  We were watching Curt do his dance moves on the other side, hence the amusement. 

There’s just the four of us.  We were a military family for my first 16 years, travelling the world together.  Danny and I spent most of our early childhoods sharing the backseat of an ’85 BMW.  Sharing is generous word.  We were not the best of friends in the car or at home for that matter… but I am happy to say we are both very different adults than we were children.  His hygiene habits have certainly changed for the better. I may be a slightly kinder sister than I used to be, as well. It wouldn’t be difficult.

Continuing our family’s long military history, Dan’s an Air Force guy in space and missiles.  Ask HIM about the ‘missing’ weapons of mass destruction.  It’s a very interesting story.  He and his wife, Sarah, are in Colorado Springs while Daniel Son launches America’s satellites.  You can thank him for your FIFA World Cup coverage in the comments. He’s three years younger than me but about 8 feet taller.  His wife is the funnest (yes), sweetest person you’ll ever meet… and she and Curt can tear up a dance floor.

Our family was bred to travel and change and move and explore.  But, the reunions are so very sweet.  So very good to see you, Brotha.  Thank you for loving my children.  They certainly love you.

Do you have brothers and/or sisters?  Where are they now?


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18 responses to “one two three

  • Suzanne

    I also have 1 younger brother, he is so smart, he is a manager of a mutual fund, geez, overachiever much? (:

    I love him bunches and our boys are the same age, so that is fun and challenging.

  • Colene

    Ummm – please forgive me, but your bro is a hottie! His super fun, sweet wife is a lucky gal… 😉

    • texasnorth

      He IS a hottie. He always was. There were hearts breaking all over the world when Danny and Sarah got married- but that girl is the only person who can handle him. It is perfection.

  • Kim Aguilar

    Jenni is taking a break from the Los Angeles film scene and living with our folks in Germany (yes, they are still there) and my little (big) brother, Jake, lives in Utah with his beautiful wife Toby and their four darling children. He is an air traffic controller and a cancer survivor. She has MS, but is not defined by it. They are amazing. We are definitely closer now that we are all adults. As in, we are TIGHT and I love them.

  • l.b.o.

    i love the sebecks–only family i’m facebook friends with every member. 🙂

  • Jim B

    Tell your Dad to smile, he has a great family. Not sure about your brother; Air Force, I just don’t know….but I’ll take your word for him.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    boy have i missed some posts! so happy you got to see your brother. I can’t believe it has been 4 years! goodness!

  • Amanda

    Awww….you had a brotha reunion this weekend and I had a brotha reunion this weekend.

    Aren’t they great?!

  • Cortney

    I have a brother 6 years my junior, and I love him to death. That wasn’t always the case, when we actually lived at home together our chief occupation was annoying the piss out of each other. When I first left for college, my mother said she passed by my room one day and there was Mike, standing in it. When she asked him what he was doing, he said, “Touching her things. She *hates* that.” But, growing up, and not living together, made us excellent friends. I love having a sibling, they are the only other people in the world who know what it was like to grow up in your family. Mike is currently traveling the country as a PGA tour rep for a company called Scratch Golf that makes golf clubs. (I am the black sheep non-golfer in the family) This job is perfect for Mike. He schmoozes like my dad, in that super-fly way that leaves you with not the least idea you’ve been schmoozed. And he’s met, chatted with, and seen play a large number of his professional golfing idols, which makes me only a tad jealous, not because I wanted to meet them but because I want to meet *somebody*. I spend my days drawing in icing, Mike hangs out with Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. Whatever, I’m rockin’ my small life all the same 😉

  • annie

    so glad you got to have a reunion, so fun! your family is a handsome bunch.

  • estef

    hello sebeck family! so goog to see y’all! as for Lolo’s behavior…i would say there’s no excuse…but there is. she’s justified because i’ve witnessed it! and it’s not just with the car…it’s everywhere. hilarious. my hubby on the otherhand could care less! i’m the “crazy clean-out the car” one!!!! you look FABULOSA!!

  • M.C. Phillips

    I always wanted a brother, but my favorite gal in the world, baby sister Suzanne is 20 and can’t stop leaving the continent for years at the time- currently resides in France. Miss her!

    …and yes, FUNNEST is right. I’m an English teacher (but don’t judge my grammar).

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