project 2.0

I’ve lost so many parental battles this week, they may revoke my license.  It’s ridiculous.  I like to counter extreme failure on the Mom side of things with mediocre accomplishment on the Katie side of things… so I finished another little project. 


Many moons ago, I mentioned that I wanted to hang some birdies from the window in the kitchen. Little did I know, someone heard my cry and mailed a sweet package to TexasNorth.  Imagine my surprise when I opened a box (to ME, no less… not Ry, not bills, not car parts for The Boy, MEEEEEEE) and found these sweet guys inside. 

Um, yeah. Maybe exactly what my imagination was wanting but nothing I would ever be able to find or create myself.  Turns out, Mrs. Harrison’s sister (Lorie) knew a young gentleman who works with iron AND they got an idea to make my little imaginations come to life.  And then they sent them to me.  And then I cried. My hand to heaven. 

It took forever for me to get my act together and hang them, but they’re up. UP.  Best 10 minutes of my life.  All it took was three nails and some thin craft wire.  I did, at one point last night, have to yell “This is MY PROJECT.  DON’T TAKE OVER MY PROJECT!” as well as, “Ok, fine.  You can nail the nails in.  Thank you.”  We have some issues in this house with too many cooks in the kitchen, if you catch my drift.  [Also, Ry is wearing $3 foam sandals with turtles on them… the kind I swore I’d never buy my children.  Battle #452 lost.] 

Now the sweet birdies, in 3 stages of flight, are flying from the kitchen window for me to see every day.  Thank you, Lorie.  Truly… so kind.

I WIN. Score: me 1, world 431 

If you have someone you’d like to promote (directly from our blog neighborhood, pleeeeze), leave the preferred link in the comments and we’ll add them to the Blog Love page.  Artists, photographers, clay throwers 🙂 I’m looking at you. 

[extra shots from the photo shoot… click to emBIGen]  Ry requested the hand shot.  I don’t really know what her vision was, but she was very excited for me to take that photo. 




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