mooooove on down the road

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I hereby declare today to be RAD. Reader Appreciation Day, that is.  After 5 years, 600 posts, countless tears, a million laughs, and a few thousand AMENS I figure we all deserve a prize.

SO. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post that includes the word rad.  Wednesday night I’ll pick a number at random and that commenter will receive the Allyson Hill trash bag of their choice (in honor of this post, whose comments are still absolutely killing me). I’m getting one, too, because it’s my blog.  Please note: I do not know Allyson Hill nor am I being sponsored for this little giveaway.  It’s just a little thank you from me to you.  One comment per household, please… on your honor you will try.

For a little rad inspiration, I shall leave you today with video of us moving the Ladies of TexasNorth and their calves down the road to the big dating pasture.  We had to get everyone in the same small area and then convince them that they wanted to board the trailer.  Um, sure.  Anyone who has experience with this… or horses, even… knows it can take 5 minutes or all day.  Ours was closer to about an hour.  Not bad, I’d say.  Curt got pooped on.  Rylie threw an entire barrel of corn on the ground in the name of ‘helping’.  I almost got charged, and Scott’s (a friend from way back) gate skills were greatly tested… but in the end, we won. 

It’s quiet out here without the girls, but they’ll be back in August.  For now, the boys are hanging out in the pasture enjoying the peace.  It is, in fact, me talking on the videos.  I’m sorry about my voice.  I think there’s an OH LORD in there at one point, as well.  Them girls is big.  Enjoy.








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