the county fair and cowboys

We’re going to the fair.

So, I say

Can I wear my cowboy hat or is that embarrassing?

And, he says

It’s kind of embarrassing.


So, I say

Well, then I need to grab a bandana.  My hair is still wet.

And, he says

Then wear the hat.


Because if I have to pick between the two, I pick the hat.

And then I killed him.

••••••••••     ••••••••••     ••••••••••

Now, here’s one guy a hat always looks good on… the cowboy.

One of my best friends in life, eStephanie, mailed Gus Man a card just after he was born.  I couldn’t let this one go.  It’s perfect for the little guy’s room.

I found this frame in a box. I’m pretty sure I bought this in Texas, packed it to California, and then moved it to Michigan and to my 3 different houses.  Not sure why.  Just waiting for this project, I guess.  In all those years,  the reason I’ve never used it is because I cannot get the sticky tag off the glass.  No time.  Cannot be bothered.  Now that I’m married to a man and Goo Gone is a staple in our household, I feel the stars have aligned for me to use the frame and keep the card. Cue TA DAAAA music.

So. Easy stuff here.  A little Goo Gone on the glass.  Clean as a whistle.

A little teensy dab of glue inside the card to hold it shut but enable opening and reading in 25 years when he starts to throw it away but his fiancée makes him keep it for posterity’s sake.

A little burlap for texture.  A little fabric.  A little more fabric. Lay it out how ya want it. Whatever your heart desires.

A little Heat n’ Bond, found at ANY ol’ fabric store.  Super awesome for making fun kiddo shirts and, ahem, covering up stains.  The Heat n’ Bond helps hold all the fabric together, and it’s smoother than glue. You just iron it on the back of your fabric, peel off the paper, and iron it down where you’d like it.  Heat n’ Bond is in between every fabric layer here.

Add the card, throw it in the frame, and throw it at your live-in handy man to put in the baby’s room.  Ta DAAAAAAA! Cute, meaningful, and simple.  Just like apple pie.


[My apologies for the poor photography.  My picture ninja skills are not up to par.]


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

19 responses to “the county fair and cowboys

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    let me ask you a question, when you throw the frame at your handy man husband, does he grumble like my handy man husband, saying that i put too many holes in the walls and that we still need to fix the old holes. and then does he ask, “why don’t you learn to put them up” and then do you say “because you are always watching me telling me I am doing it wrong”. oh he doesn’t? can i borrow your husband?
    great project. you are great!

    • texasnorth

      I don’t get the grumbling, but it does take about 42 years to hang things. And, I do hang them myself… unles (like this project) there’s not a hanger on the back and I need help. Then he does the fine details and then we grumble for about an hour over how high or low to hang the darn thing.

      Boys always hang things too high! What is up with that?!

      • Sunday Grant Photography

        yes always too high. There is a total difference in opinion on what is the appropriate level for a picture and it does take 8 million years to get things put on the wall and it is only after threatening to do it myself or ask his dad to help me!

  • Colene

    I shall declare that you are my hero. I’m pretty sure I love everything about you. Keep it up, Katie. You are RAD.

  • Amanda

    It’s always weird when your husband gives you fashion advice. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, I’m like…Duuuuuuude, not my best day.


  • Jessica

    I love that!! Plus I think you look super cute in bandana’s!!

  • Mandi

    Great project! You are just so awesome!

  • Katie

    Wanna know what else works great for getting that sticker goo off things but is both non-toxic and doesn’t necessitate an extra trip to the hardware store? Any kind of cooking oil that you already have lying around your house. I typically only have olive oil, but anything will do. Just put some on a paper towel and rub the goo away.

    And what’s wrong with bandanas, by the way? I wore one all day yesterday and when I got home Adam looked as though he would like to crawl into a hole and die of embarrassment. I thought I looked kind of cute. Huh.

  • Carley

    “Then wear the hat”… too funny!! Oh that made me laugh!

  • Tricia

    But, but… you look so CUTE in bandanas! I don’t get it. But since he’s got the right taste in pickles, Ima let it slide.

    Love the mounting/matting/framing job, Katie– I love that you share the steps so those of us who are less than crafty can aspire to greatness. 🙂

  • Amy Dantzler

    Katie. We have parallel universe marriages.

  • Margie

    You have a gift for Making that I do not have. I am in awe of it…

  • beckyswann

    Good thing you killed him you crazy buckaroo I would have done the same and have:)
    Sunday-right there with you until I starting hanging things on my own in my own awful way, I even bought my own hammer that he is not allowed to steal. Because we tell our husbands what is what right?!?!? haha yeah right!

  • mc@knittwotogether

    oh man- love your project! Now I wanna see the room! See – these are the things I dream up around here and never actually get them put into place, or when I try, they look worse that I envisioned….you are so creative!
    Also, I’m glad to know about the olive oil trick too, because GRRRRR those darned stickers are SO ANNOYING!!! BTW, Cowboy hats or bandanas to the county fair are a total must! Silly boys.

  • estef

    yeah!! can’t believe you saved it. i would’ve worn a hat with you! i will when we take Isaac to the stock show for the first time next year. i just need to get keith some boots first! he’s from the South, but not the part of the South where men wear boots…but the part where men proudly wear seer-sucker suits and white linen pants. culture differences for sure! i’m gonna make sure he get’s cowboyed up before long!

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