kiss the cook

Hi.  The old recipe swap posts are popping up in some of your readers because I added the tag ‘swap’ to them.  Dumb.  Sorry for the confusion!

[portrait is a challenge to take a photo of your self each week for one year]

My name is Katie and I wear bandanas when I’m working in the kitchen.


Jim mentioned something the other day and I cannot get it out of my head… so, we’re going with it:  A canning/preserves/pantry staples collection cookbook.  Right now, cooks all over the country are digging out all their scraps of paper, last year’s harvest notes, and every canning lid they can find.  It’s the perfect time to gather it all together in one little book. 

Here’s what I was thinking:  to assist me (selfish, I know… but you’ll get something out of it, too) in my Pantry Swap Project as well as help organize my kitchen recipes, I’d love for you to collect a minimum of 3 family recipes.  These 3 recipes must be for items that are to be canned or frozen or homemade.  Think breads, stews, soups, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, salsa, salad dressing mixes,  pickles, jam, marinades, dry brownie mix, tried and true home cleaning concoctions (?) etc. etc. aaaaaand etc.

Think things that you COULD buy at the grocery store but MAKE AT HOME instead.

Think things that look good in a jar.

We’ll do cookies/desserts and casseroles later this winter, so save those.  SAVE. THOSE.

Think your Gramma’s perfect sandwich bread.  Your favorite garlic pickles.  Your cousin’s homemade russian dressing. Perhaps YOU are not a canner, but your mother IS.  Wouldn’t this be a sweet little project to include your Great Aunt in?  Take her out to lunch and ask her who had the best [fill in the blank]?  Talk about old times and new times and good food.

Each of your 3 recipes must be different: only ONE bread or one salsa or one pickle, etc.  If you send in MORE than 3 recipes, then you may repeat main ingredients.  No recipes, please, that you simply plug into  Unless, that IS the recipe you’ve used for the past 5 years.  We’re looking for Old Time Religion, here.

Since this is likely to be a smaller group (although, y’all have shocked me more times than I’ve lost power out here in the boonies), I thought maybe we’d up the ante a bit as well.  Three recipe contributions gets you a copy of the pamphlet (or novel) of Old Time Goodness AND a partner to trade an apron with.  Mmmmm hmmmm.  Canning is messy work, and we be needing some coveralls to make tomato sauce. 

You can find plain aprons for $3.50 in the super market kitchen aisle.  You can make one.  You can find a vintage one at a garage sale.  You can buy one off etsy.  It can be a half apron, a full apron, or anything in-between.  It just cannot say ‘Kiss the Cook.’  Lord knows the world does not need any more Kiss the Cook aprons floating around.

• Please only sign up if you are willing to play all the way through- as in, email your recipes AND your apron in a timely manner

Recipes in to me by September 13.  Aprons out by October 4. •

So, think about it.  I’ll have the recipe template ready by the end of the week.  If you’re IN, start collecting your recipes.  I’ll email you the template and we’ll get to creatin’ some Homesteading Goodness. 

In other news, Curt has asked me to grow my hair out.  Why?  Because he “wants to be married to his girlfriend.”

I honestly do not know what to do with this kid.

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31 responses to “kiss the cook

  • Amy B.

    OK, so let me get this straight. Any recipe will work, as long as it as a family favorite AND can be stored away once prepared, either canned or frozen. So my mom’s stew recipe would work because it can be frozen?

    • texasnorth

      Yes. Mom’s stew works… it can be frozen or canned and then shelved, so that’s an Old Timer 🙂

      Now, we’re not talking ALL meals that freeze great… we’re talking basics. Pantry items. But, they do sell stew in a can (um, ew)- so stew is in.

  • Amy L

    I would love to participate – but my cooking doesn’t involve a whole lot of pantry building. I do cook myself batches of soup and then freeze them individually so leaving in the morning it that much simpler & ’cause not another lovin’ soul in my house will eat soup like I do!

    What is it with boys and girls with long hair?…in my house there have been many, MANY discussions on my hair and it’s disappointing length. It has taken years for him to finally come to peace with my choice ’cause it makes me happy and I think I’m a short hair gal (for life)!

    • texasnorth

      By all means, share the soups! SHARE THE SOUPS, woman!

      And, I have explained that girls go through an akward in-between stage when growing out hair… and mine is particularly painful for everyone, but he does not care. Hmmmm.

  • Miss Laura

    Can it say “Grill Sargeant?” Cause if I swiped the one we bought my dad at Hallmark in the 80’s for father’s day, we could just call it repurposing.

    No? Oh.

    Ok, I’m in. This is going to be hard. Going to have a good solid sit-down with Mom and Grandma. But I need to learn how to can things, so better now than never.

  • Jim

    I am in will send Favs when I can leave empire beach

  • Susannah

    this is a fantastic idea! i’m so in. and i’m hoping that someone has an amazing recipe for tomato sauce so that i have a solution (next year) to my annual problem of planting too many tomato plants.

  • Amy B.

    I want to do it, but am a little short on canning ideas. I freeze. Blanched corn. Over-ripe peaches. Too many green beans. I’ll have to think on it…

  • jtp

    i do not know Curt, but I love him for saying that…I think it’s sweet :-), really sweet….

  • Callie Baldwin

    I read your blog and then read this one:

    How cute! I have never canned a thing in my life. And I’m not the cook of the house so I don’t have anything to add. 😦

    • texasnorth

      BUT, I bet you’re really cute!

      Perhaps the cook in your life would like to share his best basics? If not, fret not. We shall do aprons again this winter. I had no idea every one would be in for a big-ish swap!

  • Kim Aguilar

    Yeeessssss! I’m totally in. More than once. I’ve got SEVEN bread recipes alone that need to be shared with the world before I croak. Don’t even get me started on soups. What about cookies, do you want cookies? Pie? Oh my word. I have my friend’s blue ribbon pie crust. Don’t worry, I’ve also got pickles, freezer jam and a load of others. Think best chicken marinade on the planet. I think you’d better put me down for 3 aprons, which I plan to make with my own two hands. And my sewing machine.

  • Heather E.

    Woo-hoo! I’m in!

  • Heather E.

    I do know Curt, an I think it’s sweet too. Not that I think you should do it necessarily… But awww, ain’t that sweet?

  • Cortney

    I’m in. I’m all over it. Just got to decide on my third…

  • LoLo

    I think this is the moment I have been waiting for! The one that forces me, once and for all, to figure out where my grandmother’s pickled beets recipe is and to figure out if I could dare duplicate. Growing up, my dad had a whole row set aside in the garden just for my grandmother’s beets, which we then delivered to her and mysteriously one day jars and jars of pickled beets would appear. One of my regrets is that I never watched her make them, nor got the recipe from her before she was gone. I feel pretty sure it exists, I just have to find it!

    • texasnorth

      Go forth, Lauren! Happy hunting and good luck!

      • estef

        I have to say I never liked the pickled beats. They smell horrible when during the canning process which Grandma always chose to do while she had us ( the grandaugthers) in town to take care of the other things around the house so she could can. To this day, I still gag a little when I see a pickled beat!!

        • LoLo

          Yes, since she very stingily rationed them out, i always happily ate your share! I am not a fan of ALL pickled beets, but i did LOVE hers. Lots of sugar, some cloves, plus a couple peppercorns did just the trick!

  • Colene

    I would love to participate! I just made some super duper yummy homemade sketti sauce. Now, I already have THE. BEST. APRON. a girl could ask for. Any chance I can request a child sized apron in the swap??

  • estef

    i hate the awkward in between hair phase. that’s the only reason i haven’t considered cutting my hair short again because if i decided to grow it out…gotta go through the wierd between chin and shoulder phase. gotta hand it to curt for coming clean though. 🙂

  • Margie

    I’m sitting this one out – we just don’t can or bake much in my family with good old recipes handed down. But, darn. Bet you’re getting some great ones. Love the long hair comment. We’ve all heard that at one time or another, but geez…

  • janna

    okay. i think i’m in. i’ve got 2 great ones and can surely come up with a 3rd. and i personally promise NOT to try to make an apron. that wouldn’t be fair to my swapee.

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