Usually, this Mulder family takes a long camping vacation in August sometime… wandering up and down the beaches of Michigan and disturbing the peace and tranquility of other road warriors.  This year, summer was not a great time to leave for The Boy at work (or Gus Man the Scream Machine at home), and so we opted to wait a bit and head out in September.  Rather than chance the weather in a tent, I hit and found a little teensy cabin on Beaver Island we could call home for the week.  No internet.  No phone.  No tv. Admittedly, I was nervous.  A week on an island with just YOU and your family 24-7… well, I was nervous.  I’m fun, but you know I need some space.  It took me a good 2 days to settle into proper Vacation Mode.  I love Beaver Island.  I want to move there and buy a little shop in town where I can sew and sell bibs to all the grandmas on vacation looking to buy souvenirs for their grandchildren. It could happen.

Our cabin was super fun… I doubt I’ll explain it well, but the owners built around an existing one-room cabin that was on the property.  Rather than tear down the original structure, they simply added on to it. The original cabin- roof and all- is now the kitchen.  It was really cool.  Rylie thought it was the best thing ever to sit at the little breakfast table every morning and open the window into the living room.  I spent most of the week humming ‘lit. tle. ca.bin in. the. woods’.  The new owners added a living room, a hallway, a bathroom, and a bedroom onto the floor plan as well as plumbing and electricity (thank you).

We played cards.

We watched storms roll in.

We rowed boats.

We wore questionable clothing. 

We caught frogs.

We spent a lot of time just hanging around.

It was a very nice, very quiet, very restful week.  Not without the usual time-outs, tantrums, and 3am feedings, but a very nice vacation. [more photos here]

Your best vacation in memory?

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