awesomeness :: part II

My son (That is soooo weird to say.  Wow.) has incredible abs.  I’m sure all babies do, but remember that our first child was/is a little bird of a thing and this second kid is a hulk.  It’s a whole new world for us.

As requested, here is my daughter (Also weird to say, but not nearly as much since I’ve had almost 4 years of practice.) telling you ever-so-briefly about the horse incident.  You will notice that her sentiment has changed a bit from empathy and agony to indifference.  *sigh*  I’m still typing with 9 fingers but whatever. After reading Lauren’s (LoLo) garage door tale, I am considering my injury a mere step above a paper cut.  A large wild stallion paper cut, but a paper cut.

These chairs are on their way to the Shoebox.  After 5 years of no bar stools, 5 years of searching every online and brick&mortar barstool store, 5 years of having mismatched and slightly broken chairs at the island… these chairs are coming.  In Wedgwood blue.  There’s one for you.  Come on over.

I found Ry a red rider tricycle for $5 at a garage sale this weekend.  She’s still working on the pedaling part.  This photo was taken at 10am.  Yes, that is a half-eaten bag of pink cotton candy.  I’m the world’s coolest mom.

When is it ok to buy new dishes?  I’m guessing 6 years is not enough time since my parents only JUST bought new dishes after 25 years.  But I heart these.  so.  much.

Hey, thanks for all your notes about our vacation!  That was very sweet.  You are all welcome to join us anytime.  Or, if you can wait, come to the barn re-raising in a couple of years and camp out on our property 🙂  I’ll make you some pie and lemonade.  Oooo! Ooooo!  And, we can have a hayride!  And a square dance!  IN THE BARN!

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11 responses to “awesomeness :: part II

  • elspethcordelia

    Those dishes are gorgeous! And, I love the videos. Tillie enjoyed watching them with me.

  • Jessica

    I can never show my Rylie that video. she will want to blow bubbles in her milk forever!!!!

    your kids are so super cute. I totally want to camp out for the barn raising….

  • Jim

    I need his abs…..Our tent is now leak proof so bring it on. 🙂

  • Nancy Lee

    love those stools! I need to keep the link for my future kitchen…
    and new dish time is ANY TIME!!

  • Miss Laura

    I love those stools, they’re perfect! Of course, I thought the mismatched ones were completely intentional and thought they were perfect too. It all works. I can’t get the dishes link to work for me, though…can you email it to me?

  • Susannah

    love those dishes! is there any way that the old set can be retired or repurposed or given away to someone who needs them? because those dishes are fantastic… but you already knew that.

  • shanda

    We are looking for new dishes–but they will be ugly. They will be Corelle. I still love my dishes (six years as well by the way) but am sick of all the plastic! When my kids are older—then fun dishes. (Love those by the way!) The better question is–when will my kids finally be older? 🙂

  • Wende

    Awesome bubble blowing! Love that! 😀

  • steph

    i was just having the dish conversation with my mom the other day. we are only 4 years out…but does it count that i got my first set of dishes at JCPennny’s for 75% off so we didn’t register for dishes for the wedding? i think so. friend…your poor finger! i think your incident surely was as equally dramatic and painful as LoLo’s.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    -i still have a hard time saying my daughter and my daughters. why is that? i had a hard time saying boyfriend too!
    -my favorite part of the 1st video is curt bonging him on the head to put him back down!
    -ry is so sweet and BR has that bike too. Wish they could ride together
    -we have already gotten new dishes. i think within the first year or 2, so i give you freedom to buy more!

  • beckyswann

    Oh my word those are some strong abs!
    Ry is sooooooooo sweet loved seeing a video of her!
    isn’t online shopping fun!

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