dirty little secret

I don’t like hand towels. I know… scandalous.  I’m not exactly sure what the problem is.  They’re always uneven, always falling off hooks, always entirely too big, always purple.  Our little bathroom in the Shoebox doesn’t even have a spot for a hand towel, unless you lay it on the counter.  Which, I do.  When company comes over.  Otherwise, I use The Boy’s bath towel.

There.  Now you know.

I’ve had plans for a while now to fix the issue but simply no time.  With Curt and Ry both gone last week, I set Gus Man on the floor with some kitchen spatulas and went to proverbial town.  K-rafting Town. I like to think of myself as the Creative Director of K-rafting Town.  I’ve been on sabbatical for a few months, but I’m making a comeback.

I bought two white waffle weave pillow shams many moons ago.  There are about 5 things wrong with that sentence.  1. Why buy when I can make? 2. White?  Who in their right mind buys white towels?  3. Who buys white towels when they live on a farm?  4. shams… they are exactly that… a SHAM.  Extra pillows = extra work.  5. I washed them once and the white waffle weave shams got all goofy and off-seam.  Not crisp anymore.  Not cute.  Poor, poor choice on my part.  The buying, not the washing.  Cool fabric, though, and not wanting to hurt their feelings I threw them in the ‘save for later’ pile.

Enter: solution!  Waffle weave is super absorbant!  Waffle weave can have a place in my little bathroom!  Large waffle weave sham can live a new life as small waffle weave hand towels!  I cut one into 4 pieces, sewed edging around the border to keep it from unraveling, and added a little loop of trim.  Now, I have 4* new hand towels that hang conveniently on the linen cabinet door knob and do not fall off.  Even when children pull at them.  Even when children hang on them.  The second sham has a date with the scissors soon, too.  It will become 3 bibs for Gus Man.

* I will have four when I finish the other 2.  I only got around to edging 2 of the 4 pieces because I got a little A.D.D. with all my free-time.  Sewing! Find the winter clothes!  Knit Gus a hat!  Look up patterns for my hat!  Look up times shares in Key West!  You know.  One thing leads to another.

Anyway, couldn’t be easier. 

Annoying Little Project I’ve been mean to get to for years (number 1 of 4,045) = success

edited to add:

It occurs to me now after re-reading and spell-checking, that I could have just added a loop to my current hand towels and called it good.  Genius.  Actually, I could probably cut each in half and make it two for one.  More genius. 

I could learn a lot from a girl like me.

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6 responses to “dirty little secret

  • Amy B.

    “Extra pillows = extra work”.

    Amen, sister. Never understood all that. My dirty secret (one of many): I just throw the shams across the regular pillows when I make the bed each morning.

    Yes, I really do make the bed each morning (usually).

    Way to re-purpose, even if it wasn’t the most efficient process.

  • annie singletary

    good confession. love the re-purposed “shams”, haha, i love that. from someone that does like shams and inherited this need for them from my mom and her mom and prob. her mom, i like your freedom to see there insignificance. the hand towels are brilliant, the waffle looks like it would so absorbent.
    and K-rafting town sounds wonderful. can i come work for you?

  • Nancy Lee

    great idea.. I need to do that with the new house. We are now hanging our towel from an extendable mirror that the sellers left (that will stay there until we demolish the bathroom)…

    I make my bed EVERY morning…even in a hotel or at retreat.. but I bought two cheap pillows for my shams so just have to throw them on the bed…on top of the regular pillows

  • Margie

    I’ve been thinking about writing a post about domestic pursuits – with a focus on sewing (or the lack thereof) – and will include this nifty piece in a link and a sentence along the lines of, “And there are some people who make everything themselves…” (It will shine a good light on you, I promise!)

  • Tricia

    Those towels came out wonderfully– love the fabric you used to trim them. Sure, you could sew loops on your traditional hand towels, but they’d still look like plain old towels. The KatieKate originals have more character.

    Also? Loving your hair in the first pic.

  • Kim Aguilar

    I love everything about this post. And that bit about Key West? Bahahahahahahaaaaa!

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