It gets even awesome-er.

I’ll admit to being an imperfect person.  I’ve made some poor decisions, hurt some feelings.  Yes.  But my hand to heaven I have no idea what I ever did to the Laundry Gods to make them hate me so.  My washer and dryer are like a mean team of junior high girls.

This story starts back here [click].  It’s not over.


Raise your hand if you know what this is:

Thank you.  I see that hand.  Yes, thank you.  You- you in the back, I see that hand.  Bless you.   (Revival flashbacks, anyone?)  How about now?

(Apologies for the flash photography.  We are entering the Perpetual Darkness Period in Michigan.)

It’s a crayon caddy. You put your cute little crayons in there, you roll it up, and you throw it in your purse so that you are ready in case of  a Melt Down Situation in public. 

So, I dried the laundry… the mixed laundry of clean clothes and nasty clothes.  I put the whole mess back in the washer.  With me?  The washer is now finished.  Everything is clean.  I find a drill bit and a quarter in the washer seal, but nothing super odd.  I put everything in the dryer.

Thirty minutes later, I skip into the laundry room ready and willing to fold the dry and clean contents of Mr. Dryer.  That last sentence has several lies in it. I open the dryer door and see the Crayon Caddy… nice and clean.  And dry.

Interesting, since I never put that in the wash.

Interesting, since it’s always full of crayons.

Interesting, since it is now empty.

Yes, my friends… all those crayons… melted… all over the dryer.  All over the double load in the dryer.  Rylie, it seems, added that into her pile as she was ‘helping’ me, BLESS HER HEART.

*big sigh*

A few things can be turned into play clothes.  Farm clothes.  Little Girls undies with crayon wax on them are no big whoop.  But, I lost some dear friends in there, too.  Rest in peace, beautiful gray striped tee.  I’ll miss you, polka dot socks.   

sad sad sad


and sad sad sad

But don’t fret!  I did some sewing to make myself feel better!

This leads into Monday… but leave a comment on TODAY’S post and you could win a winter hat!  My model was so completely against me this week… he’s such a diva.  So far I’ve managed to cut into my l a r g e stash of sweaters and tees to make about 10 hats.  Super warm and super cute… and Dryer Un-friendly.  See how I did that?  See how I brought it back around?


I’ll draw a name randomly Sunday night at 9pm and announce it in Monday’s post.  The hats fit a super wide range of sizes (and attitudes), so be ye not afraid.

North Carolina, here we come!  See you soon!


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

23 responses to “It gets even awesome-er.

  • Jessica

    awww NC. I wish I could go see you !!

    I guess you wouldnt be surprised if I told you Wyatt used to have that same camo outfit….I mean why would you be!!

  • Nancy Lee

    I am so sorry… I remember my dryer eating things it wasn’t supposed to …like the frog..yea..a dead frog in the dryer..oh the took me forever to figure out the smell was coming from the dryer…I probably COULD have rewashed the clothes…but the thought of the dead frog was enough to get the trash bag…

  • Aunt Ron

    oh pick me, pick me… safe travels, and maybe a stop in Pa on your way home..? huh..?

  • Verna

    I love the camo outfit, I’m think we need one of those! ; p I really love the hats too! So cute!

  • megan m

    Oh but your model is so so cute. If I don’t win the contest how about I babysit to pay it off? Hmmmmm.

  • Miss Laura

    That is not Gus. That cannot possibly be Gus. Lookit that chunker!

    We had a minor plumbing disaster last night. Didn’t ruin any clothes, and thankfully didn’t cost us any money, but man. Can’t I just go back to being a kid for a few weeks? I’d love to spend my days learning about syallables and playing She-Ra. Seriously.

  • Abbie

    I would like the model more than the hat. Can that be arranged please?

  • Anna

    I am so sorry that happened to you, but that is a great story. In two parts, too! When you write the screenplay for the movie of your life, that should definitely be in it!

  • Renee

    I raised my hand. I recognized that pouch. I remembered the crayons. I groaned out loud. I am truly sorry. Good thing you have a great sense of humor and love your kids!

  • ecky

    even crayons need to be cleaned once in a while…
    that rylie – always thinking : )
    as for me…i just like to turn all my clothes the same color – pink or purple…whatever is dominant.

    though i have recently discovered an easy way to dye clothes and am now obsessed with rit dye. i guess i can now salvage any of my errors!

    i so wish i was going to NC with you. a week from my due date was just cutting it too close for my midwife. maybe you will recognize a bit of me in the cake topper?
    have a great time and give lauren a big ol’ hug from us!!!

  • trace

    Oh Mary Katherine – how I miss you – I’d love to be sitting on the basement floor with you crying and laughing and wondering just how the hey we can continue to run up against such pockets of completely random madness and still chuckle ( Uhm – maybe after a sonic dr pepper and a cookie). Thanks for continuing to write about the daily-s. It makes me feel not quite so far away.

  • shanda

    Striped gray tees can be worn underneath Texas North sweatshirts. . . just for comfort. You’ll love laughing with Riley’s daughter (who will be sassy!) as the two of you practice throwing crayons in the drier while you babysit. You may even bring along some old white towels just to show her what happens. 🙂 Penny would love a new hat. Have a wonderful trip!

  • elly

    im wondering how the drum of the dryer made out with all that wax? buuuuummmmmer!! hat me girl. xo

  • Mandi

    I just about caught the washing machine (AT MY IN-LAW’S HOUSE, don’t forget) on fire this week. It was something like the third load of “accident” bedding, and I just shoved this huge blanket in the washer, turned it on and walked away. Before long the thing was SCREAMING and SMOKING, and the entire house smelled like when you accidentally suck the curtains up in the vacuum cleaner. It was awful. I wrestled the sopping wet, soap-covered bedding out of the washer and threw it out on the back porch, where it still sits! So, I’m with you on laundry woes! Glad I’m not the only one! I love the way you tell a story!

  • beckyswann

    Hmmm North Carolina…sounds like fun! See you there:)

  • Grace

    If I don’t win the hat, could you just make me a crayon caddy? That thing was too cute… though it’s less likely that I’ll find the boring zip-lock baggie of crayons that I always have in my purse in the dryer one day…

  • Sunday

    Oh my goodness!! You are right down the road from me as we speak. This is just so exciting. I can’t wait to see you.

  • Sunday

    Oh my gosh and we have done the crayon thing too. Right before I had Holings. BellaRose is a hoarder and a pocket stuffer. I never check pockets when I do the laundry. Bad move. One of my all time favorite shirts got ruined Along with a whole load of clothes. Terrible.

  • Eddy

    In our house, we prefer to eat the crayons rather than put them in the dryer.
    On a brighter note, I bet those clothes came out feeling like one big, freshly baked, chocolate chip cookie, all gooey with melted chocolate, err, wax that you can lick… Never mind. Again, we eat the crayons.

  • Kim Aguilar

    HOLY. HANNAH. Now that is one terrible tale. I would say that I can relate, but my story doesn’t even come close, although I’m practically hyperventilating just thinking about it, so that’s pretty close to empathy, right?

  • Margie

    Seriously, Katie, you make the abominable sound good! And like you weren’t freaking out! But you had to have been, right? RIGHT. Tell me you were.

    I did this, accidentally, to my mom as a teen when a friend randomly asked me to keep some stuff for her, one of the items being a blue crayon, which I stuck in my pocket. I lost a favorite yellow sweater vest as a result – and, darn it, still miss it.

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