wreath 2.0

I’s sick.  Fever, chills, achy eyelids sick. Ry’s not far behind me and Gideon is just as happy as can be thelittlebugger.  So today, you get a wreath photo tutorial.  Total cost $3.  It hides an ugly front door perfectly and kills a whole 30 minutes with children under 4.  Watch the scissors, though.  And the daisy ingestion.  Just sayin’.

Caption the last photo for me, would ya?  I’ll pick my favorite one and the winner will get a winter hat or a knit market bag.  Comments are now closed!  Thank you!  Mmmm hmmmm.  See what happens when I’m hopped on NyQuil?

: finished wreath :

: materials – $3 grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby, goldenrod and daisy wildflowers from backyard and side of road :

: have ‘helper’ cut flowers into manageable bunches – aka distraction : 

: leave the stems long and simply weave them through the wreath – I did secure this with florist wire just to keep everything attached over time.  There’s a lot of front door slamming in this house. :

: occupy other ‘helper’ with non-toxic plants :

: return from basement with wreath-hanger to find Harry quite at home in his new digs :

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