A bowl full of cherries is what y’all are. 

Thanks for all the feedback on last Monday’s post. I did reply to everyone’s comments, so be sure to take a peek if you haven’t already. I think 3 craft shows with 3 disappointing outcomes = perhaps a lesson in there somewhere.  Like I’m, oh I don’t know, stubborn or clueless or my hand to heaven both. 

I’m so glad none of you are like that.  I have a lot to learn from you.

I will, of course, continue to sew and knit and write and create.  Please remind me, though, next time I mention a show: Kate!  Potential Heartbreak ahead!  We’ve been down that road before! You have my permission. No. More. Craft. Shows.

I sincerely hope you Americans in the TexasNorth neighborhood had lovely Thanksgivings… and, Susannah, I hope yours was lovely last month up in Canada!  Susannah and I are on a mission to find the best Christmas stocking.  We’d each like to make some out of sweaters/knit/wool for our families this year.  Does your family do stockings?  I grew up doing stockings.  Our stockings were stuffed with unwrapped, small presents that my brother and I were allowed to dig into before my parents woke up.  I realize now that this is a genius sleep-extender for parents out there.  So wise, my parents.  So wise.

Do you know how many Christmas stocking patterns there are out there?  Thousands.  Go ahead: google ‘christmas stocking pattern’.  It’s insane.  AND, all of them are incorrect.  I cannot find a perfect template shape for a stocking. You’d think there would be hundreds to choose from in that google batch… but, no.  Too boxy.  Too pointy.  Too elfy.  Too wide.  Too weird.   Not one decent stocking in the lot.

This photo, for me, is almost perfection.  These are antique sock forms (image from this month’s Country Living magazine), and the smaller sizes are awesome.  The toes are a liiiiiittle long but maybe not.  Maybe they’re perfect.   This JC Penney version (and for only $13) is pretty darn close.  The toe is a little square but maybe not. 

Maybe -I- am the problem here.

I will draw it out. I will attempt to marry the Country Living and JC Penney stockings into the world’s best stocking pattern template.  FYI: I draw all my patterns/stencils out on the back of  tag board… also known as cereal boxes.  Cereal boxes are thin enough to store but strong enough to trace around hundreds of times.  All the letters for my celebration banners?  Cut out of cereal boxes.  All my gift tags?  Cereal boxes.  These also make great painting paper for kids like Rylie who put the WATER in watercolor. I cut boxes into paper-size sheets and keep them in her craft basket where she can grab and color, paint, marker, cut at will.  Save those boxes.  They’re awesome.

I’ll let you know how the stocking comes out. I know you’re dying to know. 

PS: A guy I know went out Thanksgiving morning and shot an 11-point buck.  It’s a monster.  It made us late for church and there are deer guts in my backyard… but I do so very much really like him.  Thank you for your sweet comments about him last week.  He was embarrassed but handled it well by saying, “I told you so, Kate.”  And, now we’re fighting.

Just kidding.

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