the roof, the roof

Our roof is not on fire.

But, if it were, you would be able to hear our 42 smoke detectors from even where you sit right now- they are that loud.

A few weeks ago, we all voted on the content of this TexasNorth neighborhood.  It appears we’re all here for everything, and that’s awesome.  It also appears everyone is pretty much just fine and dandy with the content as is, which- I mean, hey- color me happy and call me Kate.

This website ( will see a few changes in the functional area… but the blog will remain largely the same.  We’ll be adding a few pages for the herd and farm to keep up with the progress we’ve made, cows we’ve raised, and folks we’ve shared time with.  Eventually, you’ll be able to come to the site and sign up for the weekend you and your family (families) would like to visit for a week and help with projects (number 1 = raise the big red barn).  Our good friend Eddy at will be handling the logistics of all that schtuff.  I have a vision, but I have no skill.

That statement is true in many areas of my life. 

So in the spirit of keeping track of our history and where we came from, I need to document the fact that our porches now have steel roofs.  Curt is 99% responsible for this Shoebox and it’s character.  I certainly give it life and occasionally (I use that term loosely) clean it, but it is Curt’s sweat. He really is so good at his work… any work.  The front and back porches are identical.  The posts along the front of each are held to the top beams by pegs in the tradition of mortise and tenon work.  The past two weekends (one being a steady 30°), Curt has raised the roofs on both the front and back porches, first laying a base of beautiful wood and then covering it with steel.  They’re stunnning.  AND, they’re finished.

Had we had any more time 4 years ago, we would have torn the house down and started completely anew.  This goofy little migrant house has so many issues and zero square corners.  Alas, we were 30 days from being full-time parents and desperate to simply GET IN.  Anywhere.  Building a ‘dream’ house was quickly traded in for re-finishing a ‘comfortable’ house.  We’ve since finished 1/2 the basement, added both porches, added sides to the pole barn, and put up 10 acres of fencing.  It’s certainly a whole new world from where we started.  I love it when ‘mistakes’ turn into the best thing you could have done.  A brand-spankin’-new home would have been nice, but it would be nothing like the cabin we have today. 

Thank you, Curt, for working so hard to make this place a home. It is unique, it is solid, it is comfortable, and it is safe.  You, quite literally, have put a roof over our heads.  I will make you an apple pie.


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

9 responses to “the roof, the roof

  • annie

    Wow! I love steel roofs and that is awesome that curt can do that. it is sweet to redo a pitiful house. When you can look at the hard work and see it has made it a wonderful home, that’s pretty priceless!

  • claire

    I love the story of your home.

    The porches and roofs look great!

  • Sunday Grant Photo

    Of course I missed that poll too!! I love everything you do here. Thanks for always being you and sharing great stories with us. Curt does beautiful work. I am like you, I have the vision, whether it comes to fruition is up to Worth!

  • Jessica

    and he get to drive a bobcat….Wyatt noticed that!
    Love your precious little house!!!

  • jtp

    so awesome….. really awesome

  • Chad

    Wow! Amazing what you’ve done to the place. I’m in the process of creating a nook in the attic that will be a room for my 10 year old son. You’re exactly right…if we had all sorts of money he’d probably have a brand new room all to himself…but it’d be a bland square box. What we’ve been able to tuck into our odd little farmhouse is so much more fun.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    btw…we just had our seventh child…a beautiful little girl named…wait for it…Katie Joy.

  • Jim

    We all know about houses without square corners….Count me in on the barn raising (getting in early) and I am sure another Jim will contribute as well. So glad your family are our friends.

  • Jessica

    Your house is my dream! Love the blog!!

  • Margie

    Somehow I missed this, but got over here from FB (which is something I hardly ever do, anymore) but I’m all for small houses. It’s easy to keep track of everyone, to get around, to live. Small houses simplify. And it looks like we’ll be in ours for a long time to come.

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