the eyes have it

Ry & her first award, riding Bubba

We are constantly checking Ry’s eyes and ears to be sure she is seeing and hearing as well as she should be.  It’s very common for children with motor delays to be hindered by poor eyesight or hearing, which only complicates everything.  Maybe she can see, but the letters are jumping around on the page.  Maybe she can hear, but not the middle frequencies.  Each test is a clue to the Inside of Rylie.  So far, all the tests have come back normal.

Last Thursday, Gus and I picked Rylie up from preschool.  Before leaving, she dragged me over to one of their craft tables and showed me the corner… covered in fresh black crayon scribble.  It looked quite similar to some masterpieces I’ve dealt with at home, and I put on my serious face.

“Ry?  Did you color on the table?”

She paused dramatically, looked off to the side, and said, “No.”

Which means one of two things:

She absolutely did do it.

She absolutely did not do it.

Mrs. H, her teacher, was escorting 2 young gentlemen to the bathroom and I caught her eye. 

“So… is this the work of my child?”

“No,” she replied, “But Rylie was very upset with the young man who did it this afternoon.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, we’ve had many conversations about this kind of thing.  Many.  Did I say many?  I mean millions.”

Just then, one of the boys bolted out of the bathroom and around the corner.  Rylie stuck out her arm and shrieked, “That!”  He stopped and turned to face his classmate. Rylie took her little finger and put it right on his little chest.

“Nooooooooo.” she told him fiercely, “No.”

I looked to Mrs. H.  “It was him?”

Stifling a laugh, she smiled. “Well, it was his twin brother, but yes.  She’s right. As right as a 4-year-old can be.”

Her eyes, it seems, are still just fine.


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