sweet ellie

Y’all remember Ellie, yes?  Total Eclipse? Ellie, who our logo is based after?  Ellie, the sweetest mamma ever?  Well, Ellie took a trip back to Oklahoma last week to be back with her original herd.  For some reason, she was never able to stay pregnant up here on the farm.  We think it has to do with the climate… her beautiful black coat is shiny and gorgeous, but it never thickened up in the winters.  I think her body spent a lot of time protecting the coat and that left little energy for calving and nursing.

We ladies, well… we understand.  It’s hard to grow babies.  Bodies are weird.

We could have gone the technology route and had testing done, surrogate moms, saving eggs, all that crazy stuff… but the reality is, she wanted to go back home.  So, we let her.  Mary Kathryn (that’s me, for those of you not paying attention) was very sad.  I miss her.  She was my perfect cow.  I loved everything about her.

In honor of Ellie, I’d like to share a few pictures that feature her.  Curt and our friend Tom put ina water-er (you heard me) a couple weeks ago, which has changed Curt’s life.

You think I exaggerate, but I do not.  This time. 

Ok, so we start her with the finished project.  Here’s Ellie mosey-ing on over for a drink from the new-fangled water-thingy.  She’s impressed.  Why?  Because she used to have to swim around in the big ol’ trough below.

Here’s (above) the original system: a large water trough that we would refill once or twice a week.  The orange pump is freeze-proof, meaning it will still shoot water even in Michigan Winters.  I love technology.  That trough would be awful hard to fill running buckets from my kitchen sink, ya hear me?  We’d fill the trough up maybe twice a week, but we’d always forget to turn the water off… and that would make a pool for th cows.  Our cows don’t like to swim.  AND, in the winter, the water would freeze over and Curt would have to chip through it every morning.  Boooo.

Here are Tom and Curt pouring a small concrete slab for the water-er.  This will keep the area around it from becoming a swamp.  Cows are not neat drinkers.

Rylie is a big helper.  She likes to be involved. She demands to be involved.

You have to screw the water-er down so the big ol’ cows don’t push it off its base.  We have a drill that goes through concrete.  Good to know.

Here’s Curt hooking up the hoses.  Under that silver tray is a pipe that feeds back out to the orange pump you saw earlier.  That’s where the water comes from.  It’s not magic.  I may have thought it was magic at first.

And here’s the water coming through.  Nice and clean.  No more swimming through algae and hay to get a drink!  No more freezing in the winter, thanks to an electrical piece that warmes the base so it doesn’t form ice!  Genius!  Exclamation point!  Half the water-er is on the Longhorn Lane side and half is on the Calf Pen side… so this water-er can water 2 pastures at once.  Again, magic.

And here are the ladies all lined up for their drink.  They’re so cute.  That’s Ellie in front and then Miss Bonnie staring at you.  All 20 cows (6 babies this year!) line up at the same time every day in the same order to eat and get drinks.  They’re a bit habitual.

Love you, Ellie. Hope you’re happy back home.  Write soon.

What’s YOUR favorite magical appliance?


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

14 responses to “sweet ellie

  • Jim

    I can remember pumping water for a friend’s horses by hand, ain’t technology fun. We hope Miss Ellie keeps you informed on her status, got to keep track of your friends.

  • beckyswann

    when just seeing the title my mind went to oh Ellen! haha
    See we both know what it’s like to have Ellies:) I just dont know what it’s like to have a cow, or do I….Bart Simpson
    ok randomness
    I think that water-er is top notch Mary Kathryn:)

  • Bonnie

    I think it’s beautiful that you have cows named Ellie and Bonnie. If you think those cows have nice temperaments, you should really try a Gary or a Nate. Easiest to live with ever.

  • Kim Aguilar

    Cool. I love it when my life is improved dramatically. Like the time I rearranged my closet and all of the sudden lost the need to swear under my breath every morning. And I think microwaves are magic.

  • jtp

    you are sweet to let ellie go back home….. fav appliance, beside my monogramming machine (obviously)- kitchen aid. it was my mom’s it was ugly almond Chad painted it a pretty sky blue. it’s about as old as I am and still works like a champ. Makes making lots of tasty treats super easy…… 🙂

  • Nancy Lee

    My hubby is magic…he makes it possible for me to stay home and quilt and sew and cook and clean…well sometimes I cook and clean!…

  • Heather E

    My Blendtec blender is pretty stinking awesome. But let’s be honest—I couldn’t go a day without my coffeepot.

  • ecky

    ok…this isnt an applance – but it’s something simple that has made our lives easier.
    we have a plastic bag hanging on the back of our door where we put single socks. whenever i bring laundry up all the loners go in the sock bag. then every once in a while i grab the bag and find magical pairs inside. so easy.
    why didnt i think of this before?

  • elly

    from one elly to another…. you are a bea-ut!! xo

    • elly

      oh… and… not really an appliance… but i REALLY love the “push the button and your car door locks/unlocks” thingy…. i always have millions of things in my arms… xo

  • Stephanie

    Yer makin me miss the Texas.

  • Trish

    I’m about to admit how spoiled I am…
    my favorite magical thing is the Arctic Start button on my keychain, which allows me to turn on and warm up my truck from inside the house. Best part? 15 minute auto shut-off… because sometimes I mean to go somewhere, but then I forget. 🙂

  • shanda

    Good-bye Ellie. Way to be selfless. The ducks and I would like to come for a visit sometime this spring.

    Favorite magic machine? Dishwasher. Automatic door opener on the car–I’m holding the car seat and can send the ducks to the other door. Finally, electric blanket. Every night I bless God.

    Also, I hope you have a drawing for names cows. I’m done naming children and it is by far one of the best things I’ve ever been able to do. I’d like to name more.

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